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Bugaboo Pushchairs are instantly recognisable for their style and versatility. We stock the Donkey 3, Fox 2, Bee 5, Cameleon 3 Plus and Ant, giving you plenty of choice whether you're looking for a single pushchair, Twin Pushchair or Lightweight Pushchair.

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  • Fox 2 Pushchair - Black / Mineral Washed Black
    £855.00 RRP £1,095.00 | Saving £240.00
  • Lynx Pushchair - Black / Black
  • Lynx Pushchair - Aluminium / Black
  • Lynx Pushchair - Black / Grey Melange
  • Bee 6 Pushchair - Mineral Washed Black
  • Fox 2 Pushchair - Black / Steel Blue
    £702.05 RRP £995.00 | Saving £292.95
  • Fox 2 Pushchair - Aluminium / Grey Melange
    £665.10 RRP £995.00 | Saving £329.90
  • Cameleon 3 Plus Pushchair - Aluminium / Grey Melange
    £629.95 RRP £675.00 | Saving £45.05
  • Cameleon 3 Plus Pushchair - Black / Black
    £609.19 RRP £675.00 | Saving £65.81
  • Bee 5 Pushchair - Black / Mineral Taupe
    £584.96 RRP £719.00 | Saving £134.04
  • Cameleon 3 Plus Pushchair - Aluminium / Black
    £565.96 RRP £675.00 | Saving £109.04
  • Turtle Air By Nuna Car Seat - Grey Melange
    £162.45 RRP £179.00 | Saving £16.55
  • Turtle Air By Nuna Car Seat - Steel Blue
    £160.00 RRP £179.00 | Saving £19.00
  • Bee 5 / Ant Baby Cocoon - Black
  • Bee 5 Breezy Sun Canopy - Stellar Reflective
    £90.20 RRP £94.95 | Saving £4.75
  • Bee 5 / Ant Baby Cocoon - Grey Melange
    £85.70 RRP £99.95 | Saving £14.25
  • Donkey 3 Pushchair Sun Canopy - Red
    £75.95 RRP £79.95 | Saving £4.00
  • Fox 2 / Cameleon 3 Breezy Sun Canopy - Misty Grey
  • Bee 5 Breezy Sun Canopy - Misty Grey
  • Fox 2 / Cameleon 3 Pushchair Sun Canopy - Fresh White
    £72.20 RRP £79.95 | Saving £7.75
  • Donkey Maxi Cosi Car Seat Adaptor - Duo / Twin
    £64.93 RRP £67.95 | Saving £3.02
  • Donkey Breezy Sun Canopy - Stellar Reflective
    £58.28 RRP £94.95 | Saving £36.67
  • Breezy Seat Liner - Vapor Blue
    £56.95 RRP £59.95 | Saving £3.00
  • Seat Liner - Steel Blue
    £45.08 RRP £49.95 | Saving £4.87


What's The Best Bugaboo? The BuggyBaby Buyer's Guide

Bugaboo is one of the strongest brands in the Pushchair market. Here's why. Firstly, all Bugaboo pushchairs are parent facing from birth, allowing you to interact with your child from day one. Second, they all have reversible seats so you can start off with your child facing you, then switch them to world-facing when they're ready. All Bugaboos have wonderful steering and suspension, meaning they're a dream to manoeuvre. Design-wise, they're built to last. Yes, they're at the pricier end of the market, but you get what you pay for. Finally, they look fantastic, with iconic designs and lots of customisation options to help you express your style and personality.

So which one is right for you? 

Why Choose The Bugaboo Bee 5?

Bugaboo Bee Lifestyle image

Bugaboo Bee 5 is a Lightweight Pushchair, perfect for city life. If you spend your time hopping on and off the tube and bus with baby, or live on a fourth floor flat, then the Bee 5 is perfect for you. It’s very well designed, and is lovely and smooth to push.  We love its fold mechanism, which makes it great on buses and for squeezing in between tables at coffee shops. It’s also the cheapest in the Bugaboo collection, so if you have one child and you’re on a budget, the Bee 5 is a good option. Finally, the Bee 5 looks really funky, with bright colour pop hood options. Create a buzz around town with Bugaboo Bee 5 Pushchair - Black / Black / Sunrise Yellow.

What We Love About The Bugaboo Bee 5

The Bee 5 will lie flat and is reversible, so you can have the seat parent facing with your baby is tiny. It’s nice to be able to see your little one, and switch round when they’re older and want to look out.

It has a compact fold. As a result, it’s ideal for when you have to tackle flights of stairs. You can literally carry it over one arm and baby in the other. It folds down easily and with the seat facing you. You can even turn it into a travel system - which is fab in the first six months. When it’s colder, pop on the footmuff - it clips on under the sun canopy for a glove like fit. Finally, it has a big sun canopy with super sun resistant fabrics to protect your tiny one from harmful rays.

Bugaboo Bee 5: Considerations

The seat of the Bee 5 doesn’t lie completely flat (although it gets very close). So, we advise that you purchase Bee 5 Carrycot Complete which is tailor made for the Bee 5 for the first few months. Read our blog: Do I Need A Carrycot For A Newborn?

Bugaboo Bee 5: Product Spec

Suitable from: Birth to 17kg

Weight with seat: 8.9 kg

Width: 53 cm

Folded dimensions: 90 x 46.5 x 32cm

Car seat compatible: Yes (with adaptors)

Why Choose The Bugaboo Cameleon 3 Plus?

Cameleon 3 Plus is an excellent All Round Pushchair. It has larger wheels than the Bee 5, which make it suitable for tougher terrain. In fact, you won’t do it any damage, even if you take it off road every day when you walk the dog. It’s small enough to be compact for a day out to the zoo but large enough to accommodate all your stuff when out and about. It’s spacious for older babies, and great for newborns with a carrycot - included with Bugaboo Cameleon 3 Plus Pushchair - Black / Black. If you want one single robust pushchair that will last your first baby and subsequent additions to your family, then the Cameleon is the one for you.

What We Love About The Bugaboo Cameleon 3 Plus

The Cameleon 3 Plus is the original parent facing pram that’s amazing to push around. It's robust, and will last and last. It feels strong yet lightweight with foam filled tyres for a dreamy air-like push but without the hassle of having to inflate the tyres. Thanks to its big rear wheels, it’ll also bump nicely up and down the stairs.

It’s really easy to change the Cameleon 3 Plus to suit your look. For example, you can update the style set. which will change the colours of the seat, seat fabric and canopy or just update the hood. There are lots of lovely colours and styles to choose from, ranging from classic grey melange to soft pastels and prints. Bugaboo Cameleon 3 Plus Pushchair Black Chassis - Black is a great starting point when choosing your preferred chassis and colour set options.

Bugaboo Cameleon 3 Plus: Considerations

You can go off road with your Cam. Just make sure you have a big boot, else the wheels will need to come off.

Unlike the other Bugaboos, the Cameleon 3 Plus has two fold modes. Choose the self-standing mode if you'll need to pop the pushchair back up quickly. This mode keeps the wheels attached so it's easier to get through really narrow doorways. Then, if you need to store it in a small car boot or tight storage space, choose the compact fold. The wheels come off, so it's easy to tuck away.

Bugaboo Cameleon 3 Plus: Product Spec

Suitable from: Birth to 17kg

Weight with seat: 9.6 kg

Width: 59 cm

Two-piece fold: 90 x 50 x 31cm

Car seat compatible: Yes (with adaptors)

What’s The Best Bugaboo: Why Choose The Bugaboo Donkey 3?

The Donkey 3 is an amazing piece of design. The chassis converts from single to double pushchair and back again, making it an ideal All Round Pushchair as well as a Twin & Tandem Pushchair. The Donkey 3 is designed for parents with more than one child - or who are thinking of another. It has amazingly flexible seating options so doesn’t restrict you and will work however you want it to. Choose the Donkey 3 if you want a side-by-side double that can parent face, that’s compatible with a car seat and pushes like a dream.

What We Love About The Bugaboo Donkey 3

Versatility. This Dutch brand recognises that families grow and change and consequently don’t want to have to buy a brand new pushchair each time. So what else do we love about the Donkey 3? As well as its flexibility, it’s a good cross between sturdy and lightweight - you don’t want something super heavy when you’re pushing uphill. And of course, it looks gorgeous. Read on to see why the Donkey 3 is the best luxury double pushchair.

Which Donkey 3 is right for you?

Donkey 3 Mono

If you’re planning on an age gap of 2.5 years or less then Bugaboo Donkey 3 Mono Pushchair - Black / Black is the one for you. Enjoy pushing your little one around in style while enjoying all the space that the Donkey 3 provides. For example, there's a 28 litre capacity underseat basket for coats, groceries and baby stuff, while the 18 litre side storage basket is the perfect place for stops at the bakery or flower market. Even better, the side basket comes with a cover, so can be used to keep your valuables safe and close to hand.

Expecting another baby? No problem. The Donkey 3 Mono is designed to turn into a Twin & Tandem pushchair.  

Donkey 3 Duo

Already have a newborn and a toddler? Then the Bugaboo Donkey 3 Duo Pushchair - Black / Black is perfect as it comes with a carrycot and toddler seat ready to go. 

Donkey 3 Twin

Parents of newborn twins? Bugaboo Donkey 3 Twin Pushchair - Black / Black with its two carrycots and double side by side seats is a classic. It allows you to see your babies easily and amuse them both so you can enjoy outings with your twins or twosome. The carrycots are so cosy, too.

Bugaboo Donkey 3: Considerations

Is the Donkey 3 a big pushchair? If you want a side by side, then the Donkey 3 is as narrow as it gets (especially if you want reversible seats). In fact, with both side by side toddler seats on the frame, the Donkey 3 measures only 74cm - narrow enough to fit through standard sized doorways.  

Bugaboo Donkey 3: Product Spec

Suitable from: Birth to 17kg (max 17kg per seat)

Weight with seat: 13kg

Width: Mono 60cm, Duo 74cm, Twin 74cm

Folded dimensions: 90 x 60 x 24 cm

Car seat compatible: Yes (with adaptors)

Why Choose The Bugaboo Fox?

The Fox is an All Round Pushchair. The latest addition to the Bugaboo family, it's the brand's best performance pushchair, suitable for everything from bumpy pavements to stairs. It’s not a Lightweight Pushchair like the Bee 5, but is aimed at suburban parents that use the car to get places and want to go exploring with their baby when they get there. If you're looking for a luxury pushchair that's practical without being princess-y, the Fox is a great bet.

What We Love About The Bugaboo Fox

In one word: performance! The Fox is designed to offer the best drive and ride experience of all the Bugaboo range. Bugaboo Fox Pushchair Aluminium Chassis - Black / Grey Melange is a gorgeous colour option which, like the rest of the All Round Pushchairs in the Fox collection, has the new central joint suspension which delivers a smooth and bump free ride across different terrain. It’s travel system compatible, so is ace for the first 9 months. Use the carrycot for walks, then pop your car seat using Bugaboo’s adaptors.

The seat is also completely lie-flat, meaning that it’s suitable for your newborn from birth. The shopping basket is really spacious with a mesh that goes across the entire width of the pushchair. Like all Bugaboos, the child seat is seriously roomy and in this case sits pretty high too - she or he will feel royal in it!

The big front wheels indicates that Bugaboo Fox is an all-terrain pushchair. Like the Cameleon 3 Plus, it’s suitable for those muddy walks but has slightly bigger tyres for an even smoother ride. We also love the fold, which is activated when you press on the button either side of the handle. The Fox is also very easy to customise. You can update the canopy, seat/bassinet, apron and handlebar grips and wheel caps to create an individual look.

Finally we love that parts of the Fox are made from recycled bottles. A tick in the box for environmentally conscious parents.

Bugaboo Fox: Considerations

The Fox is an All Round Pushchair. If you spend a lot of time on public transport, then a Lightweight Pushchair, such as the Bugaboo Bee, is a better choice.

Bugaboo Fox: Product Spec

Suitable from: Birth to 17kg

Weight with seat: 9.9 kg

Width: 60 cm

Folded dimensions: 66 x 54 x 19 cm

Car seat compatible: Yes (with adaptors)

Not sure whether you need a Fox or a Cameleon 3 Plus?

Cameleon 3 Plus review will help you decide. Read Bugaboo Fox vs Cameleon 3

What Bugaboo Accessories Do I Need?

Now that you’ve chosen your precious Bugaboo, complete the look with the fabulous range of Pushchair Accessories

Starting with Changing Bags: the 12kg Bugaboo Mammoth Bag - Black attaches to your Fox, Cameleon 3 Plus and Buffalo. It has sleek magnetic closures and attaches to your Bugaboo via a ‘grab and go’ system makes it easy to pop on and off the pushchair. Perfect for groceries, keys and baby bits, it’s the perfect finishing touch to your Bugaboo.

Need to keep a preschooler on their toes while you push your baby? Bugaboo Comfort Wheeled Board+ lets your child ride on any Bugaboo pushchair with or without adaptors. Perfect for the school run.

Turn your Bugaboo into a travel system. Bugaboo Donkey Duo / Twin Maxi Cosi Car Seat Adaptors let you attach your car seat onto your Bugaboo Donkey 3 Duo Pushchair or Bugaboo Donkey 3 Twin.

And finally. Treat little feet to a fabulous Bugaboo footmuff. Compatible with any Bugaboo pushchair, they feature a soft breathable inner lining to keep your little one at perfect temperature. Choose from an array of gorgeous of shades to complement or contrast with your pushchair.

From classic Bugaboo Footmuff - Black and the sophisticated Bugaboo Footmuff - Grey Melange to pastel Bugaboo Footmuff - Soft Pink - it's the perfect finishing touch.


Why Choose The Bugaboo Ant?

The Bugaboo Ant is Bugaboo’s travel pushchair. When folded, this pushchair, with its hard outer shell and wheel-along trolley mode, looks more like a stylish luggage item than a stroller. 

Unfold, and you have a light yet sturdy ultra-compact pushchair that’s ideal for travelling with kids in tow. 

It’s lightweight of course, at just 7.2kg, and folds to just 55 x 38 x 23. Despite its diminutive appearance, the Ant can carry your child from 6 months all the way up to 23kg. In fact, it’s suitable from birth when used with the optional Bugaboo Bee 5 / Ant Baby Cocoon - Black.

Plus, what really makes the Ant extra special is its reversible seat. This allows your child to face you, or face the world - perfect for those early days when they need extra reassurance, and for later, when they are building in confidence. 

To reverse the seat, simply lift it up, switch the direction and click smoothly in place. The Ant also offers lots of optional accessories to keep your baby in ultimate comfort when you’re away on holiday. For example, the Bugaboo Ant Footmuff - Black is perfect for trips to colder climes.

Bugaboo Ant: Product Spec

Suitable from: 6 months to 22kg

Weight: 7.2kg

Width: 40.08cm

Folded dimensions: Folded dimensions (length x width x height): 23 x 38 x 55 cm

Car seat compatible: Yes, please check compatibility

We hope you have enjoyed reading the BuggyBaby guide to What's The Best Bugaboo. Great prices and competitive delivery at BuggyBaby.