Bugaboo Ant Pushchair Review

Bugaboo Ant Pushchair Review

Bugaboo Ant Pushchair Review takes a deep dive into Bugaboo’s new Lightweight Pushchair to see how it scores for value, looks, functionality, comfort – plus any bonus points that our team of experts deem worth having.

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Bugaboo Ant Pushchair Black Chassis - Black



Overall BuggyBaby rating

The Bugaboo Ant is the latest lightweight pushchair to land from the iconic Bugaboo brand. At just 7.2kg, it’s certainly light, strong, and ideal for travelling parents. But its complex build and narrow seat may be too much for some.

Value: 5/10

Looks: 4/10

Function: 5/10

Comfort: 8/10

Bonus: 7/10

Overall BuggyBaby rating: 58%

Bugaboo Ant Pushchair Review – At A Glance

The Bugaboo Ant landed towards the end of 2019 and is marketed as the ultimate travel companion. It’s aimed at mums (and dads) on the go, whether that be hopping on a plane to visit relatives or a bring-baby-along business trip. It transforms from wheely-case to pushchair in a flash and comes with functional looks to appeal to busy parents. Most definitely a Lightweight Pushchair at just over 7kg, it’s compact and certainly different. But how does it fare in our review? Our testers put it through its paces.

Bugaboo Ant Pushchair Black Chassis - Black


The Ant certainly isn’t cheap, and there are certainly cheaper compact pushchairs available. That said, it’s Bugaboo, so to be expected. The company has always positioned itself at the luxury/high end of the market, and no doubt people will be happy to pay for the name. Based on value for money alone, it gets 4/10 from our testers.


The Bugaboo Ant’s no-frills looks aren’t for everyone. Bugaboo started life as a luggage company and its heritage is very evident in the Ant. When folded, the Ant looks like its namesake, with a tough outer shell and deep insect-like panels. It’s certainly not pretty.

Bugaboo Ant Pushchair Aluminium Chassis - Black

Once unfolded, the biggest design feature is the large side panels. They are intentionally functional and core to the design. In fact Bugaboo states on its website that they support the unique suspension and that the Ant would not work without them. If you’re really not keen on grey, then you can customise your Ant by purchasing different coloured panels direct from the brand. Overall, we think its looks merit 5/10.

Bugaboo Ant Pushchair Black Chassis - Black



Like all Bugaboos, the Ant comes in separate parts that you have to put together. This took our team a little while to figure out (and they’ve constructed a few in their time). That said, once it’s done, it’s done, and the Ant feels very sturdy once it’s built.


The Bugaboo Ant weighs just 7.2kg, which easily makes it Bugaboo’s lightest stroller and one of the lightest in its class. It’s also super compact when folded at just 55 x 38 x 23 cm. There’s no carry handle to add extra weight or bulk. Instead, you can pull it along suitcase-style with the handlebar extended. So it’s really easy to transport when packing everything up for your holiday.

Bugaboo Ant Pushchair Black Chassis - Black


The Ant is quick and easy to unfold and folds flat, even with the seat on. So it’s perfect when you’re faced with a delay at the airport or train station and need to provide your baby with a place to sleep. Plus, its ‘footrest’ acts as a self stand once folded, which is handy when you’re feeding your baby at the cafe waiting for your flight to arrive. However, the fold can feel clunky which is why it loses points.

Bugaboo Ant Pushchair Black Chassis - Black


The handlebar pulls out at two different heights so most people should be comfy enough. The handlebar loop ensures that you remain a firm grip over the Ant (and your baby) at all times. Again the handlebar extension isn’t as smooth as it could be.


The Ant has a nice light push that is perfect for trekking around town and across the airport or rail concourse. The wheels are small and roll smoothly.

Bugaboo Ant Pushchair Black Chassis - Black


The Ant has a surprisingly roomy under seat basket for such a small pushchair, so you shouldn’t have any trouble carrying your baby things and a few of your own.

Bugaboo Ant Pushchair Black Chassis - Black


There’s also a rear luggage basket for those extra souvenirs you pick up on the way. Together you can carry an extra 8kg without the Ant tipping up.

Bugaboo Ant Pushchair Black Chassis - Black




The Ant has a supportive harness that’s ideal for growing babies and a backrest that starts out at 41 cm / 16.1″. This extends to 56cm / 22″ when fully extended.  Bugaboo Ant is suitable for children up to 23kg, which is around aged 2.

Bugaboo Ant Pushchair Black Chassis - Black

The supportive backrest is actually integrated into the seat. As a result, it encourages your child to sit up straight without slumping when you’re out and about. This is a real bonus for a travel pushchair and the Ant scores highly here.


The only downside is the seat, which is pretty narrow. You may find that older babies struggle to keep their arms within the seat’s parameters. However it’s no problem for smaller babies.

On the plus side, the Ant’s seat reclines into three different positions to suit your baby’s mood. These go from upright to near-flat. Note that you can’t recline the seat fully when in outward facing mode, but other than that, you’ve plenty of flexibility. It’s perfect for when you’re on a day sightseeing and want to keep your baby in their sleep routine.

Bugaboo Ant Pushchair Black Chassis - Black




We line up the unique points of the Bugaboo Ant to showcase how it’s different from all the other pushchairs in its class.

Two Way Seat

The main selling point (apart from its size) is the Ant’s reversible seat. We’ve not come across many (any?) pushchairs of this size that allow you to switch between parent and world facing.

To reverse the seat, first pop the brake on. The brake is nice and sturdy with a white finish that’s easy to see. Then pull up the white button, fold the canopy, squash the sides together then tuck the fabric up. Fold up the base to create a neat package then pull the seat out and push back down again in the reverse direction before unfolding the seat in the other direction.

Bugaboo Ant Pushchair Black Chassis - Black


A great range of bespoke Pushchair Accessories are available to buy separately including the Bugaboo Ant Raincover, Bugaboo Ant Organiser and Bugaboo Ant Footmuff.

You can even add a Car Seat. Slot in Bugaboo Ant Car Seat Adaptors and you can turn your travel companion into a full Pushchair Travel System. It’s compatible with lots of leading car seat brands like Nuna. Just make sure to remove the car seat adaptors before you fold the Ant. As mentioned above, the Bugaboo Bee 5 / Ant Baby Cocoon – Grey Melange is also ideal for newborns. The Ant is also compatible with a range of generic Bugaboo accessories, such as the Bugaboo Cup Holder.

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