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Sweet Dreamers

Sweet Dreamers is the brand behind award-winning sleep aids for children, including the Sweet Dreamers Ewan Snuggly and Sweet Dreamers Ewan the Dream Sheep. Created by a mum, loved by babies: these super-cute, innovative nursery accessories are a lifeline for tired parents and their children.

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  • Ewan Snuggly Comforter
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Sweet Dreamers

Do you struggle to settle your child at night?

If so, you'll know that 'white noise' can help to calm down angry babies. Sounds created by the vacuum cleaner, the hairdryer, washing machine - all these create a repetitive noise that babies find soothing. And that's all very well - but who wants to stick the vacuum on at 1am? Not you - and certainly not your neighbours!

That was Lynda's dilemma. Lynda, the founder of the Sweet Dreamers product range, needed a safe, reliable and quiet way to replicate that white noise for her little charges - and set about creating a range of healthy sleep products.

The result: Sweet Dreamers Ewan Snuggly - a battery free comforter - and Sweet Dreamers Ewan the Dream Sheep - a heartbeat + sound simulator that helps children to settle by recreating the sounds that your baby heard in the womb.

What's the best baby comforter?

The best baby comforter - as voted by Loved by Parents 2013 - is the Sweet Dreamers Ewan Snuggly. The sheep shaped, battery-free comforter is ridiculously cute but it's the fabrics that make Ewan such a hit. The snuggly is made from really soft plush fabric which feel silky to the touch. The snuggly fabric soaks up your scent, and that of your child's bed, making your child feel secure as they drift off.

Sweet Dreamers Ewan the Dream Sheep

Help! My baby keeps losing his dummy.

Does your child wake for the dummy at night? Ewan to the rescue! Attach the dummy to his Velcro tail and your child knows to reach out and find his pacifier. This works well in the daytime too: keeping comforter and dummy together. The Sweet Dreamers Ewan Snuggly is 15 x 2 x 20cm, suitable from birth and machine washable when that familiar smell gets a bit too much!

Does white noise help settle baby to sleep?

The steady-background noise created by vacuum cleaners and similar can mask other sounds that may distract children from falling asleep. Heartbeat and white noise simulators, such as Sweet Dreamers Ewan the Dream Sheep, are proven to help children settle. Here, we see Ewan attached to the side of a child's cot.

Sweet Dreamers Ewan the Dream Sheep

What are the Sweet Dreamers Ewan Dream Sheep sounds? 

Ewan plays four different sounds. Each one combines the steady heartbeat heard in the womb with other relaxing noise sources: pouring rain, harp music and yes - the good old vacuum cleaner. The sounds are recorded at a low base frequency to simulate the noises heard in the womb. Simply press the button in Ewan's legs to start the sounds. Each 'track' last for 20 minutes.

Does it work? The rave reviews online plus a clutch of high profile awards say yes! Sweet Dreamers has won Best Baby Sleep Aid Gold at the Made for Mums Toy Awards 2018 and Best Product For A Newborn Gold at the Mother & Baby Award 2014.

Sweet Dreamers Ewan Snuggly

How can I calm down a baby with colic?

Again, Sweet Dreamers Ewan the Dream Sheep to the rescue! The heartbeat and womb sounds are real recordings, which are known by paediatrics to calm colicy babies. Moreover, Ewan's pink glow doesn't just look cute: it is known to calm babies, too.

What are the other benefits of buying a Sweet Dreamers product?

Both Sweet Dreamers Ewan the Dream Sheep and Sweet Dreamers Ewan Snuggly come with a lot of bedtime benefits! For example, they can give children the comfort and reassurance they need to move to their own room, or to tackle night terrors. These cute sheep become firm friends and confidants as your child grows up and leaves the baby years behind.

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