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Yoomi is the brand behind the patented self-warming baby bottle and charging pod. This amazing feeding accessory heats milk in just 60 seconds at the press of a button. It's quick, portable, battery-free and safe. Get the sanity-saving Yoomi On the Go Kit here at BuggyBaby.

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What Is The Yoomi Self Warming System?

Does your baby prefer his formula or expressed breast milk warm? Then you'll know that getting it to that perfect temperature can be a bit of a mission - especially in the middle of the night, when the 5 or so minutes to run the bottle under the tap can feel like a lifetime. The patented self warming bottle takes away all this stress. Simply fill the bottle within the Yoomi On the Go Kit with formula or expressed breast milk, hit the big button on the top and 60 seconds later, you're ready to feed at a perfect 32-34 degrees C.

What Are The Benefits Of The Yoomi Self-Warming Bottle?

It protects. Other milk-warming methods can overheat milk, destroying the goodness within. The warming system keeps the nutrients in the milk intact. It's quick. The milk is ready in just one minute. You can take the system anywhere and use it anytime.  It's portable. No begging for hot water in cafes in daytime, or repeated trips to the kitchen in the night. It's convenient. There's no sockets required, or batteries to change.

Check out the Yoomi On the Go Kit from BuggyBaby - the complete feeding system for bottle and breast fed babies.

Yoomi on the Go Kit

How Does Yoomi Self-Warming System Work?

It's very simple. Fill the bottle within the Yoomi On the Go Kit with feed. Then, pop the collar over the teat, and pick up the warmer using the yellow collar on the bottle. Then screw the collar onto the bottle. Press the button to warm the milk for 30 seconds - you'll feel the warmth coming through. Pop the cap on the bottle, wait another 30 seconds and then feed. The pods need to be charged and this is a simple process in the microwave. As with all bottles, you will also need to sterilise before use.

Yoomi - Best Bottle For Breastfed Babies

Finding the perfect bottle for your breast fed baby can be a real challenge. Babies get used to the warm 'feeling of mum' and cold milk fed from a hard, plastic teat will - unsurprisingly - be met with resistance. This can make moving from breast to bottle or combination feeding a battleground rather than a relaxing time for parents. The bottles within the Yoomi On the Go Kit are well worth a try. Their naturally shaped teats are popular with babies. But what makes these bottles even more attractive to breast-fed babies is the patented self warming system. Warmed breast milk or formula, when fed through the soft teat, is as 'close to mum' as it's likely to get!

Ready? Buy the Yoomi On the Go Kit!

The Yoomi On the Go Kit contains everything new parents need to make breast and bottle feeding so much easier. This handy pack consists of 2 x 8oz bottles, 2 x warmers, 2 x charging pods. Just add milk and you're ready to go!