ErgoPouch Sleep Suit Bag and Cocoon Swaddle Review

ErgoPouch Sleep Suit Bag and Cocoon Swaddle Review

Is The ErgoPouch Sleep Suit Bag or Cocoon Swaddle For You?

The ErgoPouch range is perfect for you if you want:


Natural and organically made sleeping products for your baby or toddler



Sleepwear that boasts not only comfort, but style too



A great range of sleepwear that is perfect for playing, lounging and sleeping







ErgoPouch Range

Who Are ErgoPouch?

Not familiar with them? ErgoPouch are an innovative Australian brand that specialise in sleepwear for your baby and toddler. They absolutely love sleep (as do we), and they put one hundred percent into designing and manufacturing high quality baby swaddles and sleep suit bags. These are made from high quality materials that are sourced precisely to keep your baby at optimal comfort for every single second they wear one.

ErgoPouch are an award winning brand, bagging a Gold in the Australian Mother & Baby Awards. Their ErgoPouch Sleep Suit Bag came out on top as the most popular sleeping bag in Australia in 2016 and 2017! With a range of beautifully designed products and nursery accessories, ErgoPouch certainly have a swaddle or sleep suit bag for any situation.

What’s Special About ErgoPouch Products?

We all know as parents that getting your little one settled down at night is probably one of the world’s toughest jobs. There’s also the trained babysitters who have it down to a T, yet this still may feel like an impossible mission at the best of times. As with all planned out operations, having the right tools for the job will steer you in the right direction for completing it with success – And that’s where ErgoPouch come in. This ingenious brand will swaddle your sprog with the right attire for a serene and snuggly night’s sleep.

ErgoPouch products such as the ErgoPouch Cocoon Swaddle Sleep Bag help to target ‘challenged’ sleepers. You can ensure that bubba can move around the cot without getting tangled in the bag with this swaddle bag. Plus, it keeps them snug all night long. You will be sleeping like you were before baby came into the world! The International Hip Dysplasia Institute has recognised these sleeping bags as ‘hip-healthy’, too.

Additionally, the stunning range of products from ErgoPouch is designed and manufactured using the finest of materials for your little sweet pea. The natural and breathable fibres of Organic Cotton, Bamboo and Merino are used, keeping baby in a state of serenity. These materials allow for breathability, and prevent you from having a hot and sticky baby.

What’s more, the ErgoPouch Winter Baby Sleep Suit Bag and ErgoPouch Winter Onesie are fabulous for sleeping and play time. The Sleep Suit Bag simply unzips to create separate legs for bubba to waddle around in, and zips back up to form a sleeping bag. Grab your baby bouncer or building blocks and baby can enjoy hours of wonderful play time whilst wearing the ErgoPouch Sleep Suit Bag.

What Does The ‘TOG’ Mean On ErgoPouch Sleepwear?

A ‘TOG’ is a unit of measurement used for warmth and insulation of sleepwear and bedding. The lower the TOG, the thinner and lighter the fabric. On the other hand, the higher the TOG, the more padded and insulated it is! We can all get confused about which thickness we should buy for which weather conditions. It’s almost like choosing a duvet. Do I need one for summer and one for winter? Can I get an all-rounder?

Luckily, ErgoPouch are extremely helpful when it comes to picking the right TOG product for your babba. They provide a handy little chart to help guide you through what your little one should wear. You should choose the TOG rating of your ErgoPouch product depending on the temperature of the room your little one is sleeping in. Of course, this Australian brand also cater for extremely hot temperatures, so if you are intending to use one in the UK – you might have to save those for holidays.


ErgoPouch Temperature Guide

What ErgoPouch Products Are Available To Buy?

ErgoPouch Winter Baby Sleep Suit Bag 3.5 Tog


ErgoPouch Winter Baby Sleep Suit Bag 3.5 Tog – Mint Leaves

The ErgoPouch Winter Baby Sleep Suit Bag 3.5 Tog is one for your bundle of joy in the winter months. Plus, there’s also the ErgoPouch Winter Baby Sleep Suit Bag 2.5 Tog. ErgoPouch recommend the 3.5 Tog for the chilliest temperatures of 14 to 20 degrees Celsius. Then, from temperatures of 16 to 22 degrees Celsius, the 2.5 Tog is the one for you. Remember, choose the Tog depending on the warmth of the room that your babba will sleep in.

This sleep suit bag is the absolute ideal way to keep your child warm whilst sleeping, without the need for too many extra layers or blankets. The perfect nursery accessory for your little one: It easily changes from a sleeping bag to a sleep suit bag with the flip of a zip. This 2-way zip means that you have full access from both directions, making every nappy changes nice and easy.

Brilliantly, it features zip pads on the feet which is ideal for little wanderers. This also makes it wonderful to wear during play time: Take this sleep suit bag around family and friends’ houses for an extra-cosy wander around the lounge. Plus, your little one will look extra cute in it as you can choose from a range of stunning designs!

Last but not least, the ErgoPouch Winter Baby Sleep Suit Bag 3.5 Tog is made with an Organic Cotton sheeting outer layer for that extra cosy feel, and a 100% cotton filling. This wonderful combination of materials makes it incredibly skin-friendly for your little pea.

ErgoPouch Baby Sleep Suit Bag 1.0 Tog


ErgoPouch Baby Sleep Suit Bag 1.0 Tog – Mountains

Then there’s the ErgoPouch Baby Sleep Suit Bag 1.0 Tog and the ErgoPouch Baby Sleep Suit Bag 0.3 Tog. ErgoPouch feature shorter sleeves on these sleep suit bags. This allows for extra breathability, making them perfect for summer months!

Along with the ErgoPouch Winter Baby Sleep Suit Bags, this sleep suit bag transforms from a sleep suit with legs to a sleeping bag in seconds. Perfect for waddling around the lounge just before bed, or padding around mum for some food after they wake up. Available in a range of sizes from 2-12 months all the way up to 2-4 years, you can ensure that baby will always have a warm place to wriggle around in.

The jaw-dropping designs of the ErgoPouch Baby Sleep Suit Bag 1.0 Tog ensure that bubba will always look luxurious. What better way for your little pickle to doze off to sleep? The 1.0 Tog is perfect for milder temperatures of 20 to 24 Degrees Celsius. Plus, the 0.3 Tog is ideal for the hotter conditions of 24 to 26 degrees Celsius. This means you can pack it in your suitcase and whisk off to the Costa Del Sol for a long weekend.

What’s more, ErgoPouch recommend the sleep suit bag for sleepers who like to spread their arms out; and for sleepers who like to do a bit of star-fishing throughout the night. It also makes the transition from bed, to car seat, to baby carrier an absolute breeze. You won’t even need to change your babba!

ErgoPouch Cocoon Swaddle Sleep Bag 1.0 Tog


ErgoPouch Cocoon Swaddle Sleep Bag 1.0 Tog – Grey Marle

Next, we have the ErgoPouch Cocoon Swaddle Sleep Bag 1.0 Tog. This sleep bag spans across a range of TOGs. Choose the ErgoPouch Cocoon Swaddle Sleep Bag 0.2 Tog for an extra thin swaddle, or the ErgoPouch Cocoon Winter Swaddle Sleep Bag 2.5 Tog if you need a snuggly sleep bag.

Swaddle bags help to keep your baby safely swaddled throughout the earlier months, containing the Moro startle reflex which commonly disturbs and wakes baby. Plus, it eliminates the need for any complicated wrapping, making your life easier – hooray! You can un-pop the poppers on the armholes so that this swaddle bag turns into baby’s first sleeping bag. So, the ErgoPouch Cocoon Swaddle Sleep Bag 1.0 is perfect for your prone-to-wake-up baby… and it’s perfect if you want to get a peaceful night’s sleep too.

What’s more, this swaddle bag also comes as part of ErgoPouch‘s Nature Collection. Designed with Bamboo material, this collection has that extra bit of stretch which allows for your baby to move around in all directions. It’s also anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic – fantastic for those allergy prone little nippers. Choose from the ErgoPouch Bamboo Cocoon Swaddle Sleep Bag 0.2 Tog or the ErgoPouch Bamboo Jersey Sleep Bag 0.2 Tog, both perfect for warmer weathers.

The International Hip Dysplasia Institute recognise the ErgoPouch Cocoon Swaddle Sleep Bag 1.0 as ‘hip-healthy’. This is because of its brilliantly bell-shaped bottom. This ensures that your little pickle’s trip to dreamland will be comfy as ever.

ErgoPouch Winter Onesie 2.5 Tog


ErgoPouch Winter Onesie 2.5 Tog – Triangle Pops

Now, you’re in for a treat if you love a onesie. This is because your babba can have one too! ErgoPouch Winter Onesie 2.5 Tog is specifically designed for toddlers who have moved in to the big bed, but still have a tendency to kick their sheets off. This must-have nursery accessory will keep your munchkin warm all night long, whether or not they have their sheets on by the morning.

Plus, the Winter Onesie by ErgoPouch is also recommended for those kiddies who don’t like sleeping bags. This sleepwear allows your tiddler to wriggle their legs around in all directions, without any limitations. The jersey fabric of this onesie is breathable, lightweight and low maintenance – and, it’s knitted in a way that allows for stretch in every single direction.

This handy onesie is perfect for play time in those cold winter months. Put down the play mat or rocking horse and bubba will be all over it… and they’ll be as cosy as can be. In addition to this, the 3-way zip makes getting your little kicker in and out a breeze too. Plus, it allows for stress-free nappy changes (which is what we all want).

Similarly, the ErgoPouch Bamboo Layers Long Sleeve Sleep Wear 0.2 Tog is much like the ErgoPouch Winter Onesie 2.5 Tog… except it’s perfect for summer months! Also part of ErgoPouch’s Nature Collection, this sleepwear is made with Bamboo materials which are hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial. It’s recommended that you pop the ErgoPouch Bamboo Layers Long Sleeve Sleep Wear 0.2 Tog underneath a sleep suit bag or swaddle bag for that extra layer of warmth.

How Do I Choose The Right ErgoPouch Sleepwear For My Baby?

So, you’ve seen a range of the most fabulous products from ErgoPouch. Are you still wondering what is best for your babba?

The ErgoPouch Cocoon Swaddle Sleep Bag 1.0 Tog is ideal for swaddled newborns and arms out (rollers) to around 12 months old. Of course, pick the correct Tog for the temperature of your nursery.

Next we have the ErgoPouch Bamboo Jersey Sleep Bag 0.2 Tog. This sleep bag is perfect as a transition item from the Cocoon Swaddle, suitable from 8 to 24 months old.

Perhaps your little nipper is on the move and crawling around. The ErgoPouch Winter Baby Sleep Suit Bag 3.5 Tog or ErgoPouch Baby Sleep Suit Bag 1.0 Tog is the one for you – depending on temperature. This sleep suit bag is also brilliant for arms out sleepers and kickers up to around 6 years old.

The ErgoPouch Winter Onesie 2.5 Tog is recommended for kiddies who don’t like sleeping bags, or for those ready to transition into a big kids bed. Plus, it also makes for a brilliant gift idea at Christmas. Suitable for ages from around 1 to 5 years old.

Lastly we have the ErgoPouch Bamboo Layers Long Sleeve Sleep Wear 0.2 Tog. Part of ErgoPouch’s Nature Collection, this TOG rated sleepwear is highly recommended for wear under a sleeping bag. From newborn to around 3 years old.

What Designs Are Available In ErgoPouch Sleepwear?

Triangle Pops

Spring Leaves




Denim Arrow






One brilliant thing about ErgoPouch is that they’re certainly never lacking on the design front. With a stunning range of patterns to choose from over the range of their products, you’re bound to find at least one that you love.

Triangle Pops, Spring Leaves, Mountains and Clouds are some of ErgoPouch’s newer patterns. Boasting subtle tones and perfectly pretty colourways that suit your interior decor or baby’s nursery. If you’re loving ErgoPouch’s Nature Collection, then Waves is a stunning unisex design to choose, matching a white and black wavy pattern with hints of yellow.

As well as this, you can pick up some of ErgoPouch’s other patterns. These include a brilliant range from Navy Cross, Dandelion, Mint Leaves, Denim Arrow and Grey Marle. Stretching from bold blues to gorgeous greys. Plus, there’s a lot more too- Just have a browse for yourself.

Do ErgoPouch Sell Any Other Nursery Accessories?

ErgoPouch Joey Trackable Comforter


ErgoPouch Joey Trackable Comforter

Well… ErgoPouch certainly don’t stop at the sleepwear. They’re also on the ball when it comes to nursery accessories such as toys, too. The ErgoPouch Joey Trackable Comforter really is a one of a kind. Does your little one need a toy that you can ensure they’ll never lose? This comforter can be snuggled into bed and cuddled in car seats with your little pickle… and its trackable device means that you always know wherever it is, meaning no more tears over lost toys. It’s the world’s first!

Its soft and gentle fabric made from Bamboo Viscose and Cotton means that it will quickly find a place in your little ones heart. Plus, it’s waterproof, childproof, and connects using Bluetooth. This means that it’s completely safe for your little one to cuddle, chew, and chuck in the bath. Pair it with any Apple or Android device using the app to find its last location. The ErgoPouch Joey has a map function that will show you where it is located if it is not close by.

ErgoPouch Bamboo Stretch Sheet


ErgoPouch Bamboo Stretch Sheet – Rainforest Leaves

Not only do ErgoPouch provide you with the very best sleepwear, but they help to make your bubba’s bed extra comfy as well. This stretch sheet is made from an ultra skin-friendly Bamboo material and is as soft as a cloud against your little pickle’s skin.

This stretch sheet may as well be classed as magic. Its design means that it fits any cot or single bed, stretching all the way from newborn to youth! It’s tried and tested, which makes it arguably one of the best value products around for parents.

You’ll be pleased to know that the ErgoPouch Bamboo Stretch Sheet is completely resistant to odours and wrinkles. It features anti-fungal and anti-static properties too. As well as this, it’s hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial. This stretch sheet by ErgoPouch really does provide a comfy and clean place on which your little munchkin can rest their head.

ErgoPouch Sleep Suit Bag and Cocoon Swaddle Review Summary

All in all, ErgoPouch really are a brand that care for your little one’s quality of sleep. Not only do they design and manufacture the highest quality sleepwear, but they have a brilliant range of nursery accessories too!

What’s more, ErgoPouch’s sleep suit bags and cocoon swaddles are TOG rated so that they can replace bedding altogether. They ensure baby’s face and head is uncovered and free from bedding, pillows and toys. This is the reason that the sleeping bags don’t have hoods, and the armholes and neck are fitted.

Hopefully you’ve discovered what item of ErgoPouch sleepwear is best for your little one. To ensure that you choose your TOG correctly, make sure you weigh up the circumstances. How warm is your nursery on average? Are there colder rooms in the house where your puppet enjoys play time? Will you be going on lots of warmer or colder trips away?

On the whole, we love the ErgoPouch range. There’s a fantastic range of product to choose from that are undeniably practical and beautifully designed. All for your bubba to look cute in whilst they waddle around or doze off to sleep.

The whole ErgoPouch sleepwear range is available from with swift service.





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