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Kiddy's mission is to make high-quality child car seats that help meet the challenges faced by today's parents. With top quality materials, attention to detail and a robust construction, Kiddy care about every detail.

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  • Evoluna i-Size 2 Car Seat And Base - Midnight Black
  • Guardianfix 3 Car Seat - Spring Green
  • Cruiserfix 3 Car Seat - Lizard Green
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  • Becool Summer Cover For Guardianfix Pro 2 / Guardian Pro 2
  • Becool Summer Cover For Phoenixfix Pro 2
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  • Becool Summer Cover For Cruiserfix Pro / Smartfix
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Kiddy is a German manufacturer of car seats, baby carriers and pushchairs for babies and children. With three decades in the industry, the Kiddy brand is known worldwide for safety, innovation and product intelligence.

BuggyBaby: Why We Love Kiddy

Innovation: Kiddy invented the Lie Flat technology for Group 0+ Car Seats - proven to keep tiny airways open in newborns. Take a look at the Kiddy Evoluna i-Size 2 Car Seat And ISOfix Base 2

Safety Features: Kiddy i-Size Car Seats align with next-gen safety standards, which prioritise baby’s height rather than weight, and rear-facing travel to 15 months

Value For Money: the Kiddy Evoglide 1 Pushchair and Kiddy City n Move are packed with features that you would expect from pricier models

Fun, Funky Colours: the Kiddy Phoenixfix 3 Car Seat comes in mouthwatering shades, from Berry Pink to Ocean Blue.

Kiddy Car Seats

Kiddy is the market leader of lie-flat group 0+ infant carriers and is the first manufacturer to offer a sleeping position for an infant in the car. This enables the infant's head, neck and body to stay inline, helping maintain an open airway.

Kiddy 0-13kg (Group 0) Car Seats

Suitable from the hospital drive-home to around 15 months: the Kiddy Evolution Pro 2 Car Seat allows your baby to rest upright while you drive and lie flat when you’re out and about. Features include a large hood to protect your child from the wind and rain, and breathable mesh to keep baby cool when it’s hot. Available in a range of great colours, from funky hot pink and lime through to classic grey and blue.

Kiddy Evolution Pro 2 Car Seat

Need to keep a close eye on your baby while driving? Check out the Britax Back Seat Mirror.

Kiddy 9-18kg (Group 1) Car Seats

The Kiddy Phoenix 3 Car Seat  is designed to take your child from 9 months to around 4 years of age. Conforming to the ECE-R44/04 European Safety Regulations, the Kiddy Phoenix 3 Car Seat  features side impact protection shock absorbers and an impact shield to provide additional protection. With an adjustable headrest and deep recline, your child will be safe and comfortable in the Kiddy Phoenix 3 Car Seat.


BuggyBaby - Kiddy Phoenixfix 3 Car Seat

The Kiddy Phoenixfix Pro 2 Car Seat meanwhile is a superior quality Group 1 Car Seat designed to last your child from 9 months - 4 years. The Kiddy Phoenixfix Pro 2 Car Seat features several key safety additions to make this a super safe car seat. These include optimised side protection for the shoulders and front, plus a lateral head rest that makes it easy for baby to see out while offering additional head protection.

Kiddy 9-36kg (Group 1-2-3) Care Seats

The Which? Best Buy Kiddy Guardianfix 3 Car Seat is an ISOfix Car Seat By Kiddy. Once your baby is out of its Kiddy 0-13kg (Group 0) Car Seat, it’ll need a car seat that’ll grow with it. The Kiddy Guardianfix 3 Car Seat will see your child from 9 months right through to 12 years. Made for comfort and longevity, the Kiddy Guardianfix 3 Car Seat is made from soft, robust fabrics that are easy to wash in the machine.

On the safety side, this Kiddy car seat has an impact shield for extra protection during a collision and reflective panels that allow the seat to be easily located in an accident. Available in a range of good colours, from fresh Spring Green and Chili Red to classic Melange Icy Grey.

Kiddy Guardian 3 Car Seat Melange Grey


Kiddy 15-36kg (Group 2-3) Car Seats

Alternatively, you may choose to upgrade your car seat once your child reaches three. The Kiddy Cruiserfix 3 Car Seat is a safe and stylish 15-36kg (Group 2-3) Car Seat that’ll see your child through to 12 years of age. Like the rest of the car seats in the Kiddy range, the Kiddy Cruiserfix 3 Car Seat is made from breathable fabrics that help to regulate your child’s temperature. The seat material is removable and washable: essential for a car seat that’ll be on the road for years to come.

Kiddy Cruiserfix 3 Car Seat Grey


Kiddy All Round Pushchairs

BuggyBaby offers great prices on the Kiddy Evoglide 1 Pushchair. The Kiddy Evoglide 1 Pushchair is a top-range, all-round pushchair that transforms into a travel system with Kiddy Car Seats such as the Kiddy Evolution Pro 2 Car Seat.

Features and benefits of the Kiddy Evoglide 1 Pushchair include:

  • All round suspension - for a smooth ride
  • Reversible seat unit - go forward or rear facing
  • Double-padded seat cover - for extra comfort
  • In-built raincover - perfect for little showers
  • Adjustable handle - suits shorter and taller parents
  • Foot brake - for control on downward slopes

Kiddy Evoglide 1 Pushchair

Kiddy Evocity 1 Pushchair

A great-looking, mid-range lightweight pushchair for city living, the Kiddy Evocity 1 Pushchair comes in Royal Purple, Onyx Black and Lime Green to brighten up the dullest of days. The Kiddy Evocity 1 Pushchair can be used from your baby’s first outing when laid flat. It can also be extended into a travel system when paired with Kiddy 9-18kg (Group 1) Car Seats.

Features and benefits of the Kiddy Evocity 1 Pushchair include:

  • Adjustable back and leg rest - for added comfort
  • Oversized sun canopy - for great ray protection
  • Faux leather handles - for style and grip
  • Single-swivel front wheels - for a perfect steer
  • Shopping basket - holds up to 5kg of groceries
  • One-hand fold - pushchair is easy to collapse and store

BuggyBaby Evocity 1 Pushchair - BuggyBaby 

Star by name, star by nature: the Kiddy Urban Star 1 Pushchair  is a no-frills, from-birth pushchair that wins fans with its compact size and robust tyres. The Kiddy Urban Star 1 Pushchair folds down in just two moves, and will free-stand when folded: great when space is limited.

Features and benefits of the Kiddy Urban Star 1 Pushchair  include:

  • Two fold collapse - great for manoeuvring buses and trains
  • Long lasting, robust PU tyres - won’t puncture - ever
  • Swivel front wheels - for precise steering
  • Attractive look - black and white star design
  • Easy wash shoulder and waist straps - padded for comfort

Kiddy Baby Carriers

Take to the hills with the Kiddy Adventure Pack - a robust yet light baby carrier, which has lots of little touches to make hiking fun and comfortable for baby and parent. Features and benefits of the Kiddy Adventure Pack include:

  • Padded seat cover - extra comfy for baby
  • Waist belt and shoulder straps - easy adjust to mum and dad’s frame
  • Safe set-down from standing - keeps baby inside
  • In-built sun and rain canopy - protect baby from the elements
  • Drinks holder - for easy access to juice and milk on the go
  • Reflective inserts -  for max visibility in the dim light

Kiddy Adventure Pack

Kiddy Car Seat Bases

With Excellent reviews, the Kiddy ISOfix Base 2 fits with the ISOfix connector points in your car, creating a firm base that you can click your car seat in and out of. The Kiddy ISOfix Base 2 is suitable for car seats from birth to 15 months.

Kiddy i-Size Car Seats

What is an ‘i-Size Car Seat?’

Introduced in 2013, i-Size car seats fall into a new generation of car seat regulation that take a child’s height, rather than weight, into account. The i-Size doesn’t replace existing car seat safety regulation - at least, not yet - but aims to improve safety for all children.

There are three factors that all i-Size car seats have in common:

  • All i-Size car seats are ISOfix
  • Rear-facing until 15 months
  • Side impact protection

You can purchase great price i-Size Kiddy car seats here at BuggyBaby.

Kiddy Evoluna i-Size 2 Car Seat And ISOfix Base 2

BuggyBaby Kiddy Evoluna i-Size 2 Car Seat and ISOfix base

In 2016, the Kiddy Evoluna i-Size 2 Car Seat And ISOfix Base 2 achieved the highest ever score for a Group 0+ R129 infant carrier in the Which? Best Buy award. Here’s why:

Lie-Flat Technology

Tiny babies have undeveloped neck muscles. Sitting upright in a car seat can therefore, increase pressure on little muscles and potentially reduce oxygen supply. To eliminate this risk, Kiddy developed Lie Flat technology. Kiddy Lie-Flat, as its name suggests, allows newborns to lie and sleep completely flat, ensuring that the airway is kept open. Suitable for babies up to 83cm (newborn - around 15 months),the Kiddy Evoluna i-Size 2 Car Seat And ISOfix Base 2 is the only seat in its class to offer this breakthrough technology. If you prioritise safety over anything, then this is the car seat for you.

Enhanced Safety Features

Moreover, the Kiddy Evoluna i-Size 2 Car Seat And ISOfix Base 2 comes with intensively tested front/rear/side impact support, plus memory foam to reduce impact in a crash. The Kiddy Evoluna i-Size 2 Car Seat And ISOfix Base 2 contains newborn inlays, and an adjustable 5-position harness. This makes it easy for you to tailor the inner shell of the car seat to your fit baby as it grows.

Features and benefits of the Kiddy Evoluna i-Size 2 Car Seat And ISOfix Base 2 include:

  • Front, rear and side impact support
  • Unique lie flat technology (Kiddy Lie Flat) to aid breathing while awake and support the spine in a crash
  • Adjustable harness and inlays  - for snug fit
  • Attaches easily to your car - via Kiddy ISOfix Base 2

BuggyBaby Kiddy Evoluna i-Size 2 Car Seat and ISOfix base

Kiddy Lightweight Pushchairs

Kiddy City n Move

For a great-value pushchair that will take you from shop to park, the Kiddy City n Move is a dream. Packed with features including a quick compact fold, height-adjustable handlebar and large shopper, the Kiddy City n Move balances safety, suspension and sporty looks. Compatible with all Kiddy infant carriers including the Kiddy Evolution Pro 2 Car Seat.

Features and benefits of the Kiddy City n Move include:

  • Dual facing and reclining seat -  for comfort
  • Removable seat cover  - for easy cleaning
  • Adjustable handlebar - for comfy pushing - suits 84cm to 118cm
  • Removable wheels - fit the pushchair into any car boot

 BuggyBaby Kiddy City n Move Pushchair

At BuggyBaby, we’re delighted to offer great prices on the Kiddy range. We also stock next-day delivery on other top brands, such as Mountain Buggy, Quinny and Mifold