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Classic World

Classic World makes educational toys, games and puzzles that help children learn through play. Their beautifully made, high quality wooden products include the Classic World Rider and Walker and the Classic World Tool Bench.

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  • Wooden Rocket Ship
  • Robot Walker
    £79.00 RRP £82.50 | Saving £3.50
  • Multi-Functional Easel
    £67.96 RRP £69.95 | Saving £1.99
  • Multi-Activity Cube Large
    £60.71 RRP £81.50 | Saving £20.79
  • Baby Walker
  • Modern Car Garage
    £53.96 RRP £62.95 | Saving £8.99
  • Music Table
    £47.45 RRP £49.95 | Saving £2.50
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  • 2 In 1 Tabletop Kitchen
    £46.50 RRP £52.50 | Saving £6.00
  • 2 In 1 Rider Walker
    £44.96 RRP £54.95 | Saving £9.99
  • Learning Walker
    £39.59 RRP £57.75 | Saving £18.16
  • Tool Bench
    £39.46 RRP £52.50 | Saving £13.04
  • City Building Blocks
    £30.83 RRP £41.95 | Saving £11.12
  • Light Up Wooden Electric Guitar
    £25.96 RRP £29.95 | Saving £3.99
  • Noah's Ark Shape Sorter Toy
    £25.95 RRP £27.25 | Saving £1.30
  • Little Forest Stacking Rings
  • Table Top Easel
    £25.43 RRP £38.95 | Saving £13.52
  • Toucan Music Set
    £24.95 RRP £26.25 | Saving £1.30
  • Pyramid Activity Box
    £24.03 RRP £49.95 | Saving £25.92
  • Pull Train
    £22.46 RRP £27.50 | Saving £5.04
  • Multi-Activity Blocks
    £21.66 RRP £30.50 | Saving £8.84
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  • Jungle Activity Box
    £20.49 RRP £44.95 | Saving £24.46
  • Pound And Tap Bench
    £16.99 RRP £20.95 | Saving £3.96
  • Cutting Fruits Puzzle
    £16.95 RRP £18.50 | Saving £1.55
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  • Balance Stacking Game
    £16.95 RRP £18.50 | Saving £1.55

Classic World

What are the benefits of Classic World toys?

All Classic World educational toys help children learn through play. The range covers push and pull toys, play and learn toys, plus puzzle, music and activity toys. Parents, teachers and childcare development experts influence the product, so you can be sure of their learning value. All Classic World toys are made from environmentally friendly rubber wood, tea wood and plywood and are non toxic, without preservative chemicals. As a result, they make fantastic gift ideas.

Which Classic World toys are best for one year olds?

From shape sorters to walkers, mathematical puzzles to activity blocks: Classic World has a wonderful range of toys to stimulate early learning.

Best toy for learning shapes

Most children will start to pick up the skills needed to sort shapes between 15-18 months. This is the ideal time to provide your child with some puzzles. The best toy for sorting shapes is the Classic World Shape Sorter. This robust toy encourages your toddler to associate the names of different shapes as she pushes them through the holes. The sturdy bars keep the shapes inside as your child works through the puzzle.

Best toy for toddlers learning to walk

Most one year olds are walking well by the time they reach 15 months, but if they need a little encouragement, then the Classic World Pull Dog toy may well provide the inspiration they need. Alternatively, it can provide stimulation for those children that toddle early. This adorable canine, with his smiling face, lead, bone and bell, will quickly become a firm companion.

Classic World Pull Dog

Best baby walker with blocks

Once those first steps are well-established, the Classic World Speed Car Walker will encourage confident walking and pushing while introducing colours and shapes. The car-shaped cart is filled with brightly coloured, assorted blocks that your child will enjoy stacking and transporting.

Classic World Speed Car Walker

Best toy for stacking blocks

Classic World Multi-Activity Blocks provide hours of fun for your young builder. Suitable from 12 months upward, the set contains assorted cubes and cylinders, triangles, bridges and more. We predict mum and dad will have just as much fun creating make-believe structures as baby! 

Classic World Stacking Blocks

Best puzzle solving toy

The Classic World Lion Uni Blocks Set helps stimulate your child's imagination and intelligence. To play, lift the blocks off the different height poles, then slide them back on again to lion's smiling face. The game will challenge your little one as she works out which combinations to use. Perfect for whiling away hours at home or in the garden.

 Classic World Lion Uni Blocks Set

What toys are best for my 18 month old?

Once your baby turns a year and a half, your baby will be able to grasp physical objects more easily. As a result, toys that challenge their hand-eye coordination will provide lots of fun. For example, musical toys like the Classic World Rainbow Xylophone introduce children to the joy of music-making while improving vital skills. This beautiful instrument has 8 musical bars, made from rubber wood, that can produce beautiful melodies. When banging the bars, children get a real workout in hand-eye coordination while having fun.

Classic World Rainbow Xylophone

What toys are best for my 2 year old?

At two years old, your child is soaking up information like a sponge. Play and learn toys that challenge his dexterity and imagination, such as the Classic World Multi Activity Cube Large will become a go-to play staple as your child goes from baby to toddler. The Classic World Multi Activity Cube Large is beautifully made with a different activity on each side. There are cogs to turn, shapes to sort, and beads to push. At 30 x 53 x 31.5cm, this robust cube will help your child work on his hand-eye coordination and dexterity.

Classic World Multi Activity Cube Large

When should a child start learning the alphabet?

The majority of children begin to recognise a few letters between the ages of two and three. So, an abacus with letters makes a perfect learning toy and gift idea for a child aged between 24-36 months. The Classic World Alphabet Abacus has letters on one side and an picture on the reverse that corresponds to the letter. Your child will enjoy twirling the wooden blocks around and learning G for Giraffe, P for Panda, I for Ice Cream and so on. Also features numbers. 

Classic World Alphabet Abacus

Which Classic World Toys are suitable for a 3 year old?

Toddlers have all the fun! During 24-26 months, your child will be going through incredible emotional and social development. As a result, he will enjoy playing games as part of your family. Classic World has a wonderful selection of games, toys and puzzles to keep the brain active as your child heads towards the preschool years.

Best balancing toy

The play and learn Classic World Crocodile Balancing Game is excellent fun for your toddler, and will teach him all about balance. The aim of the game is to balance all the brightly coloured cylinders onto the croc's upturned belly. Roll the dice to see which colour to place next. Have fun playing as a family - perfect for amusing toddlers and their friends!

Classic World Crocodile Balancing Game

Top puzzle for toddlers

The Classic World Geometric Puzzle combines shapes, numbers and colours to help your toddler develop their learning of all three concepts.  The pack contains lots of different geometric blocks that you can layer in different combinations on the 3x3 grid to create fun patterns. As an added bonus, the wooden pieces are great fun for stacking and building, too.

Classic World Geometric Puzzle

Tool bench toy for toddlers

The Classic World Tool Bench is a must for your budding DIY enthusiast. This wooden work bench measures 102 x 76 x 142cm so is perfect for the playroom or nursery school. Your three year old will love hammering the screws and nails into the die-cut holes and twisting them out again.

Classic World Tool Bench

The work bench contains wood pieces with die cut holes that can be joined together with the wooden cogs and screws. The tool bench includes a spanner, saw, hammer and measuring rule. There's even a mini wooden mobile phone to take those urgent jobs!

Best wooden kitchen toys for boys and girls

Wooden kitchen toys make dream gift ideas for little girl and boys. The Classic World Retro Tabletop Kitchen will have them playing make-believe for hours. This retro American Diner style wooden kitchen contains all the items and utensils needed for your child to cook up a storm. Its neat shape is perfect if you are short on space. Your child will love taking your orders and then cooking them on the two hob grill. The Classic World Retro Tabletop Kitchen comes complete with frying pan, a pot, spatula and play food.

Classic World Retro Tabletop Kitchen

Best wooden train set for toddlers

A wooden train set makes a classic gift idea for a special little person. The Classic World Farm Train Set is a lovely 25-piece wooden train set that combines two favourite themes: farms, and trains! We know your child will enjoy putting together the circular track, then setting up the track with the accessories included. These include trees, buildable barns, bridges and a windmill.

Classic World Farm Train Set

All of the wonderful Classic World wooden toys, games and puzzles are available from BuggyBaby. Free 48hr UK delivery on orders over £50.