7am Enfant Car Seat Cocoon Review

7AM Enfant Car Seat Cocoon Review



The 7AM Enfant Car Seat Cocoon is one of the key pieces from the 7am Enfant Autumn/Winter 2015/16 collection and we’ve been using this with our little one for some months to get a feel for it. We’re super excited to share our review of the Car Seat Cocoon as we have been impressed from start to finish and we think this is a unique idea which 7am Enfant have executed very well –  ‘It’s like a coat but for baby’s car seat!’


7am Enfant Car Seat Cocoon

7am Enfant Car Seat Cocoon


We loved the 7AM Enfant Car Seat Cocoon as soon as we saw it, it seemed to strike the perfect balance between an innovative, attractive design that also offers practicality for busy parents. We were not mistaken as the 7AM Enfant Car Seat Cocoon has kept our little baby warm and comfortable while travelling in her car-seat – with no need for blankets or even particularly warm clothing. We have been using the Car Seat Cocoon since she was born in March and must say that it has been a HUGE success for us – it’s just like a coat but for the baby’s car seat and we get compliments and questions about it wherever we go!



The wind and water repellent Car Seat Cocoon simply slips over the car seat with a snug, elasticated rim that fits perfectly around our Maxi Cosi car seat (but should fit any and all car seats). The elasticated rim makes installation and removal super simple and we think it’s fantastic that this is universal to all car seats as it means there is no worry about sizing and ensuring the right fit.

Once popped onto the car seat baby was very well protected from the wind and cold thanks to the lightweight outer shell and the face opening allows us to see her at all times. We found that the Car Seat Cocoon works very well whilst out and about on strolls, even if it is lightly raining, thanks to the water repellent material. It feels like a fresh pillow to the touch.


7am Enfant Car Seat Cocoon Face Opening

7am Enfant Car Seat Cocoon Face Opening


The zips on the Car Seat Cocoon make it fast and easy to attend to baby – we really value ease of use in products for our little one and the Cocoon was super practical – it even has the ability to pin back the cover using velcro if it gets too warm whilst we’re out or we go indoors. Getting out of the house happens MUCH faster now that we don’t have to put her in multiple layers then try to zip her into a traditional car seat bundler or wrap her in blankets. We do throw on a hat, on extra cold days but she never needs mittens anymore. Most importantly, our little lady seems very happy in her Cocoon.


7am Enfant Car Seat Cocoon Unzipped

7am Enfant Car Seat Cocoon Unzipped



We always used to worry about keeping our little ones warm on journeys in the winter as it is not recommended to have winter layers in between baby and the harness on a car seat. With the 7am Enfant Car Seat Cocoon we feel like we can still make sure she is safe in her seat as the straps aren’t compromised – the material is over the straps and there is nothing interfering between her and the harness. The cocoon always stays on, and the baby stays warm. Even better – we’ve found that she can’t kick it off unlike blankets, making it super safe on several levels.



The 7am Enfant range is snug and stylish and the Car Seat Cocoon is no exception – when we first received the Cocoon you could see how beautifully designed it was and in fact it looks more like a piece you would buy to accessorise with your own jacket rather that a practical piece for your baby. The fact that it turned out to be ultra functional and efficient on top of looking trendy was a bonus.

Whenever we are out in her car seat, we are always asked where we bought it from and we never hesitate to recommend the Car Seat Cocoon to others. It comes in some really cool, modern colours and we chose the Metallic Prussian Blue – my favourite.

We think this is the BEST car seat cover money can buy and more people need to know about it, especially as here in the UK there is nothing else like it on the market.


Where to buy


Buggybaby.co.uk  (£40)

John Lewis  (not available)

Mothercare  (not available)


Prices found as of November 2015.


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