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Nattou cuddly toys are super-soft, comforting friends that will help your little one gain trust and comfort in their world. From the unicorn Nattou Rocker to the Nattou Activity Spirals.

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  • Rocker
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  • Rocker - Tembo Elephant
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  • Rocker - Oscar The Fox
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  • Rocker - Tim The Horse
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  • Rocker - Iris The Koala
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  • Rocker - Lali The Dog
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  • Rocker - Jim The Dog
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  • Rocker - Pauline The Bunny
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  • Rocker - Fanny The Deer
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  • Rocker - Bob The Raccoon
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  • Rocker - Tiloo The Wolf
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  • Rocker - Sasha The Penguin
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  • Playmat With Arches - Luna and Axel
  • Stuffed Playmat With Arches - Fanny And Oscar
    £81.18 RRP £94.95 | Saving £13.77
  • Playmat With Arches - Tembo Elephant
    £72.84 RRP £89.95 | Saving £17.11
  • Playmat With Arches - Iris And Lali
    £65.11 RRP £83.50 | Saving £18.39
  • Sofa - Tim And Tiloo
    £63.95 RRP £73.50 | Saving £9.55
  • Playmat With Arches
    £52.60 RRP £79.95 | Saving £27.35
  • Cot Mobile - Tembo Elephant
    £38.44 RRP £52.50 | Saving £14.06
  • Playmat With Arches - Tim And Tiloo
    £37.98 RRP £83.50 | Saving £45.52
  • Sofa - Adele And Valentine
    £30.76 RRP £73.50 | Saving £42.74
  • Cotton Activity Spiral - Tembo Elephant


What is the best toy for a premature baby?

It seems incredible, but octopus-shaped toys such as the Nattou Piu Piu Octopus are proven to help calm tiny babies. The long tentacles make premature babies feel as though they are still attached to the mother's umbilical cord, and can be safely placed next to the baby in its incubator. The octopus toy has eight softly twirled tentacles to calm preemies, and is available in lovely colour combinations. Choose from pink, navy and light blue and anthracite grey and white. Piu Piu also makes a perfect gift idea for the parents of a premature baby.

Nattou Piu Piu Octopus

What's the best rocker for my baby & toddler?

This Nattou Rocker is a very soft yet solid rocking toy. Shaped like a unicorn, it'll appeal to little princesses everywhere! Jade the Unicorn Nattou Rocker can be used from 10 - 36 months, so is an ideal first rocker for your baby. The slatted wooden base has stoppers, so your child can rock without fear of toppling over. With soft, strokable fabric, this baby rocker is too cute for words!

Nattou Baby Rocker

Which playmat is best for my baby girl?

The Nattou Playmat with Arches is a super-sweet, patchwork playmat from the Lapidou collection. The sugar pink playmat features a rabbit design, with tactile and mirror areas that are perfect for tummy time. The detachable plush toys shaped like a doughnut, rabbit, ball and tortoise will encourage your baby to look up and explore her world. Each toy can be detached and popped into the pram or nursery for playtime. Wash at 30 degrees. Dimensions 80 x 80 x 40 cm.

Nattou Playmat with Arches

What's the best baby sofa chair?

The Nattou Sofa from the Nattou Alex & Bibou collection is the perfect nursery accessory for stylish children. Measuring 36 x 47 x 40cm, this baby sofa chair is the perfect shape for little bottoms and will provide a much-loved place to curl up and nap, read or play. Featuring a cute rabbit design, your baby will love playing grown-up with this miniature sofa in royal blue. Despite its plush looks, the Nattou Sofa is very sturdy with a machine washable cover.

Nattou Sofa

Best cuddly toy for a 1 year old

For a really special birthday present, look no further than Alex the Donkey Nattou Large 75cm Cuddly Toy. At 75cm tall, this oversized cuddly toy will make your child squeal with glee when you introduce him to the bedroom or playroom. Pop Alex the Donkey in next to the bed or in the corner of the child's bedroom to make your child feel protected and safe in the early years.

Nattou Cuddly Toy 75cm

How to decorate your nursery

You want to create  the perfect haven for your baby and Nattou has some wonderful nursery accessories to help you. The Nattou Mobile, from the Alex & Bibou collection, features a plush bird, donkey and rabbit. As well as providing stimulation when your baby is awake, this baby mobile features a wind-up musical mechanism that plays a soothing melody to calm your baby to sleep.

Nattou Mobile

A growth chart is a staple of any bedroom and the Nattou Growth Chart is a wonderful way for children to see how much they've shot up. Hang the soft plush chart on the wall as soon as your child reaches 70cm, then mark their progress using the soft detachable tab markers. Brothers, sisters and friends will enjoy using it, too. The perfect nursery accessory to complement Nattou Rocker - Jade the Unicorn.

Nattou Growth Chart

Best Nattou musical comforter

Soothe your baby with this beautiful Nattou Musical Toy. Musical Bibou the Rabbit is made from lovely soft fabric that your child will love to cuddle. When it's naptime, simply pull the string to start the calming 'La-le-lu' musical melody, which will quickly become associated with calm and nap time. The musical toy is easy to attach to cradles, bouncers or highchairs. The comforter is 28cm high and can be sponge-washed.

Nattou Musical Toy

Are Nattou toys safe?

Nattou toys conform to all valid safety standards and testing procedures. Their products are developed by infant experts so you can be sure that they are age appropriate and that your child will enjoy using them.

Can I wash my Nattou cuddly toy?

Nattou recommends that you wash the toy first prior to giving it to your baby. Pop the toy in a pillowcase to protect the plush fabric and keep it soft.

Where can I buy Nattou soft toys & gifts?

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