BABYZEN YOYO 2 Pushchair Review

BABYZEN YOYO 2 Pushchair Review takes look at the very latest baby from the YOYO family. Take a look at BABYZEN YOYO 2 Pushchair Black Chassis And 6+ Colour Pack

BABYZEN YOYO 2 Pushchair - Black Chassis



BABYZEN YOYO 2 Pushchair is perfect if you:

  • want a very light, compact pushchair – weighs just over 6kg
  • plan to travel a lot with your baby – ideal for air travel
  • live in a town / city – fold in a flash, carry over one arm
BABYZEN YOYO 2 Pushchair White Chassis And 6+ Colour Pack in Aqua

BABYZEN YOYO 2 Pushchair White Chassis And 6+ Colour Pack in Aqua

BABYZEN YOYO 2 Pushchair Review – At A Glance

The BABYZEN YOYO 2 is the follow-up to the highly popular BABYZEN YOYO+. Based in Aix-en Provence, Paris, BABYZEN is a French company that sells lightweight baby strollers.

The YOYO 2, released spring 2020, replaces the original YOYO+ frame, which is now discontinued. Like the original, the frame still comes in 2 colours – black and white. Read on to learn why we love this mini wonder!

Is BABYZEN YOYO 2 Suitable For Newborns?

It certainly is. The YOYO 2 is suitable from birth all the way to 22kg. This is an improvement on the previous model (up to 18kg) and puts it in the same ‘max weight’ category as larger All Round Pushchairs such as the UPPAbaby Vista 2019.

The YOYO 2 offers two chassis configurations to make it suitable for babies of different sizes. To use from birth, you’ll need to purchase the BABYZEN YOYO Newborn Pack, which consists of a flat nest, safety harness, canopy, foot cover and a headrest. Simply purchase the BABYZEN YOYO 2 Pushchair – White Chassis and your choice of colour pack, such as the BABYZEN YOYO Newborn Pack – Aqua: to get the look below:

BABYZEN YOYO Newborn Pack - Aqua

YOYO 2 Pushchair – White Chassis with Newborn Pack in Aqua

Once your baby reaches the 6 month mark, simply swap the newborn nest for the BABYZEN YOYO 6+ Colour Pack. This comprises a seat pad and extendable sun canopy, and allows you to seat your baby in safety up to 22kg.

BABYZEN YOYO 2 Pushchair White Chassis and 6+ Colour Pack

BABYZEN YOYO 2 Pushchair White Chassis and 6+ Colour Pack in Taupe

Can I Use YOYO+ Newborn And Colour Packs With BABYZEN YOYO 2?

Yes. The newborn and colour packs haven’t changed – they’re exactly the same from the YOYO+ to the YOYO 2.

Of course, you can buy an all-in-one set. BABYZEN YOYO 2 Pushchair Black Chassis With Newborn And 6+ Colour Pack gives you everything you need to transport your baby from zero to 22kg. Simply choose from a black or white chassis and preferred shade of newborn and colour pack.

BABYZEN YOYO 2 Pushchair Black Chassis With Newborn And 6+ Colour Pack

BABYZEN YOYO 2 Pushchair Black Chassis With Newborn And 6+ Colour Pack in Ginger

BABYZEN YOYO 2 Review: Look & Feel

We love how this stroller looks. Its neat chassis curves are modern and sporty, while the fabrics come in lovely colours ranging from classic black and toffee through to colourful peppermint and aqua. Plus with a choice of either black or a white chassis, you can mix it up some more. Not only this, with its new handlebar in soft faux leather, the YOYO 2 is even more pleasant to steer.

Is BABYZEN YOYO 2 Easy To Fold?

Oh yes. The YOYO 2 pushchair folds and unfolds in a flash, regardless of whether you’ve installed the 0+ pack or the 6+ pack. With the BABYZEN YOYO Newborn Pack installed, you can fold and unfold with one hand, leaving your other hand free to attend to your little one.

Folding it with the BABYZEN YOYO 6+ Colour Pack on top is just as simple. Once folded, you can pop it over your shoulder for convenience, or tuck it in the car boot, storage compartment of a bus, train or taxi. You can even bring it onboard a plane (just make sure to check your cabin requirements before travelling). The latest version of the YOYO also comes with extra padding on the shoulder strap, which is a nice touch as it’s easier and more pleasant to carry.


We love the new faux leather handlebar which adds a touch of class to the pushchair. Its deep U shape makes the YOYO 2 easy to steer one-handed.


The YOYO 2 features 4 wheel suspension with Hytrel elastomer technology. This makes the stroller feel much more flexible and bouncy when pushing and is better able to navigate different surfaces. Plus there’s a new safety wrist strap in the middle of the handlebar for extra security when out strolling.

How Much Can BABYZEN YOYO 2 Store?

The basket can take up to 5kg and is easy to access whether from the front or the back. It’s not massive, but you can add much more to your load via the BABYZEN YOYO Rolling Bag.

Is BABYZEN YOYO 2 Comfortable For Baby?


The 5 point harness features large shoulder pads, which feel nice and wide to keep your baby secure without rubbing. We adjusted both the height and the width settings; the buckles slid nice and smoothly. The oversized clasp buckle makes it easy to do up and the sides press open and shut with a satisfying snap.


The seat fabric of the newborn pack is designed to keep your little one really safe and comfy from the day that they are born.

The BABYZEN YOYO Newborn Pack consists of a cocoon, which slots onto the chassis and allows your baby to lie completely flat. The fabrics are nicely stitched and the inner feels really cosy. We also really like the fleece edging which helps to keep the cold weather out. The fabric is made from anti UV fabric, which is UPF50+ as well as being waterproof.

Inside the cocoon is a reinforced mattress for baby to lie on, which feels nice and supportive. The same goes for the padded head cushion. The hood pops up into two positions, providing decent coverage and protection from the elements.

The BABYZEN YOYO 6+ Colour Pack contains the same textiles but engineered for an older baby that spends more time sitting up. The colour pack looks fantastic.

Is The BABYZEN YOYO 2 Car Seat Compatible?

Yes. It fits with lots of different car seats via adaptors. These include the YOYO Car Seat by BeSafe; BeSafe; BeSafe iZi Go Modular x1 i-Size; Cybex Anton Q; Cybex CLOUD Z i-Size Car Seat; Maxi Cosi Bebe Confort and Maxi Cosi Pebble Pro i-Size Car Seat.

Maxi Cosi Pebble Pro i-Size Car Seat – Essential Black Is Compatible With The YOYO 2 Pushchair

BABYZEN YOYO 2 Pushchair Review: Other Things We Love

Lightweight but strong

This is the main reason to buy this stroller. At just over 6kg, it’s a real featherweight. So it’s ideal for city slickers, globe trotters, or simply those parents that like to travel light.

 Compatibility with YOYO+

We like the fact that all BABYZEN products and accessories that previously fitted the old YOYO also fit the YOYO 2. However if you need a raincover for the 6+ pack, then you’ll need to purchase this separately (it no longer comes with the pushchair chassis, like it did with the YOYO +).

Range of accessories

There are LOADS to choose from. For sunny days, you’ll love the BABYZEN YOYO Parasol 2019, available in lots of colours to mix or match with your stroller. For when it’s cool, you’ve got the BABYZEN YOYO Footmuff, complete with reversible hood and a fully detachable top cover.

BABYZEN YOYO Footmuff - Aqua

BABYZEN YOYO Footmuff – Aqua

We particularly rate the BABYZEN YOYO Rolling Bag. This hooks onto the pushchair giving you an extra 1kg storage, and has its own wheel to ensure that the pushchair doesn’t tip up.

BABYZEN YOYO Rolling Bag adds extra storage space and wheels along as you push the stroller.

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