April 2020


Elvie Pelvic Floor Trainer Review

Elvie Pelvic Floor Trainer Review learns why the new pelvic floor trainer from Elvie could offer a lifeline for women with pelvic organ prolapse.     Elvie Pelvic Floor Trainer is perfect if you: experience mild/early signs of pelvic organ prolapse following childbirth know you should be doing Kegel exercises, but struggle to know how to do them correctly want to build a stronger pelvic floor What Is Elvie Pelvic Floor Trainer? Elvie Pelvic Floor Trainer is a hi-tech innovation that aims to help women to build a stronger pelvic... Read More


Babywearing at Home

Babywearing at home is just one of the most lovely things you can do with a newborn. From doing the housework to exercise: a Baby Carrier makes life indoors so much more enjoyable. Our friends at Ergobaby have come up with their top reasons for babywearing at home. Plus, we suggest some gorgeous products to tempt you with!     Babywearing at home is ideal for: Getting things done around the home Interacting and soothing your baby Fitting in some daily exercise Helping you succeed with breastfeeding Babywearing indoors helps... Read More


BABYZEN YOYO 2 Pushchair Review

BABYZEN YOYO 2 Pushchair Review takes look at the very latest baby from the YOYO family. Take a look at BABYZEN YOYO 2 Pushchair Black Chassis And 6+ Colour Pack     BABYZEN YOYO 2 Pushchair is perfect if you: want a very light, compact pushchair – weighs just over 6kg plan to travel a lot with your baby – ideal for air travel live in a town / city – fold in a flash, carry over one arm BABYZEN YOYO 2 Pushchair Review – At A Glance The BABYZEN... Read More