Giving A Baby A Bath

Giving Baby A Bath

Giving baby a bath is fun and easy with the right baby bathing products and baby bathing accessories. From wash and dry to everything in between: BuggyBaby team take you through the best Bathing products.

Baby Bathing Products

The best baby baths for newborns

For stress-free bath time, you need a baby bath. Aqua Scale Baby Bath is the best out there, with a digital temperature gauge so you can serve up the perfect amount of watery warmth. It even takes your baby’s weight while in the bath, so there’s no more trying to pop a wriggly baby on the regular scales. Its ergonomic design creates a cosy cocoon around your little one with a very good support seat.



Aqua Scale Baby Bath

If you’re on more of a budget, then Badabulle Fun Ergonomic Bath Tub – White is a good bet. Its ergonomic design is a nice shape for little ones. Simply fill up with water at the ideal temperature for baby bath – that’s around 37 degrees – then place on the Babymoov Aquanest Bathstand And Draining Pipe (available separately) to raise it to a comfy height. Once bathtime is over, simply drain off into your main bath using the pipe provided. This is so much easier on your back than having to lift and tip the water away. Not keen on using your elbow to take the bath temperature? The Babymoov Baby Personal Care And Grooming Kit comes with a specific bath thermometer as well as loads of other grooming essentials.

Badabulle Fun Ergonomic Bath Tub - Blue

Bumbo Elipad – making bathtime easier for parents

Giving baby a bath can be something to endure rather than enjoy – especially for parents that are forced to kneel on the bathroom floor! Enter the Bumbo Elipad. This knee-saving gizmo is made from super soft padding with open cell technology that act like a sponge on your knees. Simply place on the bathroom floor and kneel on its soft, grippy surface to enjoy bathing without the ouch factor.

It’s not just for the bathroom either – use as a protective layer when kneeling on a hard floor during play, or let baby take a turn and sit on it when playing. The cute elephant design is the perfect shape for little bottoms to sit on!



Bumbo Elipad

Stuck without a bath? Try an inflatable!

Heading out on holiday? Giving baby a bath can lead to squeals of distress rather than joy if the place you’re staying in only has a shower or deep adult bath. That’s why we love Babymoov 2 in 1 Inflatable Travel Bath.  This bathtime accessory packs flat for travel and storage, and is simple to inflate when you need it. At 68 x 40 cm, it provides plenty of space for your baby to have a lovely splash and includes an inflatable seat to support baby’s back.

Babymoov 2 in 1 Inflatable Travel Bath

Bubbles make bathtime fun

Make bathtime fun for both of you with a play item designed specially for water play. The Chicco Bubble Island Bath Toy floats on the water, and features a slide with lots of cute characters to whizz into the water. With paddles to turn, it’ll stimulate your baby’s hand-eye coordination. And your baby will have hours of fun squeezing the red octopus and giggling at the bubbles that erupt from the volcano in the middle.

Bubble Island Bath Toy


Dry your baby in the cutest towel

Once bathtime is over, you’ll want to get your little one out, warm and dry as quickly as possible. A hooded towel such as Snuz Baby Hooded Towel – Rose Wave is the perfect size and shape for little ones. The soft micro cotton inner and jersey outer is gentle on baby’s skin, yet absorbent to get them dry and into clothes more quickly. Of course, the ears on the hood are super cute too.

Snuz Baby Hooded Towel - Rose Wave

Baby Bathing Accessories

Trim tiny toes with ease

Now that baby’s out of the bath, it’s time to cut the tiniest nails in the world… make it easier with a custom made pair of clippers including in the Babymoov Baby Personal Care And Grooming Kit.

This medicine cabinet essential brings together everything you need in one handy case. It’s a really lovely Gift Idea for a parent to be, as well as providing lots of essentials without having to buy them all separately. For example, as well as nail clippers and a bath thermometer, you’ll get a digital thermometer for checking out feverish foreheads, a teething ring, gum massager, hairbrushes – even a nose cleaner to help your baby breathe easy.

Babymoov Baby Personal Care And Grooming Kit

Step up to grooming & brushing

Ideal for older babies verging on toddlerhood, the Safety First Double Step Stool is ideal from 18 months upwards. Use to help your little one reach the bathroom sink so that they can wash hands and help them brush their teeth during the early years.

Safety First Double Step Stool

And So To Bed.

If your little one is feeling sleepy after that lovely bath, then help create the perfect cocoon for naptime with Sleepyhead Deluxe Plus Baby Pod – Celestial Blue – many more beautiful colours available.

Sleepyhead Deluxe Plus Baby Pod - Celestial Blue



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