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Safety 1st

Safety 1st is the leader in home safety products for children. Its range includes safety aids to help children and parents with every day tasks. Whether it's a highchair, step stool or pushchair.

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Safety 1st

Where can I get a toddler step stool for the kitchen?

From around 18 months, your child will be excitedly exploring his environment. Cupboards, shelves, once off limits, are now in touching distance... just! Without support, toddlers can easily pull down a whole host of items when they were just wanting one. The result? Heavy objects toppling on tiny heads. Ouch!

Help your child explore safely with his own little step stool. A step stool that is lightweight yet sturdy, such as the Safety 1st Wooden Step Stool will help him reach up to those tempting toys and books. Its classic wood design will look great in any nursery or playroom. Moreover, it's easy to move around the house, so will become a go-to when your and child wants to join you at the sink or at a higher table. Once the toddler years are out of the way, this Safety 1st Wooden Step Stool will prove mighty useful around the house. For example, it'll give older children an extra boost when trying to reach higher shelves in the kitchen, bedroom and garage.

Safety First Wooden Step Stool

What's the best step stool for toilet training?

Mastering the potty and then the adult toilet seat is an exciting time for little ones. Yet most need a little help reaching the basin to wash hands afterwards.The Safety 1st Double Step Stool is a safe and hygienic way to instil good bathroom habits in young children. The stool acts as a booster, helping children to reach the basin to turn taps on and off. This sturdy plastic stool has an anti-slip base to help toddlers complete their climb. Plus, the added rubber-on-step pads keep little feet in place.

This product has a host of uses. As well as supporting hand washing, the Safety 1st Double Step Stool helps kiddies reach the basin to brush teeth. Of course, you can also use it to help children make the transition from potty to adult toilet, which can be too high for little ones to reach at first.

Safety First Double Step Stool

How do I get my child out of pull ups at night?

There are several things you can do to help your child make the transition out of pull ups. Things like limiting fluids, waking them for a pee when you go to bed, for example. One trick definitely to try is lighting the way to the bathroom. Some children will wake up disoriented and unsure of where to go. The Safety 1st Lulu Globe Trotter 2-in-1 Night Light is a lovely invention that acts as a nightlight and a torch. As a result, they are reassured to get up and go in the night on their own.

Safety First Lulu Globe Trotter 2-in-1 Night Light

Here's how it works: when it's bedtime, set the Safety 1st Lulu Globe Trotter 2-in-1 Night Light to emit a dreamy glow. Then, when he wakes for a wee, encourage him to turn the light into a torch - simply turn the rotating ring to do this. He can then use the soothing beam of light to navigate safely to the bathroom and back again. The Safety 1st nightlight torch is very easy for children to grip and use. The benefit? He will enjoy using the torch and you won't need to keep the landing lights on all night.

Safety First Lulu Globe Trotter 2-in-1 Night Light £25.00

Keep good sleep habits wherever you go

What about when you go away for the night - or longer? Thanks to the Safety 1st Lulu Globe Trotter 2-in-1 Night Light it's easy to recreate that cosy home environment. The nightlight uses hardly any energy - in fact, it'll go for 18 hours without a charge. When it needs a top up, it recharges quickly, and has a USB port to make things even easier. As a result, your child need never be without his nightlight torch. This is especially important when your child is placed in an unfamiliar surroundings and is more likely to wake in the night.

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