Ergopouch Sleeping Bag Review

We were so pleased to hear that ErgoPouch had come to the UK and couldn’t wait to stock it. A sleep suit with legs and a sleeping bag all in one with or without sleeves! What’s not to look forward to? Here is more about the products and an ErgoPouch Sleeping Bag Review from ‘Emily’s mum’.ergoPouchSleepSuitCUB
The Product

The Sleep Suit is available in the following colours :

  • Dandelion
  • Cub
  • Blue Dot
  • Navy Cross
  • Mint

The ErgoPouch Sleep Suit is a safe way to keep your little one warm without the need for extra blankets. Available in two different Togs  the ErgoPouch Winter Baby Sleep Suit Bag 2.5 Tog and ErgoPouch Winter Baby Sleep Suit Bag 3.5 Tog are designed for winter temperatures. It removes any worries about blankets in the cot and keeps your little one warm and comfortable all night.

Each Suit is made with an Organic Cotton sheeting outer layer and 100% cotton filling. It also has long cotton fleece sleeves and fold over mitts for warmth. The sleeves are great as they stay in place rather than working their way up the baby’s arms. The whole suit is so soft, especially around the neck and the sleeves so your child is comfortable all night no matter how much they move around.

The Suit has plenty of room to ensure great comfort with stretch at the sides for any growth spurts. You can use the Sleep Suit in the cot as a sleeping bag, then convert into legs using the zippers, making the transition from cot to pram or car an easy one. Perfect for little walkers, the Sleep Suits have grip pads at the bottom for the soles of tiny feet to enable your child to walk around in the suit without the worry of falling over! The bottom zips provide easy access for nappy change time and there is a top popper and piece of cotton which covers the top zip for comfort.

The Sleep Suit itself is available in 2 sizes in the UK, 8-24 months and 2-4 years and is an ideal follow on from the ErgoPouch Cocoon Winter Swaddle Sleep Bag 2.5 Tog. The Organic Cotton is breathable to ensure the little ones body temperature is constant which is a great feature and less worry for parents.


The Review

A review from ‘Emily’s Mum’…


I’m sure I wont be popular writing this statement but we never had many problems with Emily sleeping. Obviously the first few weeks / months we were getting into a routine and then had the normal 3am wake up call routine before she started sleeping through the night. Then, we hit winter when Emily was 18 months old and after I’d finally been comfortable with letting her have blankets in her cot she was waking around 2am each night and again at 4am because she was kicking the blankets off and getting cold.

The answer? Sleep Suits which convert easily into Sleeping Bags! I know, there are loads of Sleeping Bags out there and we have tried quite a few but we’ve finally found an answer that Emily can move easily in both in and outside of the cot and keep warm resulting in sleeping through all night!

Come on, I hear you say, tell us which one it is….. well, it’s ergoPouch Sleep Suits. They have only recently become available in the UK. An Australian brand which makes high quality swaddles, sleep suits and bags from Organic Cotton, Merino and Bamboo so breathable fibres and skin-friendly! Perfect – I cannot describe how soft the whole suit is, some suits we have had once washed lose their softness really quickly but the ergoPouch quality is keeping up with daily life! I’ve always worried about blankets so it solves that issue as the suits come in various TOG ratings to suit the season. We’ve tried the sleeveless bags with Emily wearing her pyjamas but the sleeves ride up her arms making her colder. The sleeves on the ergoPouch stay in place and even have mittens you can cover the tiny humans hands with if needed. The bottom zip which converts the suit from bag to suit with legs is really easy to use and gives you that option depending on what your child prefers so worth trying and seeing what they prefer both to sleep in and to walk in – because they can walk without toppling over once the legs are there.

The negatives? There’s not one in my size! Joking aside, I’m gutted I couldn’t get the Swaddles when Emily was born as trying origami with a muslin at 1am was not fun. They only go up to 4 years in the UK so fingers crossed this may change. We purchased ours in Dandelion but I’m loving the Mint and Blue Dot so will be buying another so I can get her out of the one we already have!



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