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Rockit is the brand behind the award-winning Rockit Baby Rocker. Read the Rockit story and learn how this amazing portable invention can help extend your baby's naps for longer - leading to happier parents and babies all round!

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How can I get my baby to nap for longer?

Getting your baby to stay asleep for longer is the holy grail for new parents. How often have you spent ages walking your baby to sleep in the pushchair, only to find they wake up the moment you stop moving? This can lead to baby and parents getting frustrated: with babies not seeing their naps through and parents wishing they just had ten more minutes to unload the shopping or have a much-needed rest!

Three dads with a dream

This was a dilemma faced by the Rockit team. The founders, all of them fathers, wished for an invention that would manage to replicate the rocking movement of a pushchair on the move. This way, they wouldn't need to resort to the constant and tiresome manual pushchair 'jiggling' that so many babies like to fall asleep to.

Creating the Rockit

As a result, the team set about creating a prototype rocker. Nick Webb, with his PhD in Sound and Vibration Engineering, was perfectly placed to come up with a prototype for a baby rocker that would be small enough to fit on a pram, but powerful enough to create a decent sway. Together with product designers Matt Dyson, Matt Sparrow and Gary Pyper, they came up with the Rockit Baby Rocker - and the rest is history!

Rockit Baby Rocker

What does the Rockit look like? How does it work?

The gadget has a cool space-rocket shape with a speed dial on the side. It comes with a bracket, which is universal to fit on the side of any make of pushchair. The gadget itself is pretty small but powerful, capable rocking the stroller to the equivalent of using your hand. As for baby: what does it feel like? Its inventors say that the movement of the Rockit Baby Rocker is subtle yet soothing, so you don't have to worry about alarming your baby. In fact, they say it's gentler than moving a pushchair over paving slabs.

Rockit Baby Rocker

Can I use the Rockit baby rocker on my pram?

The Rockit comes with a universal bracket designed to fit the majority of prams and pushchairs and is compatible with 40 of the leading pushchair brands. While we can't guarantee it will fit new models hitting the market, there should be somewhere on the pushchair that the Rockit will fit. 

How do I attach the Rockit to my pram or stroller?

The Rockit Baby Rocker is simple to attach. First, buckle the strap onto the arm of your pram or pushchair. Then, slide the Rockit down over the prongs on the holster. This will hold the Rockit firmly in place. Now, switch on using the large round button. You can adjust the vibration by twisting the speed dial. Head out with your baby and switch the Rockit on when you reach your stop point. Enjoy the peace and quiet while your baby sleeps. To remove and transfer to another pushchair if needed, press the release lever and pull the strap out.

How long does the Rockit last?

The Rockit Baby Rocker will vibrate for 60 hours with 4 AA batteries. This was based on being used vertically at the slowest speed. In real-life, that means it'll last you an hour a day for 2 months without having to change the batteries.

What age of child is the Rockit suitable for?

You can use the Rockit Baby Rocker from newborn until three years old. This will take you right through the pushchair years!

Is the Rockit safe to use in a cot or crib? 

The Rockit Baby Rocker is designed and tested solely for use on prams and pushchairs. It should not therefore be used in cots or cribs.

How long can I use it for?

The rocker has a 30 minute time-out function. Although it might be tempting to leave baby rocking away for longer, its inventors make it clear that the Rockit was never intended as a sleep aid for long periods. It's literally a helping hand to keep baby asleep just that little bit longer, when other interruptions would normally wake them up. Enjoy a well-earned coffee break or simply unload the shopping.

Rockit Baby Rocker

Can I use the rocker outside?

Yes. We can see this being particularly useful when you're out for a long walk, baby's fallen asleep and you want to stop for a coffee. Switch the Rockit Baby Rocker on to continue the movement of the pram - and baby will be none the wiser. Just don't use it in heavy rain - we can't see this being an issue. After all, who likes to stop outside in the pouring rain!?

Why isn't my baby falling asleep when I use the Rockit?

Try switching the speed using the bottom dial. Some babies prefer a slower rock to a fast one. You may need to experiment to find the vibration that your baby finds the most soothing.

Where can I see videos of the Rockit baby rocker?

Visit the BuggyBaby Rockit Baby Rocker product page to learn how this amazing invention can benefit you and your family.