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Happy Hopperz

The Happy Hopperz Ride On Bouncing Toy collection is guaranteed to give your child hours of fun. They help to develop co-ordination and balance too. Great for indoors and outdoors, and with different sizes to suit children from 12 months to 5 years.

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  • Ride On Bouncing Toy
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  • Ride On Bouncing Toy - Grey Dragon
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  • Ride On Bouncing Toy - Pink Cow

Happy Hopperz

A Happy Hopperz ride on bouncing toy will make your toddler's day! Like space hoppers for toddlers but with a range of fun animal characters, Happy Hopperz are loved by playgroups and children for their proven physical benefits. Made from robust, safe PVC, the Happy Hopperz range consists of fantastic styles to reflect your child's personality. If you're looking for a unicorn toy for toddlers, a bouncy dinosaur or silver horse: you've come to the right place! 

Why should I buy a Happy Hopperz for my child?

Happy Hopperz ride on bouncing toys help children develop a better awareness of the world around them. Bouncing and landing safely helps children to learn better balance, and strengthen their tummy muscles while they do so. In fact occupational therapists and physios around the country use Happy Hopperz as therapeutic aids to help children build self confidence, learn better balance control and develop hand/eye coordination.

Are Happy Hopperz ride on bouncing toys safe?

Each Happy Hopperz ride on bouncing toy has ears and horns, which provide sturdy grips for your child to hold on to while bouncing. Every Happy Hopper has four wide, flat fee to make them stable and provide a safe landing. Happy Hopperz ride on bouncing toys are CE tested and approved, and are made from pthalates-free PVC.

Can Happy Hopperz be used outdoors?

Yes, absolutely. These bouncy toys for toddlers are suitable for use indoor and outdoors, and can be used safely in small spaces such as a living room or kitchen.

What age group are Happy Hopperz for?

Happy Hopperz ride on bouncing toys come in different sizes to suit your child. The thinner bodied characters are for children aged 12 months - 2.5 years. The wider bodied characters are suitable from 2.5 years - 5 years. We stock two different sizes for children at BuggyBaby as follows:

Thinner bodies for smaller toddlers aged 12 months - 2.5 years. Inflated size 60cm x 20/25cm

Wider bodies for larger toddlers aged 2.5 years - 5 years. Inflated size 60cm x 30/35cm

View the BuggyBaby range of Happy Hopperz ride on bouncing toys.

How do I inflate my Happy Hopperz ride on bouncing toy?

Use the free pump provided. Your toy arrives vacuum packed into a small box. Inside, you'll find the foot pump. To inflate, insert the nozzle into the hole underneath and then use the one-way inflation system to pump up the Happy Hopper. Once inflated, adjust the amount of air inside to suit the height of your child.

Where can I buy a Happy Hopperz at a great price?

BuggyBaby, of course! To view the range, and all the characters we have available, visit Happy Hopperz ride on bouncing toys.