Should I Get A Baby Carrier?

Should I Get A Baby Carrier?

Becoming a parent is an exciting adventure and a big part of it is deciding what baby products you will need. A pushchair is usually the first choice for parents but more and more parents are purchasing Baby Carriers to go alongside it.

What is a Baby Carrier?

A Baby Carrier usually consists of two shoulder straps for the wearer to support the fabric seat that baby is secured into. As a result, it allows you to wear your baby leaving you hands-free. There are advanced features that come with baby carriers now such as different baby wearing positions including front, hip and back.

Parents survey

Recently we asked parents ‘will you be buying a baby carrier to go alongside your pushchair’.  Of 1007 responses, 62.4% said yes.

Benefits of using a baby carrier:

  • Allows you to maintain closeness throughout the day strengthening the bond between parent and baby
  • Aids in baby’s development, both physically and emotionally
  • Allows breastfeeding on the go and discreetly if you prefer to be covered up
  • Allows the carrier to be hands-free
  • Makes exploring easy, no need to navigate a stroller through rough terrain or tight spaces
  • Babies learn by watching faces, so a baby carrier puts them in the best position to do this
  • Baby wearing provides security and closeness for baby giving a calming effect
  • A carried baby is a happy baby

Which Baby Carrier should I buy?

You can shop our selection of baby carriers here including…

Ergobaby Adapt Baby Carrier has an ergonomic seat that gradually adjusts to your growing baby without the need for an infant insert – from newborn to toddler (3.2kg – 20kg). Offering 3 ergonomic carry positions – front-inward, hip and back.

Mountain Buggy Juno Baby Carrier is suitable from newborn – 24 months (3.5kg-12.2kg). The Juno is a multi functional carrier from Mountain Buggy that seamlessly transitions from newborn to toddler. It provides ergonomic positioning in every carrying mode and features an  innovative width adjustable seat for an ergonomically supported carry.

Love getting outdoors? Don’t let the new arrival stop you! The Phil & Teds Escape Baby Carrier has more features than most and is designed for maximum child and parent comfort. The Phil & Teds Escape Carrier will allow you to bring children from 3 months to 3 years on all of your adventures – escape to the back of beyond!

What’s The Best Baby Carrier For A Bad Back?

For those with back problems, we suggest Tula Half Buckle Baby Carrier – Love Pierre. This Asian-inspired baby carrier has three width fittings and two height fittings for baby. As a result, you can create a really snug fit for your little one, which not only ensures healthy development for your little one, but ensures a snug and therefore comfy carry for parents. We love the tie straps of this baby carrier, which allow you to make the tiniest adjustments to suit each wear, and the weight-distributing waistband. In fact, all Tula baby carriers are ergonomically designed, so are a good option if you have a bad back. But we think this one is particularly adorable.

Tula Half Buckle Baby Carrier - Love Pierre

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