March 2016

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7am Enfant NIDO Review

7am Enfant NIDO Review   Summary We love winter walks with our little ones, whether it’s a family affair or just me and baby getting out for some fresh air. Even in the middle of winter, the temperature shouldn’t stop you getting out with all of the winter gear now available. Plus, it’s good for the mind, body and soul to get out for a walk – to exercise, take in nature and boost happiness. One of our key pieces this winter has been the 7am Enfant NIDO, which has... Read More


Take The Stress Out of Travelling – Accessorise Your Car Seat

Any parent on the move is well aware of how stressful travelling can be. Whether simply nipping to the shops or heading out for a longer journey, we know car trips can be stressful at the best of times, let alone with a grumpy baby or overactive toddler on board! If you’ve read any of our previous posts on choosing the best car seat then you should be confident your car seat is safe and right for you, however we at Buggy Baby understand that you’re always on the lookout... Read More

Chicco Zip and Go 22/03/2016
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7am Enfant Pookie Poncho Review

7am Enfant Pookie Poncho Review   Summary At first glance you would be forgiven for thinking that the 7am Enfant Pookie Poncho is a traditional footmuff but this is a versatile winter piece from the 7am Enfant range that is designed to be used as a cover for your little one when on the go. This is one product used three ways; as a cover or thermal blanket which works with your stroller, car seat and baby carrier – meaning you can keep your children wrapped up for cold weather... Read More


What is the difference – UPPAbaby Vista vs Cruz?

Updated March 2018 UPPAbaby Vista Pram vs UPPAbaby Cruz Pushchair UPPAbaby is such a renowned brand and since the launch of the Award Winning new Vista Pram and Cruz Pushchair we have seen a lot of interest from people asking: ‘How do I choose between the UPPAbaby Vista and Cruz models’? To answer this, we have come up with the following key points – starting with a handy comparison table:   Features   UPPAbaby CRUZ Pushchair UPPAbaby VISTA Pram Summary   Adaptable,and lightweight with improved colourways and more streamlined design. Folding can be done with... Read More

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Britax Advansafix II SICT Car Seat Review

Britax Advansafix II SICT Car Seat Review   Since the time of writing, the Britax Advansafix III SICT Car Seat has superseded the Britax Advansafix II SICT Car Seat. To see our full review, click here.   Summary The Britax Advansafix II SICT Car Seat is a Group 1-2-3 Car Seat suitable for children 9kg – 36kg which is approximately 9 months to 12 years. Children grow up so quickly so the versatility of this seat is fantastic. It grows with the child and has innovative safety features too.  The installation of the seat... Read More

BABYZEN_YOYO_Plus_Pushchair_Black_Chassis_Black_Squ_ 14/03/2016
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BABYZEN YOYO + Plus Review

BABYZEN YOYO + Plus Review Updated April 2019 Is it for you? The BABYZEN YOYO+ is perfect for you if you want: An ultra lightweight pushchair that folds quickly and compactly   An urban-loving pushchair that’s perfect for travelling and city strolling   A pushchair that, when folded, fits the size of many airline’s cabin baggage measurements   Is The BABYZEN YOYO + Worth It? The BABYZEN YOYO+ is a lightweight, multi-functional pushchair that folds ultra quickly and compactly. These features makes it perfect for travelling all over the world. As well... Read More


Top Parenting Tips From A Childminder

Top Parenting Tips From A Childminder Whether it’s your first or your last, we know that parenting can be difficult. With advice coming in all shapes and sizes, it’s often hard to decipher between the good, bad and what is actually going to work for you. We’ve got the low down from the ladies that seem to know best, the most experienced parents that we know – the childminders. So here are their top parenting tips, in their own words…   Get physical Explore the outside, whether it’s in the garden,... Read More


Baby Gift Ideas

Baby Gift Ideas Parenthood is rewarding. You have this new bundle (or bundles!) of joy that need your undivided and unconditional love and attention. Parenthood can also be VERY tiring and everyone needs a pick me up every once in a while. With Mother’s Day just gone we’ve realised how tricky it is for people to find the perfect gift. It’s great to have ideas all year round and not just for a special occasion because who doesn’t like a little surprise treat. For that reason we have tried to put together... Read More

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Mountain Buggy Comparison Review: Swift 2015 vs Urban Jungle 2015 vs Terrain 2015

Mountain Buggy Comparison Review: Swift 2015 vs Urban Jungle 2015 vs Terrain 2015    Summary Are you looking for a new season Mountain Buggy but unsure which one to go for? We know that it can be confusing in the baby market to pick right product and understand all of the differences between different models. We love Mountain Buggy as a brand – we think you can’t go wrong with any of their buggies as they offer great all round performance and signature Mountain Buggy engineering. Having recently test driven... Read More