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Synonymous with high quality, intelligent functionality, innovation and unsurpassed safety, CYBEX is a leading brand known for producing luxury pushchairs and car seats. CYBEX ensures that your little one travels in the utmost comfort and style.

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  • PRIAM Pushchair - 2022 - Rose Gold / Deep Black
    £949.90 RRP £999.90 | Saving £50.00
  • PRIAM Pushchair - 2022 - Matt Black / Deep Black
  • PRIAM Pushchair - 2020 - Rose Gold / Deep Black
    £899.90 RRP £949.90 | Saving £50.00
  • Gazelle S Pushchair - TPE / Deep Black
    £669.95 RRP £719.95 | Saving £50.00
  • Talos S 2 in 1 Pushchair - Black & Deep Black
    £514.38 RRP £619.95 | Saving £105.57
  • Melio TPE Pushchair - Deep Black
  • Talos S Lux Pushchair - Silver & Deep Black
    £439.79 RRP £599.95 | Saving £160.16
  • Sirona Zi i-Size Plus Car Seat - 2020 - Deep Black
    £424.13 RRP £469.95 | Saving £45.82
  • Sirona Zi i-Size Car Seat - 2020 - Deep Black
    £419.95 RRP £439.95 | Saving £20.00
  • Sirona Zi i-Size Plus Car Seat - 2020 - Soho Grey
    £402.92 RRP £469.95 | Saving £67.03
  • Sirona Zi i-Size Car Seat - 2020 - Soho Grey
    £399.95 RRP £439.95 | Saving £40.00
  • Sirona Z2 i-Size Plus Car Seat - Deep Black
  • Sirona Z2 i-Size Car Seat - Deep Black
  • Pallas S-Fix Car Seat - Deep Black
    £239.95 RRP £259.95 | Saving £20.00
  • Pallas S-Fix Car Seat - Granite Black
    £239.95 RRP £259.95 | Saving £20.00
  • Cloud Z i-Size Plus Car Seat - 2020 - Deep Black
    £229.95 RRP £279.95 | Saving £50.00
  • Solution Z i-Fix Plus Car Seat - 2020 - Nautical Blue
  • Solution Z i-Fix Plus Car Seat - 2020 - Soho Grey
  • Solution Z i-Fix Plus Car Seat - 2020 - Mountain Blue
  • Platinum Winter Footmuff - Nautical Blue
  • Platinum Winter Footmuff - Arctic Silver
  • Melio Cot - Deep Black
  • Platinum Car Seat Base Z2 - Black
  • Cot S Carrycot - Deep Black
    £200.00 RRP £229.95 | Saving £29.95


Cybex is not just a leader in child safety but is also seen as an innovative lifestyle and fashion brand. With its fresh approach, CYBEX like to push the boundaries with its designs. The core of its brand is a combination of unique design, unsurpassed safety and quality. CYBEX not only offer award winning car seats, like the rear-facing Sirona, but also pushchairs and pushchair accessories.


With a wide range of stylish pushchairs to choose from across the CYBEX Platinum, Gold and Silver range - there is a CYBEX Pushchair to suit everyone. Below is a selection of what they have to offer;


The CYBEX PRIAM Pushchair is a high end, super luxe pushchair. Suitable from birth, the CYBEX PRIAM Pushchair offers lots of customised options and is compatible with the CYBEX PRIAM Carrycot and CYBEX Car Seats. Features include an oversized UPF50 canopy, an extra large shopping basket, a reversible seat unit and all wheel suspension.

CYBEX Balios S Lux Pushchair

The CYBEX Balios S Lux Pushchair is suitable from birth with a one-handed recline into a lie flat position. This elegant and robust pushchair offers soft all wheel suspension and puncture proof wheels. It is compatible with the CYBEX Cot S Carrycot and CYBEX Car Seats to make it into a travel system.

CYBEX Melio Pushchair

The CYBEX Melio Pushchair is CYBEX's big city stroller. Suitable from birth, at a lightweight 6.2kg, it's ideal for nipping around town. Fold to a compact self-standing position with just one hand. The CYBEX Melio Pushchair offers a full lie flat position, reversible seat unit and soft rear wheel suspension.

CYBEX Eezy S Twist +2 Pushchair

The CYBEX Eezy S Twist + 2 Pushchair is suitable from 6 months or from birth when using the compatible CYBEX Carrycot or a CYBEX Car Seat. Rotate your child from forward facing and back again with just one hand. The Eezy S Twist +2 Pushchair is suitable for pavement, cobbles and paths.

CYBEX Libelle Pushchair

The CYBEX Libelle Pushchair is perfect for travel. At only 5.9kg, it is suitable from 6 months or from birth when combined with a CYBEX Car Seat using adaptors. With an adjustable leg rest and a recline function, this super lightweight pushchair has an ultra compact fold.

Car Seats

CYBEX is known for its multi award winning Sirona Car Seat but also has a wide range of other car seats to suit all needs, in all kinds of attractive fabrics. Below is a selection of what CYBEX offer;

Group 0+ and 0+1 Car Seats

Group 0+ and 0+/1 are suitable from birth. 0+ will take your baby up to approximately 15 months and 0+/1 until 4 years old. A 0+/1 car seat will be fixed into your car, unlike a 0+ car seat that is removable.

CYBEX Cloud Z i-Size Car Seat

Suitable from birth, the CYBEX Cloud Z i-Size Car Seat can be changed into a lie-flat position when you are not using it in the car or if you are using it in combination with a CYBEX Pushchair. Along with many fantastic safety features, the CYBEX Cloud i-Size rotates when using the CYBEX Base Z making it easier to get your child in and out of the car.

CYBEX Sirona Zi i-Size Plus Car Seat

With a premium look and feel, the CYBEX Sirona Zi i-Size Plus Car Seat is suitable from birth up to 4 years and allows for extended rearward facing. The seat has a full 360 degree rotating mechanism making it super easy to get your baby in and out of the car. The integrated Linear Side-impact Protection offers increased safety in event of a side-impact and the Energy Reduction Technology reduces the force of a front facing crash by more than 20%. This seat has multiple recline positions and a height adjustable headrest that will grow with your child. 

Group 1 and 1/2/3 Car Seats

Group 1 and 1/2/3 Car Seats are suitable from 9 months to various ages upwards depending on the seat. 

The Pallas M-Fix SL Car Seat is a 2 in 1 car seat suitable from approximately 9 months -12 years. This car seat not only offers many safety features but also reclines easily when needed. The adjustable impact shield offers support to your child's head and neck and significantly reduces the force of any possible impact. The impact shield can be removed once you ready to use the Pallas M-Fix SL as a group 2/3 car seat. With a 12 position height adjustable headrest, the Pallas M-Fix SL Car Seat will grow with your child.

Group 2/3 Car Seats

The next stage on from the other car seat groups, group 2/3 Car Seats will last your child up until 12 years as they convert to a high-backed booster seat.

CYBEX Solution M-Fix SL Car Seat

A group 2/3 car seat, the CYBEX Solution M-Fix SL Car Seat is suitable from approximately 3 -12 years. With an adjustable backrest and headrest, this car seat offers comfort for your growing child along with great safety features. 

CYBEX Solution Z i-Fix Car Seat

The CYBEX Solution Z i-Fix Car Seat is suitable from 3 - 12 years. The reclining headrest is a patented feature of this car seat and prevents your child's head from tipping forward whilst sleeping, keeping their head in the safety zone at all times in case of an impact. The head and shoulder protectors can be adjusted as your child grows and is quick and easy to adjust. The seat has an energy absorbing shell to channel any impact away from your child and to further increase safety the L.S.P system reduces the force of a side on impact by approximately 25%


CYBEX SensorSafe 4 in 1 Safety Kit

The CYBEX SensorSafe 4 in 1 Safety Kit prevents your child from unbuckling themselves unnoticed as well as alerting you if the temperature is to hot or cold, your child has been left alone in the vehicle and if your child has been in the car seat for too long and you need to take a break. This clever piece of equipment connects to your smartphone via an app and will give you piece of mind that your child is safe whilst you travel.

CYBEX Kid Board

The CYBEX Kid Board is a must have accessory for your CYBEX Pushchair allowing your child to hop on when they are tired with ease. The board is roomy, sturdy and clips on to the back of your buggy either side of the brake pedal.