Cosatto Waffle Highchair Review

Cosatto Waffle Highchair Review


The Cosatto Waffle Highchair is a fantastic statement piece whilst being a lifelong wooden wonder taking your child from first food to beyond. We love the bright patterns, the unique design and how it grows with your child.

Cosatto Waffle Highchair

Cosatto Waffle Highchair

Cosatto Waffle Highchair



The Cosatto Waffle Highchair looks great. It is a unique mix of wood and innovative materials making it a real eye catching addition to any table. The seat is nicely padded to provide comfort for baby. The seat liner is removable and washable, which is very helpful as we all know how mucky mealtimes can get.


The pop off washable tray means spillages can be quickly and easily cleared up. The ‘flip over’ tray is removable for up to the table feeding too as little one gets bigger and wants to be included in at the table. This tray comes in two different parts, and the top is removable making it more practical to wash. There is also a removable harness which is great for keep younger ones safe and can easily be removed when it is no longer required.



The seat grows with your child which makes it a real investment as it is suitable from 6 months to 12 years.  The chair grows in three stages, which include:


1. Baby’s first highchair

This stage has a harness to keep your baby safe and a tray for all of their snacks and drinks.


Cosatto Waffle Highchair

Cosatto Waffle Highchair

2. Joining the table

The harness, padded seat covers and food tray are all removed in this mode. This means that the chair can be pulled right up to the table, for dinner with the family every meal time.


Cosatto Waffle Highchair

Cosatto Waffle Highchair in ‘joining the table’ mode

3. Teenager’s chair

The foot plate is removed for this stage. This now means that the chair can be used up and down the table, for a child up to the age of 12 years. We love the longevity of this highchair and its ability to transform between different modes.


Cosatto Waffle Highchair - footplate

The footplate on the Cosatto Waffle Highchair

Fold and storage

The Cosatto Waffle Highchair is really easy to fold and stores flat. To fold it you simply need to lift the tray and the frame will fold in on itself. Due to the way it folds, the waffle is compact and can be conveniently stored away. We love how easy it is to make it smaller, for easier storage.




As with all Cosatto products, they come with a 4 year guarantee – eligible for customers in the UK and Ireland only. Once you’ve brought your Cosatto product, you have 28 days to register. We love that Cosatto leaves parents with peace of mind that their product will be covered.


Where to buy  £149

Cosatto Waffle Highchair





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