February 2019

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Best Travel Cot For Everyday Use

Best Travel Cot For Everyday Use Do I need a travel cot? If you’re a regular holiday-goer or tend to go on weekends away with your family, then a Travel Cot is a good buy for your little one. Needing a travel cot really depends on where and how often you go away. Saying that, many parents find travel cots useful at home. This is because they’re incredibly portable and can be used for naps downstairs and as a playpen! Travel Cots are ideal if you use hotels a lot.... Read More

Bumbo Multi Seat 22/02/2019
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Bumbo Multi Seat Review

Bumbo Multi Seat Review Is it for you? The Bumbo Multi Seat is perfect for you if you want:   A 3 in 1 floor seat that will support your baby     An adjustable seat that is suitable from 6 months to 3 years     A seat with a 3 point safety harness to keep your baby secure while they sit, eat or play       Features of the Bumbo Multi Seat The Bumbo Multi Seat is a multi-functional seating solution for your baby. As long as they... Read More

Bumbo Floor Seat 18/02/2019
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Bumbo Floor Seat Review

Bumbo Floor Seat Review Is it for you? The Bumbo Floor Seat is perfect for you if you want:   A comfortable and practical floor seat for your child aged from around 3-12 months old.     A durable chair that allows your baby to sit independently in an upright sitting position     A lightweight, portable and easy to clean seat that can also be used for feeding time.       Features of the Bumbo Floor Seat It’s no secret that the Bumbo Floor Seat is a winner for a... Read More