Axkid Minikid Car Seat Review

Axkid Minikid Car Seat Review


This is a rearward facing, suitable for children from 9-25kg (approximately 6 months to 5 years) car seat. The Axkid Minikid Car Seat is made for parents wanting a compact yet fully featured car seat that is installed via a 3-point vehicle seat belt.

Axkid Minikid Car Seat

Axkid Minikid Car Seat

Axkid Minikid Car Seat


The integrated 5-point safety harness and headrest on the Axkid Minikid Car Seat automatically adjust together as your little one grows. They move together to create the best fit and riding position for your child. The included shoulder and crotch pads also provide extra comfort and padding. Deep side wings also provide extra side impact protection.


5 point safety harness

Axkid Minikid Car Seat – 5 point safety harness


Deep side wings

Deep side wings on Axkid Minikid Car Seat

There are a possible 5 recline positions, which allows for your little one to sleep comfortably or look out to the world. The car seat itself is compact and rear facing. Machine washable covers (at 30 degrees) also ensure that the car seat stays clean and stain free.


Axkid Minikid Car Seat adjustable headrest Leg room

Axkid Minikid Car Seat Leg room

The headrest has a ‘brake and go’ system which means that it can sit at any height. The headrest can be allowed to move freely then ‘stopped’ when in the position that you desire.


Adjustable head rest

Axkid Minikid Car Seat – adjustable head rest


There are several steps to ensuring that the Axkid Minikid Car Seat is installed correctly and comfortably for the little one travelling inside. To install this car seat, your vehicle does not need ISOfix points or a tether strap connection, but just a normal 3-point seat belt.


Step 1:

To begin with, adjust the recline bar (located at the front of the seat) to the desired height. This will be the height that your little one lays at during their travels.


Step 2:

Next, your vehicle’s 3-point seat belt needs to either be threaded through or under and over the seat unit. This does not make a difference to the car seat’s secure installation and is simply down to preference. Once the belt has been clicked into its socket, there are guides either side to secure the belt into place.


Axkid Minikid Car Seat - Seat belt guide clips

Axkid Minikid Car Seat – belt guide clips

Step 3:

From this, you next need to install the tether straps. Located on the seat back are two tether straps which need to be attached to either points in the footwell or to the runners of the seat in front. This may sound complicated but it is a very simple process. Some cars have points located in their footwell that these tether straps can attach to and and others do not. If your vehicle does not have these points, then an included strap needs to be looped around the runners of the seat unit in front (for the tether straps to then attach to).To install, attach the tether strap to the newly created points until a white line shows. Then, to tighten the straps you need to wiggle the seat unit.


Axkid Minikid Car Seat - Tether strap

Axkid Minikid Car Seat Tether strap

Step 4:

Finally, extend the leg to the base of the car. Once you have done this, wiggle the seat about again to ensure it is correct and firmly installed. By doing this, the straps will automatically tighten to secure the car seat.

The car seat can also be moved further away from the ‘in car seat unit’ to provide extra leg room.


Axkid Minikid Car Seat - Support leg

Axkid Minikid Car Seat Support leg


The car seat is suitable for use from 9-25kg, that’s approximately 6 months to 5 years. It is a rearward facing seat that requires a 3-point vehicle seat belt for installation.


Axkid Minikid Car Seat - Set up

Axkid Minikid Car Seat Set up


To keep your car clean and protected, the Axkid Car Seat Protective Cover can be placed beneath the car seat. Not only will this protect your vehicle seats, but it also provides storage pockets for you and your little one.

An Axkid Baby Cushion is great for providing extra support for younger and smaller children in the Axkid Minikid Car Seat and encourages a better, more supported seated position.


Where to buy  £294

Axkid Minikid Car Seat







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