Chicco Baby Gifts Under £30

Chicco Baby Gifts Under £30


It’s mid-December now and whilst we hope that you’re ready for Christmas and all your present shopping is completed, we know there is probably still one or two presents yet to buy. There’s always one person at Christmas who unexpectedly buys you a gift and you either have to be prepared with a possible gift to exchange with them or risk the awkward ‘no gift’ moment.

Whilst everyone is so busy this season with work, family life and the extra social dates inevitable in winter, it is not surprising that you might forget to buy for someone, especially if they are a new addition to the family. So, we have compiled a list of the best new toys available from Chicco that are perfect for gifting to the little members of your family. Better yet, they all cost under £30!


Chicco Happy Hippy Baby Walker


A great gift for a tiny tot is the Chicco Happy Hippy Baby Walker. This is suitable from 9 months and ideal for a crawler or a baby who is learning to pull themselves up on the furniture. It can be used to learn to walk, or as an activity centre with the numerous features on the front of the walker.



Chicco Bowling Monkeys


A fun game for all the family is the Chicco Bowling Monkeys. This set consists of 6 wobbly monkeys that separate, and a bowling ball.



The brightly coloured bowling pins improve a number of lifelong skills including coordination and accuracy, and is sure the keep the kids busy on Christmas day.



Chicco Mini Golf Set


Another game that teaches accuracy and coordination is the Chicco Mini Golf Set. This game can be played alone or with others, and there are 2 modes to play: ‘training’ and ‘hit the mole’. With this game, you’ll have a tiny Rory McIlroy in the making!



Chicco Goal League


Another sporty game is the Chicco Goal League. This is great for practicing penalty shoot outs as it has 5 levels of difficulty, but can also be used in the ‘golden goal’ and ‘challenge’ modes. There are 25 sounds effects which activate, alongside flashing lights, when a goal is scored.



Chicco Jungle Rugby


Our personal favourite sport game from Chicco is Jungle Rugby. The stackable cups form a goal, and lights and sounds are activated when a goal is scored.



This game is perfect for teaching turn-taking to toddlers as it can be played with others, as well as alone.



Chicco Billy Big Wheels


For toddlers who just adore cars, the Chicco Billy Big Wheels radio-controlled monster truck is a great gift that will give a toddler years of fun. The truck’s lights shine while driving, and noises are played when it reverses or when the horn is pressed.





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