Phil & Teds Navigator 08/09/2013
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Phil & Teds Navigator Review

Phil & Teds Navigator Review   For a review of the latest model please see; Phil & Teds Navigator V2   The Phil & Teds Navigator is a three wheel, all terrain pushchair. It is a narrow 59cms yet can accommodate two children using the Phil & Teds Navigator Double Kit. So you can have the normal pushchair for one, normal pushchair with double kit for two or pushchair with carrycot and double kit for two. We tested it on a newly harvested field and thought it did a pretty good job. We... Read More

Goodbye Aupair, Farewell Friend

This afternoon we took our au-pair for lunch at the local pub, a farewell lunch as she leaves next week back to Italy before starting at University. I lost count of how many times we said the last year has gone by so quickly.  Lala has become a member of our family. A big sister to our kids, a little sister to me,

Returning to work after maternity leave

Even if you’re starting to go bananas being at home 24/7, going back to work after maternity leave can be an an emotional and difficult transition. To help navigate some of the challenges, I’ve rounded up the best advice from working moms to help make the transition as smooth as possible.

Family Camping in the UK

Since any travelling this summer is off the cards, I’ve been looking into alternative holidays for our family. I came across  Cool Camping.co.uk, which lists the best UK campsites and was instantly swept away by so many gorgeous campsites hidden in the UK countryside

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Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle Review

Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle Review   For a review of the latest model please see; Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle 2015   The Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle is an all-terrain buggy. We enjoyed testing it on our newly harvested field and were impressed with the results. The Urban Jungle is a three wheeler with a forward facing seat. It has pneumatic tyres which allow it to provide a smooth ride, and with a locked wheel position can withstand some pretty rough ground. Suitable from birth, the Urban Jungle’s weight capacity holds up to... Read More

Babys 1st Birthday Party

Our baby’s first birthday is looming and whilst I want to make a big fuss over it, my husband has been the voice of reason and may just have a point. After all, the baby is not going to remember it and we might just overwhelm him if we go too crazy.


Infant Potty Training

If you’re about to have a baby or know someone who is, you’ve gotta hear about this I didn’t know if it would be possible to potty train an infant even though I had read about it.But my mum taught me (and her mum taught her) and I can tell you now that it really works.