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Bikes & Scooters

Bikes, Trikes and Scooters provide your child with hours of fun. Whether it's a balance bike or a peddle bike, these high quality products from brands such as Doona and Kinderkraft enable you to get out and about with your little one.

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  • Liki S5 Foldable Trike - Nitro Black
  • Liki S5 Foldable Trike - Racing Green
    £249.00 RRP £249.99 | Saving £0.99
  • Liki S5 Foldable Trike Limited Edition - Gold
    £249.00 RRP £289.99 | Saving £40.99
  • Natural Wood 4 in 1 Balance Bike
    £153.39 RRP £174.95 | Saving £21.56
  • Liki S1 Foldable Trike - Flame Red
    £149.00 RRP £189.99 | Saving £40.99
  • Liki S1 Foldable Trike - Grey Hound
    £148.96 RRP £189.99 | Saving £41.03
  • Steel 2 In 1 Vintage Balance Trike
    From: £130.82 RRP £144.95 | Saving £14.13
    customer reviews (1 Customer Review)
  • Steel 2 In 1 Balance Trike - Grey
    £137.70 RRP £144.95 | Saving £7.25
  • Easytwist Tricycle - Platinum Grey
    £132.50 RRP £159.90 | Saving £27.40
  • Easytwist Tricycle - Midnight Green
    £132.50 RRP £159.90 | Saving £27.40
  • Free Rider (Freerider)
    From: £103.55
    customer reviews (3 Customer Reviews)
  • Skyrider Ride On Suitcase - Black
  • Aveo Trike - Pink
    £105.00 RRP £119.90 | Saving £14.90
  • Steel Balance Bike
  • Aveo Trike - Grey
    £94.00 RRP £119.90 | Saving £25.90
  • Aston Tricycle - Grey
    £84.00 RRP £99.90 | Saving £15.90
  • Aston Tricycle - Pink
    £84.00 RRP £99.90 | Saving £15.90
  • Aston Tricycle - Turquoise
    £84.00 RRP £99.90 | Saving £15.90
  • Mini Toddle Bike
    £76.00 RRP £80.00 | Saving £4.00
  • Balance Bike
    £65.44 RRP £116.00 | Saving £50.56
    customer reviews (1 Customer Review)
  • Rapid Balance Bike - Blue Sapphire
    £64.90 RRP £69.90 | Saving £5.00
  • UniRider
  • Fly Plus Balance Bike - Blue Sapphire
    £47.41 RRP £59.90 | Saving £12.49
  • Steel 2 in 1 Balance Bike Trike Kit
    £41.95 RRP £44.50 | Saving £2.55

Bikes & Scooters

Buy Bikes & Scooters from all the best brands like Trybike, Mountain Buggy and many more from BuggyBaby offer free and fast delivery with a dedicated customer support team should you need any help. 

What age should my child get a bike?

As children grow, they start to develop the proper physical coordination and agility to ride a bike. Between the ages of 2 and 4 years, your little one may start to become more adventurous. This means that a tricycle may be a fantastic option for them moving forward, to develop their coordination and agility even further. These bikes allow your child to experience and learn the laws of pedalling, braking and steering. As well as this, they learn to sit on a saddle. 

After your child has developed these skills, they may want to join the big kids and ride a bicycle. This can be started with training wheels which allows them to balance whilst first picking up skills that enable them to balance on their own.

What is a balance bike?

Balance bikes, or bicycles with no pedals, are training bicycles that help children to learn and develop their skills of balance and steering. With no foot pedals or chain and no gears, these bikes help to build invaluable confidence needed to ride a bicycle. These bikes are a replacement for tricycles and training wheels as they help your child to transition straight onto a regular bike. A brilliant example of this is the Chicco Balance Bike

Chicco Balance Bike

Chicco Balance Bike

Chicco Balance Bike - Red Bullet

The Chicco Balance Bike is your child's first bike. This balance bike will teach your little one invaluable balance and control skills, and will assist your child in riding a standard bicycle. It's made from a lightweight metal which means that its extremely easily transportable. This allows you to take it on weekends away or even holidays! Its size allows you to easily slot it into the boot of your car. The seat and handlebars are height adjustable to aid your little one's growth as this balance bike is suitable for children from age 3 to 5 years old.

Mountain Buggy Free Rider (Freerider)

Mountain Buggy Freerider

Mountain Buggy Free Rider (Freerider) - Orange

This double award-winning product is not only a scooter, but it's also a stroller board as well! With the ability to attach to a variety of buggies, the Mountain Buggy Freerider gives you the option of letting your child roam free on the scooter, or attaching the scooter to the back of the pushchair to keep them in arms length. With dual functionality, the Mountain Buggy Freerider attaches to Mountain Buggy Pushchairs including the Nano, Swift, Urban Jungle, Terrain, and Duet. It also attaches to Phil & Teds Pushchairs including the Voyager, Sport (2015+) and Dash (2015+). Additionally, the Freerider also attaches to Quinny Pushchairs including the Moodd!

Mountain Buggy UniRider 

Mountain Buggy UniRider

Mountain Buggy UniRider

This fun piece of kit strikes the perfect balance between convenience and fun! The Mountain Buggy UniRider has an ingenious unicycle design which means that your child can develop balance and confidence all whilst allowing you to keep a hold of them. It can also be used for those fussy walkers as a method to transport your little one from A to B! Coming in an eye catching yellow colour, the UniRider boasts a one-of-a-kind design which ensures that you'll stand out from the crowd. With one 12-inch air-filled tyre, this 'bike' will absorb any rocky bumps on most terrains and will ensure that your little one will experience a smooth ride. With two built in foot rests and a robust handle, your toddler can sit comfortably on the UniRider. 

Trybike Steel 2 in 1 Balance Bike