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Bouncers provide fun and entertainment whilst also offering a safe resting place for a short while: whether it's electronically powered or activates with baby's movement. Brands such a 4moms and BabyBjorn are experts.

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  • Bouncer Bliss - Mesh - Slate Blue
  • Bouncer Bliss - Mesh - Grey Beige
  • Bouncer Bliss - Mesh - Dusty Pink
  • Bouncer Bliss - Mesh - Pearly Pink
    £178.50 RRP £210.00 | Saving £31.50
  • Bouncer Balance Soft - Mesh - Silver / White - Grey Frame
  • Unimo 2020 5 In 1 Baby Bouncer - Forest Yellow
    £79.00 RRP £89.90 | Saving £10.90
  • Unimo 2020 5 In 1 Baby Bouncer - Peony Rose
    £79.90 RRP £89.90 | Saving £10.00
  • Nova Evolutionary Rocker - Oak / White
  • Bouncer Balance Soft Mesh - Silver & White
  • Swoon Touch Electric Baby Swing - Grey
    £159.95 RRP £159.99 | Saving £0.04
  • Hoopla Baby Bouncer - Titanium
    £49.00 RRP £60.00 | Saving £11.00
  • Felio 2020 Baby Bouncer - Stone Grey
    £47.41 RRP £49.90 | Saving £2.49
  • Rhythm N Sound Bouncer - Cool Grey
    £79.00 RRP £99.00 | Saving £20.00
  • Evolux Bouncer - Natural / Anthracite
    £98.37 RRP £109.00 | Saving £10.63
  • Unimo 2020 5 In 1 Baby Bouncer - Grey
    £79.00 RRP £89.90 | Saving £10.90
  • Alpha Baby Bouncer Deluxe - Melange Grey
    £66.45 RRP £74.95 | Saving £8.50
  • Alpha Baby Bouncer 2 In 1 - Stretch Grey
    £49.90 RRP £59.95 | Saving £10.05
  • Alpha Baby Bouncer Deluxe - Sand
    £69.95 RRP £74.95 | Saving £5.00
  • 2 In 1 Rocker - Boho Chic
    £72.19 RRP £99.99 | Saving £27.80
  • Bouncer Bliss + Baby Carrier Mini - Charcoal Grey
    £240.00 RRP £285.00 | Saving £45.00
  • Bouncer Bliss + Googly Eyes Toy - Light Grey
    £202.00 RRP £238.00 | Saving £36.00
  • Cassia Swing - Essential Graphite
  • Bouncer Bliss - Mesh - Anthracite Leopard
  • Bouncer Bliss - Cotton - Beige + Leopard

Bouncers: For your infant or baby

Baby Bouncers provide fun and entertainment and can offer a safe resting place for a short while. The variations are ideal for you to choose between and all for fantastic prices from the best brands like Tiny Love and Nuna. BuggyBaby offer free and fast delivery with a dedicated customer support team should you need any help.

With a range of functions available depending on which brand and model you choose, here is a guide to buying the ideal baby bouncer for your baby.

Why do I need a baby bouncer?

A baby bouncer is most likely going to be the first piece of action equipment for your little one. When they kick or move, the seat will respond with a movement which usually resonates as a springy up-and-down motion. This not only satisfies your baby's desire for movement, but it also helps them to develop the muscles necessary for crawling. 

All seats have harnesses to keep your little one in place. This means that if you're busy doing some cleaning, showering or cooking, you can keep baby close by you as baby bouncers are extremely portable. They also commonly come with a toy arch to keep them occupied. Their portable ability also means that you can easily take them on holidays or round to mum's house!

Which Joie baby bouncers are available?

Joie Serina Swivel Swing

Joie Serina Swivel Swing - Hip Hop

The Joie Serina Swivel Swing is a comfortable and gentle baby chair that soothes even the tiniest newborns babies. Calm your little one with the Joie Serina Swivel Swing. It works by slowly moving backwards and forwards in a swaying motion. It has 6 unique swing speeds to choose from, so your baby has a great choice of movements depending on what they prefer. The wriggliest of little babies won't be able to wriggle out of this with a SoftTouch 5-point safety harness with soft lower buckle cover. This baby bouncer has two different vibration settings. It also offers a soft glow nightlight which can be adjusted to four different levels of brightness. The Joie Serina Swivel Swing includes 5 different lullabies and 5 soothing nature sounds which all intend to keep your little one in a place of tranquillity. 

Joie Dreamer Rocker

Joie Dreamer Rocker

Joie Dreamer Rocker - In The Rain

The Joie Dreamer Rocker includes tunes of 5 classical lullabies and 5 nature sounds make this vibrating, cradling bouncer a soothing friend. With the option of becoming a stationary seat when needed, this baby bouncer will comfort baby from newborn to 13kg. Once folded this slim bouncer takes up a tiny space as it has an ultra slim fold, meaning it's perfect for those with limited storage space! The Joie Dreamer Rocker has 3 recline positions with the option to rock or bounce with a simple push or when your little one moves. 

This baby bouncer is tested beyond the weight capacity of 13kg. The 2 speed soothing vibration pairs with the sounds of the baby bouncer, keeping your baby in a soothing environment. The open top design of the Joie Dreamer Rocker gives parents easy access to baby, with a SoftTouch 3-point harness with soft lower buckle cover keeping your baby safe. 

Which Chicco baby bouncers are available?

Chicco Hoopla Baby Bouncer

Chicco Hoopla Baby Bouncer

Chicco Hoopla Baby Bouncer - Stone

The Chicco Hoopla Baby Bouncer is a fun and comfortable place for your baby to enjoy a nap, dinner, or play time. Snug and incredibly relaxing, this chair is compact and folds completely flat for those with minimal storage space. Also for those who travel a lot, this baby bouncer will fit in the boot of your car with no problems. Suitable from birth to 9kg or approx. 6 months, this baby bouncer will keep your little one entertained with three psychologically developed soft toys. These toys help to improve tactile, visual and auditory skills.

With a 3-point adjustable waist harness and a 4-position adjustable backrest, you'll be sure that baby is kept safe and secure in this baby bouncer. What's more, the front feet allow the bouncer to be still or rocking, meaning great ease of use for any parent!

Chicco Balloon Baby Bouncer

Chicco Balloon Baby Bouncer

Chicco Balloon Baby Bouncer - Dark Grey

The Chicco Balloon Baby Bouncer is the perfect solution for providing a place for your baby to lay and play. Adjusting to follow every step of your baby's growth with a choice of natural sounds, relaxing lullabies, and different vibration settings. Switch between fixed or rocking mode with the adjustable positioning of the Chicco Balloon Baby Bouncer. Watch the gentle vibrations relax baby. The shoulder strap makes this baby bouncer easy to transport. Its easy fold is ultra compact, as well as it being incredibly lightweight. Keep baby's bouncer clean with the removable, washable lining. You can also remove the headrest and reducer support.

Which Nuna baby bouncers are available?

Nuna Leaf Baby Rocker

Nuna Leaf Baby Rocker

Nuna Leaf Baby Rocker - Cinder

If you're looking for a stylish piece of kit, the Nuna Leaf Baby Rocker is a fantastic option. Inspired by the carefree float of a leaf in the wind, the Nuna Leaf Baby Rocker treats your baby to a similarly mesmerising ride. With a gentle push to this baby bouncer, the motion lasts unassisted for over two minutes. You'll need no batteries or cords to power this buzz-free, noise-free baby rocker. The organic cotton insert is soft and light. This helps with ventilation of your little one, and the mesh backing provides a little breeze. 

It's a perfect angle for both napping and playing. It also locks into a stationary position for feeding or playtime if you wish! For easy storage and travel, just pop the chair out of the base and pack away.

Which Babymoov baby bouncers are available?

Babymoov Graphik Bouncer

Babymoov Graphik Bouncer

Babymoov Graphik Bouncer - Peach

The Babymoov Graphik Bouncer is a baby pleasing safe haven for your little napper. Providing a safe and comfortable place for your baby to relax and explore the world around them, the Babymoov Graphik Bouncer can be used as either a bouncer or a fixed seat. Baby's comfort has been considered in every way with this baby bouncer. It boasts a plush and cosy padded seat, a removable and adjustable head support, and 5-different recline positions. The Babymoov Graphik Booster comes with a detachable and 5-position adjustable toy arch with a hanging rattle toy! Also coming with a practical removable cover which can be hand-washed along with the head support and toy.