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15 - 36kg (Group 2 3)

Buy Group 2 3 (15 - 36kg) child car seats from all the best brands like Britax, and Maxi Cosi and Kiddy from

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  • Trillo 2 3 Car Seat
  • Solution M-Fix SL Car Seat - Pure Black
    £85.00 RRP £159.95 | Saving £74.95
    customer reviews (1 Customer Review)
  • Trillo LX Car Seat - Ember
    £59.50 RRP £70.00 | Saving £10.50
  • Kidfix III S Group 2 / 3 Car Seat - Storm Grey
    £133.00 RRP £190.00 | Saving £57.00
  • Monza Nova 2 Seatfix Car Seat - Aluminium Grey
    £124.99 RRP £179.00 | Saving £54.01
    customer reviews (1 Customer Review)
  • Kidfix III S Group 2 / 3 Car Seat - Cosmos Black
    £133.00 RRP £190.00 | Saving £57.00
    customer reviews (2 Customer Reviews)
  • Kore Pro i-Size Car Seat - Authentic Graphite
    £178.99 RRP £219.00 | Saving £40.01
  • Pallas S-Fix Car Seat - Deep Black
    £229.95 RRP £259.95 | Saving £30.00
  • Discovery SL Car Seat
    From: £64.95 RRP £85.00 | Saving £20.05
    customer reviews (2 Customer Reviews)
  • Kidfix III S Group 2 / 3 Car Seat - Fire Red
    £133.00 RRP £190.00 | Saving £57.00
    customer reviews (1 Customer Review)
  • Kidfix III M Group 2/3 Car Seat - Storm Grey
    customer reviews (1 Customer Review)
  • Kidfix III S Group 2 / 3 Car Seat - Moonlight Blue
    £133.00 RRP £190.00 | Saving £57.00
    customer reviews (1 Customer Review)
  • Kidfix III S Cool Flow Car Seat - Black
    £161.00 RRP £230.00 | Saving £69.00
  • Solution S i-Fix Car Seat - Granite Black
    £139.95 RRP £159.95 | Saving £20.00
  • Grab and Go Booster Seat
    £31.95 RRP £39.95 | Saving £8.00
    customer reviews (2 Customer Reviews)
  • Rodi AirProtect Car Seat - Authentic Graphite
  • Ninja Group 2 3 Car Seat - Candy Unicorn Land
    £54.95 RRP £59.95 | Saving £5.00
  • Adventure Car Seat
    £49.95 RRP £65.00 | Saving £15.05
  • Duallo 2/3 Car Seat
    From: £84.95 RRP £100.00 | Saving £15.05
    customer reviews (12 Customer Reviews)
  • Kidfix2 R Car Seat
    £112.50 RRP £150.00 | Saving £37.50
  • Kidfix III M Group 2/3 Car Seat - Cosmos Black
    customer reviews (2 Customer Reviews)
  • Junior Maxi Group 2 3 Car Seat - Iron
    £29.99 RRP £35.00 | Saving £5.01
  • Junior Maxi Group 2 3 Car Seat - Chili
    £29.99 RRP £35.00 | Saving £5.01
  • Mako Elite Group 2 3 Car Seat - Prime Matt Black
    £169.00 RRP £199.00 | Saving £30.00

Car Seats: Group 2 3

Overview of Group 2 3 Car Seats

From 15 to 36kg (approximately 3 - 12 years old), Group 2/3 car seats will accommodate your little one. The high back booster style car seat offers your child extra height in the back seat. This helps to reduce travel sickness, as well as deep side wings that offer full body support upon any impact. The headrests of car seats in this group are fully adjustable. This allows your munchkin to have a growth spurt without affecting their safety in your vehicle. The seats are commonly adjustable as well, with a lever to increase the seat depth. 

Buyers Guide to Group 2 3 Car Seats

Group 2 3 (15-36kg) Car Seats are available to buy online from all the great brands like BritaxMaxi Cosi and Kiddy. We've compiled a buyers guide to help you in your search for the best car seat for your growing child. This 'Multi-Stage' group includes the last car seat you will need to buy before your little one joins the adults. 

What is a Group 2 3 Car Seat?

Group 2 3 Car Seats are suitable for children from around 3 to 12 years old. These 'Multi-Stage' car seats allow for older children to sit in a high back booster style car seat until they are old enough to join the adults. Despite having to last for approximately 7 years, this car seat group includes some of the cheapest car seats you'll buy. Group 2/3 car seats can come with ISOFIX points or will need to be fitted with a 3-point seat belt. These Car Seats are unlike lower groups as these seats are designed to look much more like cars' standard seats, but with added deep and padded side wings designed to give older children the comfort and protection they need whilst travelling. 

What are my choices for a Group 2 3 Car Seat?

Joie Duallo 2 3 Car Seat

Joie Duallo 2/3 Car Seat

This highly adaptable car seat from Joie is a forward facing seat and is suitable from 15-36kg (approximately 3-12 years old). The Joie Duallo Car Seat is extremely protective and has features purposely designed to keep your child safe. Side impact protection ensures security for your little ones head, body and hips. To install, just place the booster forward facing on the vehicle seat and press the ISOFIX adjusting button to pull out the ISOSAFE connectors. Then, rotate the connectors 180 degrees, and attach the ISOSAFE connectors to the vehicles ISOFIX points. It's as easy as that! Strap your little one in with your cars 3-point seat belt and position the shoulder belt through the belt guide for a safe and secure fit. At a light weight of 6.58kg, this is a brilliant high back booster for your little monster!

Britax Kidfix II XP SICT Car Seat

Britax Kidfix II XP SICT Car Seat

The Britax Kidfix II XP SICT Car Seat is safety you can feel. The Kidfix XP SICT has XP-PAD technology to hold the child close, and the new adjustable SICT protects against side impacts. The ISOFIT system on the Britax Kidfix II XP SICT is safe, secure, and very importantly, incredibly simple! Installation is made easy with Britax's indicators confirming the seat has been correctly installed. The cleverly positioned seat belt guides ensure that the correct positioning of the seat belt is made when strapping your little one in. The softly padded and removable cover is machine washable which is brilliant for those muddy walks out and about. Coming in colours such as Cosmos Black and Storm Grey as well as Flame Red, you won't want to miss this one.  

Maxi Cosi Rodi XP FIX Car Seat

Maxi Cosi Rodi XP FIX Car Seat

This fully adjustable high back booster from Maxi Cosi acts as a suit of armour for your child. The Maxi Cosi Rodi XP FIX Car Seat will connect directly to the chassis of your car with its ISOFIX points, although it can still be installed using the vehicles 3-point seat belt. To route the seat belt, simply follow the red routing guides to strap your little munchkin in securely. Thankfully, the back rest grows with your child in both width and length. This makes it a comfortable, child-friendly high back booster. Add ons for this handy seat include the Maxi-Cosi Pocket which is easy to clip on. 

When is it time for a bigger car seat?

Group 2/3 Car Seats are recognised as being one of the more popular choices for older children these days. The indicators for moving on to this size car seat from Group 1 include when a child's weight is around 15kg and therefore no longer within the weight limit for this group. Also, if they have reached the maximum height for the seat or the adjustable harness doesn't fit anymore as their torso is too high - remember that the harness should be positioned at 2cm above your nipper's shoulder. As well as this, you should move your baby onto the next car seat group when you notice that when seated, their head comes up higher than the protective headrest of the seat (or their eyes are level with the top of the headrest).

Purchase Group 2-3 (15-36kg) child car seats for fantastic prices from all the best brands like Cosatto, Maxi Cosi and Britax. BuggyBaby offer free and fast delivery with a dedicated customer support team should you need any help. 

All you need to know about the UK's Backless Booster Seat Law

The law on backless booster seats in the UK can definitely be confusing. The current law (updated in 2017) stopped manufacturers from creating new booster seats for children shorter than 125cm tall, or weighing less than 22kg. Backless booster seats can still be designed and manufactured, but it will have to be made specifically for children over 125cm (4 ft 1) or heavier than 22kg (3 st. 6.5 lbs). This rule does only apply to brand new products entering the car seat market, so does not affect booster seats bought and used before 2017. Therefore, if you have a backless booster seat that you owned before the law changed, it is still legal to use it. Please note: the new regulation is designed to increase your childs safety. This means that your child will be safer in a high back booster seat!

Should you stop using your backless booster? Evidence shows that high back booster seats offer a higher level of protection. Therefore, high back boosters are highly recommended. Yet, this doesn't mean that backless booster seats aren't safe, as they are still certified as safe, legal and available to buy. The Baby Products Association (BPA) do not plan to completely ban backless booster seats. This is because some parents simply need these booster cushions as they have small cars and travel in taxis, and these are the simplest and cheapest of car seats. They believe a backless booster is better than no child seat at all.