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We stock all the best and safest brands at BuggyBaby: Brands like Ergobaby, Babymoov and Sleepyhead. Buy from our fantastic range of nursery equipment and accessories and get super fast, free delivery. 

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  • 3 in 1 Close to Me Bouncer
    customer reviews (1 Customer Review)
  • 3-in-1 Rocker Napper
    £84.99 RRP £99.99 | Saving £15.00
  • 3pc Bedding Set
    £31.45 RRP £34.95 | Saving £3.50
  • AC017 Digital Wireless Movement Baby Monitor
  • AC1100 Digital Video, Movement & Sound Baby Monitor
    £174.99 RRP £219.99 | Saving £45.00
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  • AC1120 Digital Video and Sound Monitor
    £105.00 RRP £139.99 | Saving £34.99
  • AC115 Digital Movement & Sound Baby Monitor
    £95.00 RRP £119.99 | Saving £24.99
  • AC1300 Video, Movement & Sound Monitor
    £179.99 RRP £209.99 | Saving £30.00
  • AC1320 Video & Sound Monitor
    £124.99 RRP £139.99 | Saving £15.00
  • AC210 Digital Video & Sound Baby Monitor
  • AC215 Digital Video, Movement & Sound Baby Monitor
  • AC315 Video, Movement & Sound Baby Monitor 4.3"
  • AC403 Movement & Sound Monitor
    £79.99 RRP £99.99 | Saving £20.00
  • AC510 Digital Video and Sound Baby Monitor 5" Touch Screen
  • AC517 Digital Video, Wireless Movement & Sound Baby Monitor 5"
    £259.00 RRP £269.99 | Saving £10.99
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  • AC701 Digital Touch Screen Movement & Sound Monitor
    £89.00 RRP £119.99 | Saving £30.99
  • Activity Spiral
    £19.99 RRP £21.95 | Saving £1.96
  • Alfa Travel Cot
    £118.99 RRP £139.99 | Saving £21.00
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  • Aspen Shelf
  • Aspen Toy Chest
  • Baby Bear Night Projector
    £17.99 RRP £24.99 | Saving £7.00
  • Baby Hug 4 in 1
    £199.95 RRP £200.00 | Saving £0.05
  • Baby Sleep Suit Bag 1.0 Tog
    From: £42.95 RRP £44.95 | Saving £2.00
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  • Baby Sleeping Bag stocks only the best and safest nursery products from top brands like Babymoov, Angelcare and many more. Buy now and receive free fast delivery of nursery products such as the Sleepyhead Grand Baby Pod and the Nuna Sena Travel Cot. 

Buyers Guide to Nursery Products

The range of nursery products we stock is designed to ensure you can buy everything you need from our retail service. You can be assured of high quality nursery products which are arranged in the following 8 categories for your convenience. With so much choice, our Nursery Products are chosen to help you make the best decisions to suit your family's needs.

Baby Monitors

Why do I need a Baby Monitor? So that you can be reassured at all times that your baby is in safe hands even if you are not always in the same room providing parental supervision. Our range includes baby monitors such as: the Angelcare AC115 Digital Movement & Sound Baby Monitor with its patented sensor pad to the Angelcare Digital Video, Wireless Movement & Sound Baby Monitor 5" which also provides an under the mattress sensor pad plus additional monitoring functions.

Angelcare AC115 Digital Movement & Sound Baby Monitor

The AC115 provides all round monitoring functions.

Baby Bouncer

Why do I need a baby Bouncer?  From time to time you might need somewhere to rest your little one for a short while. Often you still want your baby to be able to see you when you're not holding them.  At, our range of Baby Bouncers gives babies lots of opportunities to explore a tiny bit of freedom whether kicking their legs or listening to soothing music.  From the Chicco Hoopla Baby Bouncer to the Tiny Love 3 in 1 Close to Me Bouncer you will be sure to find a bouncer that suits your little one's needs.


The Chicco Hoopla Baby Bouncer folds completely flat for storage.

Changing Station

Why do I need a baby Changing Station? Not sure the floor is the most comfortable place in which to change your baby's nappy? Then a Changing Station is a good idea, often providing ergonomic design and portable storage space as well. A changing station like the Cosatto Easi Peasi Changing Unit to name just one will definitely lighten your load.

Cosatto Easi-Peasi Changing Station

The Easi-Peasi Changing Unit by Cosatto includes a concealed bath


Why do I need a Baby Mattress? The safest sleep surfaces for babies are firm and flat and protected by a waterproof cover. The Lullaby Trust advise that the safest place for your baby to sleep is alone and in the same room as you. In order to ensure your baby uses a clean, firm and flat mattress with a water proof covering, a new mattress is ideal. Our range of mattresses include those with built in springs for comfort such as the Cosatto Springi Mattress and those made with natural ingredients such as the Little Green Sheep Twist Natural Cot Bed Mattress.

Cosatto Springi mattress

The Cosatto Springi Mattress provides spring loaded comfort

Nursery Accessories

Why do I need Nursery Accessories? Looking after your little nipper whether they are asleep or awake; in all weathers; inside and outside your home; travelling in the car or on public transport or visiting friends and family, can seem like a gargantuan feat. To make your life easier and keep you prepared for most eventualities, we at BuggyBaby have a fab range of useful and practical accessories. For example, the Ergobaby Coffee Run: Convertible Change Bag lets you comfortably carry everything you need for baby changing, including a changing mat, without looking like you're off on a week's holiday. 

Ergobaby Coffee Run Convertible Changing Bag

The Ergobaby Coffee Run Changing Bag is practical and stylish

Nursery Furniture

Why do I need Nursery Furniture? A pleasant, safe and clean environment that adds an element of interest and comfort to your baby's room can make all the difference to your routine. The nursery furniture we supply here at is chosen because of its ergonomic design, style and practicality.  All items are sent to you directly from BabyStyle.  Our range includes everything from the classic style of the Babystyle Hollie 4 Drawer Dresser or Hollie 3 piece Room Set to the Snuz Pod2 Bedside Crib 3 in 1

Snuz Pod2 Bedside Crib 3 in 1

The Snuz Pod2 Bedside Crib 3 in 1 attaches to the side of your bed and is also stand alone when required


Why do I need baby Sleeping products? Your little one will spend so much time asleep that the more comfortable and cosy they feel the better.  The Snuz Pouch Sleeping Bag featured in this department combines happy sleeping with easy nappy changing too. The ErgoPouch Bamboo Stretch sheets, made from bamboo jersey are designed to fit any cot or single bed providing comfort and value for money. These are just two examples of how baby sleeping products available from are carefully chosen to meet the needs of your growing family.  

Snuz Pouch

The Snuz Pouch sleeping bag is very comfy and easy to use

Travel Cots

Why do I need a Travel Cot? Typically a Travel Cot is useful for short breaks away from home or for daytime naps. Although the mattresses tend to be thinner than regular cots the same safe sleep rules are applicable to travel cots as to permanent cots. All travel cots sold in the UK have to meet EU safety standards. The Travel Cots we have chosen for you are usually lightweight with mesh sides; they fold down to be compact and easily transportable - often providing added extras too. The Joie Commuter Change Travel Cot gives you the added value of a Secure Click changing unit - a two for the price of one travelling companion. Similarly, the Joie Excursion Change & Bounce Travel Cot also gives you a rocking seat and a nightlight with a sound system and removable shades.

Joie Excursion Change & Bounce Travel Cot 

The Joie Excursion Change & Bounce Travel Cot accommodates baby's travel needs