Best ISOFIX Car Seat

Best ISOFIX Car Seat

Car seats. There are hundreds of them. But ISOFIX car seats are something that every parent needs to consider when deliberating over which one to choose. Comparing the best ISOFIX car seats is a tricky scenario as they all have so many unique features. This is why we’ve compiled strong contenders for the best ISOFIX car seat in each group.

Read on to find out more about the best ISOFIX car seat to choose from each group for your baby!

What is ISOFIX?

ISOFIX is an internationally standardised system that allows you to connect a car seat directly to your car without the hassle of having to use a seat belt. This system is the safest way to fit a car seat as it connects directly to the cars chassis. This means your child has maximum protection and minimum impact in the event of a sharp stop or accident.

For you to install an ISOFIX car seat, your car must have ISOFIX points. These can be found between the base and back of your cars back seats, but look in your cars manual to make sure. Car seat fixings can be either:

  • Universal
  • Semi-Universal
  • Vehicle Specific

Make sure you check when purchasing which specific car seats will be an ideal fit for your vehicle.

Which brands offer the best ISOFIX car seats?

Some of the brands that offer a range of the best ISOFIX car seats include Maxi Cosi, Cosatto, Kiddy, Joie and Britax. These brands specialise in car seats from Group 0+ to Group 2/3, each with individual aesthetic benefits as well as different features that all adhere to European safety regulations. Hence, these car seats all boast fantastic components that will assist you in their effortless and straightforward usage during times that need to be easy, as well as comforting your little ones so they have a safe and snuggly journey!

Which is the best ISOFIX car seat in each Group?

Group 0+

Maxi Cosi CabrioFix Car Seat + FamilyFix Base

Best ISOfix Car Seat in Group 0+ – the Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix Car Seat + FamilyFix Base

The Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix Car Seat + FamilyFix Base is the perfect first choice from Group 0+ for your tiny baby. Whilst the CabrioFix Car Seat will last you from birth to around 13kg, the FamilyFix ISOFIX base will last for over 3 years as it is compatible with the Maxi-Cosi Pearl Car Seat, meaning less fuss for parents, or anyone needing an easy life! Additionally, the FamilyFix base also has a light and sound confirmation of correct installation of your CabrioFix seat, making sure your little one is safe.


  • 0-13kg
  • Compatible base
  • Extra upward position for added leg room

So, why the Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix Car Seat?

The Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix is a lightweight and practical car seat. It can be easily and quickly transferred from any Maxi-Cosi or Quinny pushchair to most cars. This not only saves money, but maximises space in the boot. With a light and sound confirmation of correct installation, it’s impossible to get wrong.

Its enhanced seat liners are accompanied by a head-hugger which makes travelling with your little one extra safe. If you’re looking for ease of use and comfort for your newborn then this car seat is for you. Especially with the long-lasting ISOFIX base. It’s price with the base RRP’s at £310, so it’s a brilliant choice if you’re planning for the future!

Maxi Cosi CabrioFix Car Seat + FamilyFix Base

Group 0+/1

Britax DualFix Car Seat

A huge contender for the best ISOfix Car Seat – Britax DualFix Car Seat

The award winning Britax DualFix Car Seat is one of the best ISOFIX car seats for families on the go. With its full 360 swivel and easy ISOFIX connection, the DualFix is a number one choice in Group 0+/1 for convenience and ease whilst moving your child in and out of your vehicle. Lasting from newborn to 18kg (around four years old), it’s a no brainer.


  • 0-18kg
  • 360 rotating seat

So, why the Britax DualFix Car Seat?

The Britax DualFix is unlike other car seats with its modern-looking white ISOFIX base that has full 360 swivel. Unfortunately, this seat is only compatible with cars that have ISOFIX and is quite heavy to move around. Therefore, it may not be good for parents with bad backs or who want to move it between cars regularly.

Despite the negatives, the 360 swivel feature makes up for the weight of the DualFix if it’s not being moved a lot. It is activated with a large and easily accessible button and locks into place when side facing- this means no struggling to keep it still when lifting your child out of the seat. Additionally, 360 is great for parents who struggle with the awkward bending and twisting of strapping your child into the seat, or for wiggly children!

If you don’t move your car seat between cars regularly then the Britax DualFix is for you. A great contender of the 360 swivel, and available at a range of prices at different retailers (RRP £400). If you want a car seat that will last from birth until 4 years without too much worry about cost, then its an easy decision!

Britax DualFix Car Seat

Group 1

Maxi Cosi Pearl Car Seat (and optional FamilyFix Base)

Maxi Cosi Pearl Car Seat + FamilyFix Base – Nomad Black

The Maxi-Cosi Pearl Car Seat is an obvious next-choice if your child has grown out of the Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix. If you haven’t previously used the CabrioFix with the FamilyFix base, there is an option to purchase the car seat with one. If you have, you’ll benefit from less spending and more convenience! The Pearl is a forward facing toddler car seat with 5 incline positions and has easy adjustments of the safety height of the headrest and harness belt, making it one of the best ISOFIX car seats in Group 1.


  • 9-18kg
  • Compatible base
  • 5 incline positions

So, why the Maxi-Cosi Pearl Car Seat?

If you don’t want to be left feeling stupid or stressed, the Maxi-Cosi Pearl car seat is an fantastic choice. With it’s compact size and painless installation of the FamilyFix base, the Pearl is a brilliant car seat for those smaller cars with less room to twist yourself around in.

The FamilyFix base is long-lasting and can also be used with the Group 0+ CabrioFix or the Group 0+ Pebble. This is a real benefit for parents on a low budget. There is no need to buy the add-on FamilyFix base with future Maxi-Cosi car seats once you already have it. The ‘easy-out’ harness of the Pearl stays out of the way whilst trying to move your baby in and out of the seat, making life easier for you. It certainly lives up to its claims of being an easy-to-use car seat.

If you have a small car and minimal space then the Group 1 Maxi-Cosi Pearl Car Seat is for you. Thankfully, it can be detached from its ISOFIX base making it lighter and easier to manoeuvre in small spaces. Although the car seat with the FamilyFix base RRP’s for a pricey £360, you can save some money if you already have the FamilyFix base from your previous seat as without the base it’s a friendly £148.

Maxi Cosi Pearl Car Seat + FamilyFix Base

Group 1/2/3

Kiddy Guardianfix 3 Car Seat

One of the best ISOFIX car seats for longevity – the Kiddy Guardianfix 3 Car Seat

Designed to adapt and grow with your child, the Kiddy Guardianfix 3 Car Seat offers durability and longevity. After growing out of Group 0+, this seat will give you an easy transition into the next stages of your child’s growth. What’s more, the easy-to-clean, durable materials will allow you to wash away any mess, allowing the car seat to stay clean throughout it’s long life. Suitable from 9 months to 12 years, this Group 1/2/3 seat offers everything a growing child needs for maximum comfort throughout every journey.


  • 9-36kg
  • Impact shield and reflective panels for safety
  • Long ISOFIX arms allowing the seat to recline for older children

So, why the Kiddy GuardianFix 3 Car Seat?

From approximately 9 months to 12 years old, the Kiddy GuardianFix 3 car seat will grow with your child and save you some pennies. On the downside, this car seat doesn’t have much of a recline, which means that your sleeping baby won’t be as comfortable as it would in other seats. However, it does include a cushion that gives your baby more support and height.

On the upside, the impact shield is a safe and well-rated way to travel. It will secure your 9-18kg little one so you will have no fiddling around with a safety harness. It also encompasses everything needed for an older child! With simultaneously moving headrest and side-wings (with an eye-level indicator), the GuardianFix 3 will keep any age comfortable and safe.

As a multigroup car seat, this seat ticks most of the boxes for the perfect seat for your growing child. It comes in a multitude of colours including the vibrant Chilli Red, Summer Blue and Spring Green as well as more subtle shades. If you’re looking for a long lasting car seat in from group 1 to 3, then at RRP £289 this is the choice for you!

Kiddy Guardianfix 3

Group 2/3

Britax Kidfix II XP SICT Car Seat

Britax Kidfix II XP SICT Car Seat – Black Series – Cosmos Black

This highback booster seat goes beyond all safety standards. From 4 to 12 years, this highly flexible seat offers unique protection to your child. Additionally, SecureGuard helps to keep the lap belt in an optimal position over your child’s pelvic bones. Head and neck support is a primary importance in the Kidfix II XP SICT. This provides complete protection and comfort, whilst the V shaped backrest ensures good posture positioning. These features ensure that the Britax Kidfix II XP SICT Car Seat is the best ISOFIX car seat in Group 2/3!


  • 15-36kg
  • Adjustable Side Impact Protection (SICT)
  • ISOFIX indicators ensuring correct and safe installation

So, why the Britax Kidfix II XP SICT Car Seat?

Britax, the pioneers of ISOFIX, have ensured that this group 2/3 car seat is the safest on the market. RRP-ing at £200, this car seat offers well marked seat belt zones for the reassurance that every seat belt is positioned correctly. The revolutionary SecureGuard technology ensures that any wriggly 4 year old is kept still in the Kidfix II SICT, and is incredibly comfortable for any child, even on long journeys.

Despite this, the Kidfix II XP SICT is quite a heavy high back booster and could prove more difficult to move from car to car because of this. However, it’s chunkiness ensures a feeling of sturdiness and security.

If you’re looking for a car seat that holds in wriggly children the group 2/3 Britax Kidfix II XP SICT is definitely for you. With two different colour series’, as you can imagine, there is a great colour selection for both boys and girls.

Britax Kidfix II XP SICT Car Seat

Best ISOFIX Car Seat – Summary

Throughout your child’s development you need to have complete control and ease with the car seats that you choose. Especially because your choice also reflects your ease of use. Brilliantly, all of these car seats offer protection, comfort, and maximum safety. 

The best car seat in group 0+ offers phenomenal ease of use for new parents as the Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix Car Seat‘s lightweight structure allows you to easily move it from car to pushchair. The choice for group 0+/1 is obvious as the Britax DualFix Car Seat offers a 360-full swivel and a modern look, and is brilliant for parents who will only use the seat in one car. Group 1‘s Maxi-Cosi Pearl Car Seat is a no brainer as it’s perfect for smaller cars with less room and is lightweight for easy lifting.

Looking for a long-lasting group 1/2/3 seat that has an alternative to the harness strap and other smart safety features? Then the Kiddyfix GuardianFix 3 Car Seat is a great option for you. Lastly, if you want a group 2/3 high back booster seat for your 4-12 year old practising escapee, then the Britax Kidfix II XP SICT is a definite choice.

If you want to browse more ISOFIX car seats, you can view our full range at very competitive prices over at

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