Pushchair Buyers Guide

BuggyBaby Pushchair Buyers Guide:

How To Choose The Perfect Pushchair

This pushchair buyers guide is designed to help you select the right pushchair. Whether you are new to the parenting game, or already have a bubba in tow, we’re confident you’ll enjoy reading all about the different pushchairs that are available. The BuggyBaby team gives you the lowdown on choosing the best set of wheels for your baby. Talking of wheels…

Pushchair Buyers Guide: How Much Do You Use Your Car?

If you’re constantly in and out of the car, a pushchair travel system could be the perfect choice. The definition of a ‘pushchair travel system’ means a buggy with a clip-on Group 0+ car seat. Generally, a pushchair travel system can be used until your child is 13kg, or around one year old. However, many models will see your baby from birth through to three years old, and some come with a carrycot that can even replace the need for a Moses basket.

Read our blog: Do I Need A Carrycot For A Newborn? to find out the benefits of buying a carrycot.

Pushchair Buyers Guide: How Big Is Your Car?

If you drive, and you’re planning to take your pushchair travel system out for longer journeys and away on holiday, then you’ll need to check that the pushchair travel system will fit comfortably in your car. Most people like to stow the folded down chassis in their car boot, leaving the back seat free for baby’s Group 0+ car seat

So, before you buy, make sure to cross check the dimensions of the folded-down chassis with the area of your car boot. Will it fit? Also bear in mind what else you’ll need to fit into the car – a travel cot for example, and don’t forget your own stuff, too! That said, many of today’s pushchair travel systems are designed to be compact, so just because you have a small car doesn’t mean you can’t buy one – just make sure to do your measurements first.

What’s The Best Pushchair Travel System?

Ickle Bubba Stomp v3 Travel System delivers everything you need to be safe and comfortable when travelling with your baby. The stylish seat unit can face back or forward, and has multiple recline positions to keep baby happy whether asleep or awake. The Ickle Bubba Stomp v3 Travel System includes the fantastic Ickle Bubba Galaxy Car Seat with foot warmer and hood; it also includes an Isofix car seat base and adaptors. All this, plus a carrycot and two sun visors for the car makes this pushchair travel system fantastic value for money.

Ickle Bubba Stomp v3 Travel System - Graphite/Black Chassis

Ickle Bubba Stomp v3 Travel System – Graphite/Black Chassis

Ickle Bubba Stomp v3 Travel System - Graphite/Black Chassis





Pushchair Buyers Guide: Using Public Transport

Are you a bus hopper? A lightweight pushchair that’s easy to fold is essential if you’re going to be hopping on and off public transport regularly. If you can, try before you buy. Test it out on a small flight of stairs, or with another bag under your arm. Can you lift it with one hand? If not, think before you buy. The good news is that lightweight pushchairs have come a long way lately, with lots of features and added extras for comfort. Don’t forget that newborns need to lie totally flat for their first 4-6 months, so choose a model with a seat that goes all the way back if you’re buying for a brand new baby!

Joie Nitro Pushchair – Skewed Lines Blue is a fantastic example of a lightweight pushchair that’s perfect for urban living. It’s great value and looks great, too.

Joie Nitro Pushchair - Skewed Lines Blue

Joie Nitro Pushchair – Skewed Lines Blue


Joie Nitro Pushchair - Skewed Lines Blue




How Long Do You Need The Pushchair To Last?

Is this pushchair just for the newborn months, or well into toddler-hood? If you’re looking for longevity, a modern pram that converts into a pushchair means that one purchase is good for all your baby’s stages. Many of these have reversible seats too, so that your baby can face you for lots of eye contact and reassurance at the beginning. Then, as your little one gets more curious, you can turn the seat around so they can look out at the world.

Remember that some components, like infant car seats, won’t last beyond your baby’s first birthday. A standard buggy or stroller is the best value for money if your child has already passed the baby stage and is a fully fledged toddler. Phil & Teds Go Pushchair has a reversible seat and folds down to 54 x 44 x 19, making it a sure fire winner for parents that love to get out with their baby.

Phil & Teds Go Pushchair - Cherry

Phil & Teds Go Pushchair – Cherry


Phil & Teds Go Pushchair - Cherry




Who Else Will Use Your Pushchair?

Pushchairs aren’t just for mums and dads, of course – grandparents and childminders are all likely to take your baby for a walk. Is your pushchair likely to be pushed by other people? Then height-adjustable handles make pushing more comfortable for everyone. It’s worth taking style into account too – will you turn heads with a pattern print pushchair or keep it neutral with classic black or taupe?

Best for prints & patterns – Cosatto Woosh Pushchair – Fjord

Cosatto Woosh Pushchair – Fjord is a popular lightweight pushchair with a fun yet subtle print to brighten up rainy days. If you want to put personality into parenting, then Cosatto pushchairs with their lively designs, are perfect for you.

Cosatto Woosh Pushchair - Fjord

Cosatto Woosh Pushchair – Fjord

Cosatto Woosh Pushchair - Fjord





Best pushchair for neutrals: If sleek and understated is more your thing, then the Joie Brisk LX Pushchair – Pavement is a great choice. As well as being a great lightweight pushchair, it comes with a matching raincover and footmuff too for extra value points.

Joie Brisk LX Pushchair - Pavement

Joie Brisk LX Pushchair – Pavement


Joie Brisk LX Pushchair




Pushchair Buyers Guide: Which Is The Best Pushchair For Holidays?

A small, lightweight pushchair is a must for the family that loves to travel. Whether you’re planning global trips or a simple stay-cation, a compact travel pushchair will give you the freedom to explore. The best pushchair for holidays has to be the Mountain Buggy Nano v2 Travel Stroller. This brilliant model folds down in just two buttons and fits perfectly into its custom travel bag. Simply sling it over your shoulder when not in use and unfold with one flick from the handle. Brilliant! It’s suitable for use from 6 months – 4 years (20kg) or birth in lie flat mode with the use of a Mountain Buggy Cocoon (sold separately).


Mountain Buggy Nano V2 Pushchair

Mountain Buggy Nano V2 Pushchair


Mountain Buggy Nano V2 Pushchair


How Much Should I Spend On A Pushchair?

There’s a huge choice of wheels out there – along with a huge range in price tags! Ultimately it comes down to the features you’re looking for. You can spend under £100 on a basic pushchair, but if you’ve got your heart set on a higher-spec set of wheels, say with a reversible lie-flat seat unit and/or carrycot, it’ll cost more. In addition, basic pushchairs are less likely to be compatible with a pushchair travel-system. If you want the flexibility to move your sleeping child from car to pushchair, just make sure to factor this into the cost.

And don’t forget, as your baby grows, your needs will change. A larger pram-style model is perfect for the early days and those leisurely strolls in the park, but once baby’s old enough to sit up on their own, you may find that a lightweight pushchair is more convenient.

Pushchair Buyers Guide: How Big Is Your Family?

If you have more than one in tow, then a twin & tandem pushchair is a must. There are several variations on the theme, allowing you to pick the pushchair that suits the age of the children in your growing family.

Tandem Pushchair: Best for Baby + Toddler

If you’re expecting twins or your children are very close in age, you’ll need a twin or tandem pushchair. Tandem pushchairs, where the seats are laid out one in front of the other, are ideal for siblings that are close in age. They typically consist of a seat unit for the older child, with space for a carrycot for a newborn underneath. Often, the carrycot is switched for a second seat unit to accommodate the younger child as he or she grows up.

Nuna Demi Grow Pushchair converts from a single to a double with just a few clicks. A fantastic invention that saves you having to buy a whole new pushchair! This wonderful pushchair comes with a raincover, footmuff and removable basket. It’s available in a range of calm colours that will suit the modern mum and dad.

Nuna Demi Grow Pushchair - Aspen

Nuna Demi Grow Pushchair – Aspen


Nuna Demi Grow Pushchair - Aspen




Double Pushchair: Best for Twins

On the other hand, side-by-side or traditional double buggies are usually best for children of the same age – so are perfect for twins that are used to sitting next to each other and won’t fight to go in the front!

Out n About Nipper Double v4 Pushchair is an award-winning pushchair that manages to combine the best of both worlds. It two seats have a lie-flat function, so are perfect for newborn twins, yet the seat units are also capable of carrying older children so will work if you have a bigger age gap. The Out n About Nipper Double v4 Pushchair comes in a range of fabulous unisex colours and is surprisingly lightweight for a twin & tandem pushchair at 12.8kg.



Double Nipper V4- Raven Black (2)

Out n About Out n About Nipper Double v4 Pushchair


Joie Brisk LX Pushchair





Pushchair + Buggyboard: Best for Baby + Preschooler
If you have a preschooler that’s generally capable of walking to school but also a baby in tow, then there’s another great solution. A pushchair buggy board – like a skateboard that attaches to the chassis – allows your big kid to walk when they want to, then hop on for a ride when their legs tire out. Just make sure to check that your buggy board of choice is compatible with your pushchair, as not all are.

UPPAbaby Cruz Piggyback is a great way to encourage your toddler to walk independently while ensuring they’re not too tired when they arrive at their destination.


UPPAbaby Cruz PiggyBack


UPPAbaby Cruz PiggyBack




Pushchair Buyers Guide: Do I Need Pushchair Accessories?

Pushchair accessories will make your life as a parent much more enjoyable. Little touches, like a raincover, will save your sanity when the Great British Weather decides to do its worst, while a decent sun canopy, such as the Out n About Nipper Single Sun Mesh with UPV50 fabric, will protect delicate skin. It’s nice to find a changing bag that matches, and a coffee cup holder can be a lifeline when you’re out walking every day. A footmuff & cosytoe is a must for cold weather and will keep tootsies warm without the faff of blankets.

What’s the weather like where you live? Mosquitoes, bees and wasps can be a pain in summertime regardless of country so a mosquito net will allow your child to enjoy the fresh air without fear of being bitten. When it comes to buying your pushchair accessories, check what’s included, as many pushchairs throw in a raincover as standard.

Pushchair Buyers Guide: How Active Are You?

Pushchairs mainly come with either three or four wheels. Use where you live and your activity level to guide the best number, type, and size for you. If you’re a city dweller and will most likely be making short trips, then an all round pushchair with small, 4-wheels will suit just fine. If you’re an active sporty type then a three wheel jogging pushchair will allow you to work up a sweat with your baby in tow. Out n About Nipper Sport v4 Pushchair is deservedly considered the best running buggy for mums and dads.

Out n About Nipper Sport v4 Pushchair - Carnival Red

Out n About Nipper Sport v4 Pushchair – Carnival Red


Out n About Nipper Sport v4 Pushchair - Carnival Red




Pushchair Buyers Guide: Best for Multi-Terrain

If you’re likely to take your pushchair across multiple terrain – country walks across grass, fields and tracks for example – then a pushchair with inflatable tyres is a good idea. These all-terrain pushchairs have better suspension than their urban counterparts. As a result, you’ll find they’re easier to push over rough ground while baby has a smoother ride. Just bear in mind that they are bigger and heavier – that slick suspension has to go somewhere!

When it comes to the best pushchair for off road, Mountain Buggy and BOB are the brands to look out for.

Mountain Buggy Terrain Pushchair - Solus

Mountain Buggy Terrain Pushchair – Solus

Mountain Buggy Terrain Pushchair is a from-birth pushchair that’s perfect for bumpier terrain. Its shock absorbing suspension promises a smooth ride for baby while the large 16″ wheels have serious tread! A very worthy entrant into our pushchair buyers guide.


Mountain Buggy Terrain Pushchair


Pushchair Buyers Guide: How Big Is Your House?

Those of us that live in a flat or smaller house with a narrow hallway will benefit from a lightweight pushchair that will fold up small and fast. It’s no fun trying to wield a large, wide pushchair through the front door straight into the living room. Look for a pushchair that has a lie-flat seat suitable from birth and you’re good to go.

However, if you’re lucky enough to have a wide hallway, then you really do have the choice of pretty much any pushchair travel system. Simply wheel in through the door and leave your sleeping baby snoozing in the carrycot until she’s ready for playtime – perfect!

Pushchair Buyers Guide: In A Nutshell

Carrycot: newborns lie flat smiling up at you in a snug cocoon that clips onto a pushchair travel system. Can be used on walks and baby lifted into the house without being woken.

All round pushchairscomfy and sturdy with a reclining seat that can often be forward- or parent- facing, a pushchair is a great all-rounder.

Jogging pushchairs: generally three wheeled with a lightweight design ideal for pushing at a faster pace. Generally suitable once baby is six months old.

Pushchair travel systems: the complete travel solution with a car seat that clips securely to a pushchair chassis. Convenient and versatile.

Twins and tandem pushchairs: little travellers sit side by side in a double or triple. Tandems offer a narrower solution with one seat in front of the other.

Lightweight pushchairs: lift in one hand, convenient and easy to manoeuvre, lightweight buggies and strollers are ideal on public transport, even better on holiday.

Are You Ready? BuggyBaby Is Here To Help.

Choosing your pushchair is a big decision, but we are here to guide you through. At BuggyBaby, we have 100s of models from top brands so you’re sure to find the perfect model, whether that’s a lightweight pushchair, jogging pushchair, twin & tandem pushchair or pushchair travel system.

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