Britax Holiday Review

Britax Holiday Review

Is it for you?

The Britax Holiday Pushchair is perfect for you if you want:


A lightweight pushchair (5kg)


A pushchair suitable from 6 months – 3 years old


A convenient shopping basket and protective sun hood with excellent UPF 50+

Britax Holiday pushchair

Britax Holiday pushchair

Are you looking for an easy to use, small and lightweight pushchair to take on holiday? Then the new Britax Holiday Pushchair could be the one for you. This lightweight pushchair is a very reasonable price and we think it is excellent for holiday travel.  

Small and Compact

First of all, the Britax Holiday will easily fit in with your luggage in the car or on a flight.

Britax Holiday pushchair folds small and convenient to 24 x 25.5 x 60 cm

With folded dimensions of H 24 x W 25.5 x L 60 cm, the Britax Holiday Pushchair isn’t yet certified as Hand Luggage but it meets the hand luggage dimensions on some* flights which makes getting about so much easier.

Super Slim and Freestanding

Secondly, once folded, this lightweight Britax pushchair is locked into an easily handled,  super-slim position and stays put completely independently. It lets you move around without worrying about it toppling or getting in the way. Also, the seat stays clean, off the ground preventing your child’s clothes  getting grubby.

The freestanding Britax Holiday pushchair’s folded seat stays clean

Lightweight and carried easily

Really importantly, weighing in at only 5kg (about 11 lbs), this lightweight pushchair doesn’t strain your shoulders. The handy shoulder strap is such a good idea, with the frame of the pushchair resting against you rather than the 12cm diameter wheels.  

Neatly carried Britax Holiday pushchair

Britax Holiday pushchair easily unfolds

To unfold the Britax Holiday pushchair all you do is lift the small tabs on the handles whilst lifting the handles themselves, give it a small shake and voila! The Holiday stroller stands at 101 cm high and feels safe and secure and ready to go. This simple unfolding method saves so much time and aggravation during busy journeys.  


The Britax Holiday is easy to fold down


The Britax Holiday is quick and easy to unfold

Comfortable for 6 months to 3 years

With a comfy, 5-point, padded harness which can easily be adjusted to fit securely, and padded pushing handles, both your and your child’s travelling experience is a far happier and safer one. Recommended for 6 months to 3 years, the Britax Holiday pushchair could last several holidays, giving you excellent value for money.

Holiday comfort from 6 months to 3 years

Sunny Day Hood with UPF 50+

Although a relatively inexpensive and lightweight pushchair, the comfort and safety of your child has really been taken into account. With mesh side and top inserts to avoid little bodies getting hot and bothered, the Holiday pushchair also has an extended sun hood.  With the fabric providing a UPF of 50+, if the going gets hot you have protective shade for delicate skin.


Britax Holiday provides UPF 50+ from the extended hood

Handy shopping basket

Easily reachable from the side or back, the Holiday stroller’s mesh shopping basket underneath the seat carries up to 5kg which is so convenient as it unburdens your shoulders and your holiday travelling is less tiring.

Britax Holiday pushchair

Easy to reach shopping basket

Sturdy, flexible wheels

Finally, as if everything else isn’t already ticking your boxes, the front suspension and optional multi-directional wheels mean you avoid that wonky trolley feeling.  With solid wheels, you will never have to carry a puncture repair-kit, leaving you with only the fun parts of your holiday to focus on.


Britax Holiday front wheels have suspension and optional swivel

The Britax Holiday Pushchair is for you if…

So in summary, if you have a child who is between 6 months and 3 years and you don’t want to spend a fortune but do want a small but perfectly formed, safe and convenient pushchair to take on holiday, then the aptly named Britax Holiday pushchair is definitely worth considering first, and with 6 different fabric colours to choose from, there should be one to suit your taste.

Where to buy     £99 (RRP £120)




* Airlines with Hand Luggage dimensions which would accommodate the Britax Holiday pushchair. Accurate as at 2nd January 2018.

  • British Airways
  • TUI
  • Jet 2
  • KLM

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