Educational Toys For Toddlers

Educational Toys For Toddlers (Updated January 2019)

Educational toys for toddlers range from classic building bricks and mini-me household items to hi-tech apps and micro-chip driven gadgets. However, which are most beneficial for your child?

These educational toys for toddlers can be given as a gift, taken anywhere and will capture your child’s imagination and curiosity. Educational toys for toddlers will engage their attention for longer as they satisfy their little brains hungry need for stimulation.

Benefits of toys in child development

It’s incredibly important for your child to access an array of toys whilst in the early stages of their development. This is because toys are a stimulant for your child to develop new skills. Problem solving as well as learning cause and effect are benefits of educational toys for toddlers. It teaches them to share and play with others through the use of compromise as well as developing creativity and imagination.

Why are wooden toys better?

This controversial question is a large topic of conversation in the parenting world. The truth of the matter is, some parents prefer wooden toys, and some prefer plastic toys. Both of these materials create toys that are educational and durable. Wooden toys tend to appeal to audiences who reminisce the toys of their childhood, and who are trying to keep the toys of the new age separate.

The argument is around whether wooden toys are safer and more durable than plastic toys. Frankly, the answer is blurred. Some wooden toys are safer and more durable than plastic toys, but some plastic toys are safer and more durable than wooden toys. It wholly depends on the type of materials used and who manufactured it.

Wooden toys are assumed to be more environmentally friendly, which is where the argument gets real. Plastic toys are seen to have a less environmentally friendly process, contain chemicals, and a lot of plastic toys are made for short term use. Of course, wooden toy production also has a negative impact on the environment as it consumes energy and resources in the process. Whether your choice is plastic or wooden toys, the key is to choose durable toys that will last, as this naturally decreases the amount of toys in the bin!

Classic World Multi-Activity Cube Large

Classic World Multi-Activity Cube Large

Classic World Multi-Activity Cube Large includes several features that will spark off learning conversations

What are the educational benefits for a toddler of the Classic World Multi-Activity Cube Large?

This sturdy, interactive Classic World Multi-Activity Cube Large is made from wood. and is bright and inviting with many integrated (and not detachable), small moving parts. Measuring 30 x 53 x 31.5cm and weighing in at 4.54kg, it introduces the concepts of geometry and symmetry. Additionally, this cube sparks questions about colour and the properties of different 3D shapes. It is the perfect starting point for many conversations and lines of enquiry. The maze-effect puzzle on one side allows your toddler to develop problem solving skills to match the insect colours and hexagonal flower shapes to their starting point.

There are five, colourful, flower-shaped turn plates that are easily grip-able and ready to go! These cogs demonstrate once rotated, the relationship between the movement of each of the cogs with the gears. On the top of the cube, the colour-coded, wire infrastructure lets your toddler organise threaded wooden beads around the frame.

Why should I buy the Classic World Multi-Activity Cube Large?

If you have a child around 18 months to 2 years old then the Classic World Multi-Activity Cube Large will ignite their imagination as well as give their spatial and problem solving skills a work out. It will inspire questions and inspire your toddler to seek answers and solutions. The cube’s ladybird inhabitants are perfect for personification – and your toddler may soon be inventing conversations between them and imagining a whole new backstory behind the wooden shapes. Most importantly, all materials and colours are non-toxic and free of preservative chemicals. Fantastic!

RRP £74.99

Educational Toys For Toddlers


Classic World Learning Walker


Classic World Learning Walker – Best Educational Toys For Toddlers

What are the educational highlights for a toddler with the Classic World Learning Walker?

The Classic World Learning Walker is ideal for giving your toddler confidence in standing and walking on their own two feet. The triangular, structured design makes it a handy carrier for toys. Moreover, it is a sturdy push along trolley to help develop your toddler’s physical agility and spatial awareness. Jam packed with interesting features, the Classic World Learning Walker also includes a mirror to promote self awareness and recognition.

The 12-hour clock with swivel hands on one side provides a great opportunity to start a conversation about numbers and telling the time. Consequently, the circular clock face is ideal for encouraging the concepts of clockwise and anti-clockwise, and for consecutive numbering. The characters represented around the clock lend themselves to this time-telling conversation. As the Classic World Learning Walker is free standing and at toddler height it provides your toddler with an easily accessible clock face to aid learning.

Why should I buy the Classic World Learning Walker?

With geometric shapes cut out of one side and 3D blocks to match each hole, the Classic World Learning Walker helps your toddler develop shape recognition and logic. Musicality and hand to eye coordination is improved through the 5 bar xylophone on the front of the walker – complete with handy mallet attached with string.

Most noteworthy, with 6 animals and insects on the front of the walker, there is plenty of opportunity for personification and story building; these characters are the perfect opportunity to help with species recognition, characteristics, naming and back story. The possibilities for encouraging verbal communication skills as well as steadiness on foot make the Classic World Learning Walker a versatile educational toy for any toddler.

RRP £49.99

Educational Toys For Toddlers

Classic World Rider and Walker

Educational Toys For Toddlers

Classic World Rider and Walker combines spatial awareness with balance and shape sorting

What is educational for my toddler about the Classic World Rider and Walker?

From counting to colour recognition; shape sorting and geometry to naming species, the Classic World Rider and Walker is so much more than a sit on, push along toy. The sturdy design enables your child to fill it with toys, sandwiches, TV remote controls and your favourite pair of Adidas Gazelles which may need delivering to another room in the house. As well as  providing a compact aid to developing balance and stability on foot, the Classic World Rider Walker as its name suggests can also be used as a trusty, self propelled steed. This in itself helps develop spatial awareness. The gently curved seat provides a comfortable and stable surface from which to launch an adventure.

Why should I buy the Classic World Rider and Walker?

In addition to helping your nipper stand up and take their first steps, the Classic World Rider and Walker contains beads and blocks in an assortment of colours. Matching these blocks with the cut outs on the seat is a good introduction to shape recognition. This activity can be built in to a range of learning tasks combined with moving around the house or garden. An all round favourite sidekick that provides your little one with security on their feet. It also gives them a place to sit and play or ride and deliver at the same time.

RRP £43.50

Educational Toys For Toddlers

Classic World Geometric Puzzle

Classic World Geometric Puzzle

Classic World Geometric Puzzle – Best Educational Toys For Toddlers

What are the educational benefits for a toddler with the Classic World Geometric Puzzle?

The 9 shaped holes are built up in layers with corresponding wood blocks. These will help your little one process the basics of geometry. The puzzle encourages your child to use logic for problem solving. They will enjoy naming and stacking the cut out blocks. Additionally, they are able to mix up the arrangement in order to sort them out all over again. You can start a conversation about the names and properties of each 3D shape. Is it a cylinder, a cube or cuboid?

Using the Classic World Geometric Puzzle, working out which shape matches which hole is so rewarding for your child and listening for the resulting ‘plop’ as the block falls in to place. You can talk to your child about the height and width. You can count sides, vertices, planes, edges. And you can think about tall, tallest, short, shortest and all describing do with dimensions. This will help to expand the vocabulary of your child.

Why should I buy the Classic World Geometric Puzzle?

Apart from the beautifully toned colours of the hand crafted Classic World Geometric Puzzle, the 18 different square building bricks and 9 shaped blocks provide plenty of scope for stacking, counting and sorting. Whether you use it with the wooden base or independently, these blocks are very tactile and appealing to toddlers. Featuring numbered sides, the Classic World Geometric Puzzle can also help with number recognition, consecutive counting and mathematical operations.

RRP £17.99Educational Toys For Toddlers

Classic World Rainbow Xylophone


Educational Toys For Toddlers – Classic World’s Rainbow Xylophone

What will my toddler learn using the Classic World Rainbow Xylophone?

The Classic World Rainbow Xylophone allows your toddler the benefit of creating musical sounds for themselves at home which according to experts will help boost their IQ. In addition, creating sounds and music for themselves will provide a good back drop for enhancing emotional and social skills. This assists in developing their attention span, counting skills and memory. Sing along to recognised nursery rhymes and see if they can match then remember the sequence of the notes. Hit the bars in the right order and keep the timing consistent to help your toddler develop a recognisable repertoire. In addition to this, they will continue to make more and more tunes as their confidence grows.

Why should I buy the Classic World Rainbow Xylophone?

The 8 wooden bars on the Classic World Rainbow Xylophone can be struck with the included mallet to help develop hand to eye coordination as well as allow your little one to experience the joy of creating a melody, even though at first this might seem literally a bit ‘hit and miss’. Lastly, you can easily carry around this portable music station with its convenience size.

RRP £15.50

Educational Toys For Toddlers


Which educational toys for toddlers should I choose?

By introducing your child to these educational toys for toddlers, you will provide them with a rich experience of development and entertainment. Who knows? If they get to grips with the Classic World Rainbow Xylophone you may uncover their musical talent. If they start arranging the Classic World Geometric Puzzle shapes you may have a keen mathematician or architect to nurture?

However, what if you don’t give them the opportunity to experience educational toys for toddlers with such a great range of features? Or to develop role-play or manual dexterity? Create back stories to characters in their own minds or through a conversation – all sparked by well crafted educational toys? Then you may never know what potential they have and what fun you may have in joining the toddler in their discoveries.

Any one of these featured educational toys will be advantageous to a toddler – which is a reassuring fact if you are looking for a gift. All are available to buy from

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