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Sleeping is a very important part of your baby's day, and is also a huge part of yours. From bedside cribs to head positioners and baby sleep wear. We stock a fantastic range of products that will help your little one drift peacefully off to sleep.

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  • Ewan Snuggly Comforter
    £7.31 RRP £9.99 | Saving £2.68
  • Fitted Moses Sheets - 2 Pack - Grey
    £11.95 RRP £13.95 | Saving £2.00
  • Head Support
    £14.24 RRP £14.99 | Saving £0.75
  • Mesh Four Sided Breathable Cot Protector - White
    £14.80 RRP £24.99 | Saving £10.19
  • Comfi Cuddle Super Soft Reversible Blanket - Pebble
    £16.21 RRP £19.95 | Saving £3.74
  • Bamboo Layers Short Sleeve Sleep Wear 0.2 Tog - Waves
  • Bamboo Layers Short Sleeve Sleep Wear 0.2 Tog - Rainforest Leaves - 6-12 Months
  • Bamboo Layers Short Sleeve Sleep Wear 0.2 Tog - Triangle Pops
  • Roomie Organic Sheet - Moonbeam
    £17.00 RRP £20.00 | Saving £3.00
  • Bamboo Cocoon Swaddle Sleep Bag 0.2 Tog
    £19.19 RRP £23.99 | Saving £4.80
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  • Bamboo Layers Long Sleeve Sleep Wear 0.2 Tog - Waves
    £19.19 RRP £23.99 | Saving £4.80
  • Lovenest Original Baby Head Positioner - Organic Pink
  • Lovenest Original Baby Head Positioner - Organic Smokey
  • Lovenest Original Baby Head Positioner - Organic White
  • Traveller Sheet Set
  • Bamboo Layers Long Sleeve Sleep Wear 1.0 Tog - Pebble - 0-3 Months
  • Bamboo Layers Long Sleeve Sleep Wear 1.0 Tog - Pebble - 3-6 Months
  • Bamboo Layers Long Sleeve Sleep Wear 1.0 Tog - Fawn - 3-6 Months
  • Air 3 Piece Crib Set - Grey
    £22.95 RRP £35.95 | Saving £13.00
  • Lovenest+ Baby Head Positioner - Smokey
    £23.75 RRP £24.99 | Saving £1.24
  • Jersey Sleeping Bag 1.0 Tog - Grey Marle - 8-24 Months
  • First Dreams Lullaby Sheep
  • Lovenest+ Baby Head Positioner - Mosaic
  • Lovenest Baby Head Positioner - Natural Care


Buyers Guide

Welcome to the BuggyBaby Sleeping Buyers Guide. We'll help you create the perfect sleeping environment for you child as they snooze their way from newborn to toddler. Let's start with some of the basics...

Where Is Your Baby Going to Sleep?

To start off with, it’s recommended that baby sleeps in the same room as you for the first six months or so. Of course, not all bedrooms are big enough to accommodate a cot or cot bed. In which case, consider a carrycot, suitable to 3-4 months, or a crib, suitable to 6 months.

What's The Best Carrycot For Sleeping?

Carrycots come either stand-alone or more often as part of a pushchair travel system. The latter allows you to clip the carrycot onto your buggy, so that you can take baby for a walk and lift him off the pushchair frame to continue sleeping once you get home. A carrycot allows your baby to lie flat, which is essential for the first few months of life. As a result, a carrycot doubles as a portable baby carrier as well as a proper place for your little one to sleep. Read our blog: Do You Need A Carrycot For A Newborn? to learn other benefits of buying a carrycot.

Out n About Nipper Double Carrycot - Raven Black

Out n About Nipper Double Carrycot - perfect for twin sleeping, compatible with the Out n About Nipper Double v4 Pushchair.

Which Cot Bed Is Best To Buy?

For longevity, then a cot bed is certainly a good value option as it’ll last from birth to approx four years. Of course, if your budget allows, then a carrycot for daytime naps and a cot bed for the evening is a great combination. 

Our bestselling cot bed? For style and value for money, it has to be Snuz Kot Cot Bed Mode Collection. This offers an all-in-one cot, cot bed and toddler bed. In cot mode, it'll last your baby from birth up to 18 months. In toddler mode, it'll last your little one up to the age of four. These quality co beds are MDF and veneer-free and come in a range of wonderful colours, from classic white to pastel shades.

Snuz Kot Cot Bed Mode Collection Mode Blue

Which Cot Is Best For Co-Sleeping?

Some parents decide not to use a carrycot or a traditional cot, but to opt for co-sleeping. If so, then it is recommended that you purchase a cot specifically for this purpose. SnuzPod 3 in 1 Bedside Crib is the only bedside crib to receive the Queen's Award for Enterprise, and is considered safe for co-sleeping. This clever device can be used from birth up to six months. It works in three ways:

- co-sleeping crib: attaches baby's bed to the side of yours. A zip-down wall allows you to feed your baby at night without either of you having to leave the comfort of your bed.

- standalone crib - perfect for daytime naps.

- removable bassinet, working in much the same way as a carrycot or Moses basket.

Together, it's easy to see why SnuzPod 3 in 1 Bedside Crib is the best cot for co-sleeping. Read SnuzPod 3 in 1 Bedside Crib Review for an explanatory video and detailed information about how it works.

Baby Sleeping Buyers Guide: Do I need a Travel Cot?

Now that you have your permanent sleeping arrangements sorted, let's talk about travel cots. A travel cot is an essential purchase if you're planning to stay anywhere other than your own house. They're perfect for daytime naps, too, and some, such as the Graco Compact Play Pen - even double up as a place for your little one to relax while they're awake.

Graco Compact Play Pen - Caravan

Baby Sleeping Buyers Guide: What Makes A Good Cot?

Are there some features that make one cot bed better than another? Indeed there are! Here are our favourite features to have on your radar when you’re browsing:

Drop side: one side of the cot or cot bed lowers to allow easy access. Some drop sides are one-handed so you can hold baby while lowering or raising the side with one hand.

Fixed sides: some parents prefer to not have sides that raise and lower.

Height adjustment: the majority of cots have with adjustable mattress positions. Here are some guidelines for use:

- the highest position: use until baby can roll over

- the second position: use up until baby can pull up to a standing position

- the third position: use until baby can start to climb out - around 18m

Teething rails: clear non-toxic plastic covering for little one to chomp away on to protect little gums (and the cot!) once teeth start appearing.

Don't forget your bedding and mattresses! Snuz 3pc Bedding Set will help you create a snug and warm environment for your baby's crib. It contains two fitted sheets and a reversible blanket, all made of 100% soft jersey cotton.

How To Keep Baby Safe In Their Cot?

Some simple common-sense safeguards will make sure both you and baby rest easy:


Ensure the gap between the mattress and cot is no larger than 3 cm

Put baby to sleep in the feet-to -foot position, i.e. feet at the base of the cot

Put babies to sleep on their backs

Maintain a consistent temperature -18°C is optimum: not too hot, not too cold

Choose a spot for baby’s cot, well away from the radiator or window and any blinds or cords

Keep baby monitor cords well out of baby’s reach

Make sure the cot is rigid when it’s assembled with no wobbles. Regularly tighten the fittings

Fasten any cot bumper securely to the slats, and tuck it securely between mattress and slats with the bottom edge touching the cot base



Use a cot top changer on a sleigh bed as it has a sloping side

Use a second hand mattress

Use single, heavy blankets or duvets - better to have lightweight bedding in layers that’s easy to add or remove to regulate baby’s temperature

Put baby to sleep with a hat on 

What Is A Sleepyhead Pod?

A Sleepyhead Pod is an exciting invention in the baby world! This sleeping device is essentially a baby cushion that your little one can can nap, sleep or simply relax in. Its cushioned bumper-style sides keep baby feeling snug and secure, so they're easier to settle. What's more, it has been approved for co-sleeping. Sleepyhead Pods come in two sizes: Sleepyhead Deluxe Plus Baby Pod 0-8 Months for newborns, and Sleepyhead Grand Baby Pod 9-36 months.

Sleepyhead Deluxe Plus Baby Pod, 0-8 Months

Best Baby Sleeping Products

Why do I need baby Sleeping products?

Now that you know about the types of sleeping options out there, it's time to have some fun shopping! Your little nipper will sleep for a large part of their early life so it makes sense that the more comfy and secure they feel the better. It goes without saying that if baby sleeps better then the whole family sleeps and feels much better!

What sleeping products are there for my baby?

Chicco Baby Hug 4 in 1

Chicco baby Hug 4 in 1

Chicco Baby Hug 4 in 1

The Chicco Baby Hug 4 in 1 crib featured in this department is a multi-functional sleep haven. A cot for daytime naps and a reclined seat for newborn babies, the Chicco Baby Hug 4 in 1 is like a spare pair of arms to look after baby. The toy bar has sounds and lights to entertain and stimulate, and it even has a highchair function which attaches to the table at meal time. This multi-function piece of equipment is a space saver as well as a money saver. From newborn to 6 months it’s a 24-hour crib and recliner. Then, from 6 months to 3 years it’s baby’s highchair and first chair! What's more, you can take the toy bar off, swivel the adjustments backwards by pressing in the grey buttons on either side, and clip the toy bar behind the chair.

Sleepyhead Grand Baby Pod, 9-36 months

Sleepyhead Grand Baby Pod, 9-36 months

The Sleepyhead Grand Pod is a truly scrumptious and versatile piece of kit. This one of a kind product is multi-award winning and can be used in a number of ways. Whether you're looking for a safe way to co-sleep with baby or somewhere soft and squidgy for them to chill out whilst you are busy! Or, even somewhere practical to change their stinky nappies. Suitable from 9 to 36 months old, the Grand Baby Pod by Sleepyhead is the follow on from the Sleepyhead Deluxe Plus Baby Pod, and is usable until 3 years old. 

ErgoPouch Winter Baby Sleep Suit Bag 3.5 Tog

ErgoPouch Winter Baby Sleep Suit Bag 3.5 Tog

ErgoPouch Winter Baby Sleep Suit Bag 3.5 Tog

The ErgoPouch Winter Baby Sleep Suit Bag 3.5 Tog is a perfectly safe way to keep your child warm without having to faff around with layers or blankets. This Sleep Suit can be used in-cot as a sleeping bag, and then converted into a baby grow by unzipping the legs apart. This makes the transition from cot to pushchair or car seat an incredibly easy one! Perfect for those little walkers. As the Sleep Suit is 3.5 Tog, it's designed for winter temperatures and is made from organic cotton outer and 100% cotton filling. Encompassing this with fold over mitts, your baby will be as snug as a bug throughout winter. 

Phil & Teds Traveller Travel Cot v4

Phil & Teds Traveller Travel Cot

Phil & Teds Traveller Travel Cot v4

Weighing in at an incredible 2.5kg, this travel cot is lighter than your baby! Perfect for home or abroad, the Phil & Teds Traveller Travel Cot v4 is suitable from birth to approximately 3 years old. It is incredibly lightweight and can act as a playpen and/or a cot. It provides a safe and suitable nursery environment for your little baby whether you are at home or away! Included is the Traveller Travel Cot carry bag which makes it easy to transport this travel cot around. It also folds compactly to maximise space in the boot! Perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Whether you're going camping or staying in a hotel room, you should have one of these. 

Snuz SnuzPod 3 in 1 Bedside Crib 

Snuz SnuzPod 3 in 1 Bedside Crib

Snuz SnuzPod 3 in 1 Bedside Crib

The multi-award winning SnuzPod just got even better with the release of the newest model, Snuz's SnuzPod 3 in 1 Bedside Crib. It includes a wider, lighter bassinet and a reflux tilt feature allowing you to turn this crib into a recliner. You will love the extra sleep your baby will get from this comfortable crib. This crib is the only bedside crib to receive the prestigious Queen's Award for enterprise - so they must be doing something right. It is considered an incredibly safe option for co-sleeping which is extremely beneficial for infants in their first few months. With the slight curve to the base of this crib, you can rock your baby to sleep with ease. BuggyBaby only stock products that we believe are the best quality possible. Read our review of the SnuzPod 3 in 1 Bedside Crib to see for yourself!