Britax KidFix XP Car Seat Review

Britax KidFix XP Car Seat Review


This is a Group 2 -3 car seat that is suitable from 15 – 36kg (that’s approximately 4 – 12 years). For parents with ISOfix fitting points in their vehicles, this car seat features the new ‘XP-PAD’ technology from Britax and voted a best buy by Which?

Product features and accessories


The seat material is soft and plush, you can feel that it is deeply padded and that the seat will keep your little one comfortable for a very long period of time. The padding continues all up the side wings which provides optimum Side Impact Protection (SIP) along the entire seat.

To adjust the headrest there is a handle at the back of the seat, it also adjusts the height if the belt guide and XP-PAD which is very handy. We love how easy it is adjust for different height children, as children grow some car seats can often make this difficult. The backrest is a V-shape so ensures a comfortable fir through your child’s development.

The cover is also washable which is ideal for any mishaps. The seat is currently available in two colours, black thunder or chilli pepper. These are both neutral colours that can suit either sex child and even match your car interior.

Britax KidFix XP Car Seat Review

Britax KidFix XP Car Seat


This seat is ideal for a last stage car seat, so for a child from 15 – 36kg (or approximately 4 – 12 years) this is the last car seat they will need before being able to use an adult 3-point car seat. It is a group 2 – 3 car seat. This is ideal for parents that has ISOfix installation points in their vehicles and want a final seat for a toddler. It is built to last for many years and you can really tell this when feeling the seat material and build of the seat.

Britax KidFix XP Car Seat ISOfix arms

Britax KidFix XP Car Seat ISOfix arms


The new safety technology from Britax is what makes this car seat stand out. The Britax KidFix XP Car Seat features an XP-PAD which is a new safety standard for Group 2 – 3 car seats from Britax. It can take up to 30% of the energy forces away from your child’s neck in the event of a frontal collision compared to the adult 3-point car seat belt alone. It provides maximum safety in case of a front collision for their head and neck.

When installing the seat belt around the child inside there are intuitively positioned seat belt guides the ensure a repeated correct positioning of the adult 3-point seat belt to maximise protection for your child.

Britax KidFix XP Car Seat ISOfix arms

Britax KidFix XP Car Seat ISOfix arms


It is easy to install and only requires a ISOfix points and a normal 3-point car seat belt to install. There are green coloured indicators that ensure you the seat is correctly fitted leaving any use rest assured.

To install place the XP-PAD on the side of the seat closest to the upper seat belt mounting. This means the side in which the adult 3-point seat belt starts from. Guide this through the red belt hook at the top should of the seat (where the seat belt also goes).

Next, squeeze the grey handle located at the front of the seat to release the ISOfix arms. These sort of ‘flip-out’ from inside the back of the seat. Locate the ISOfix points in your car, if these cannot be easily accessed fix the plastic guides included with the seat , this should help harder ISOfix points with installation.

Line up the ISOfix arms and click them into the ISOfix points in the car, you shall here a click once attached and the sides will turn green once correctly installed. We love the fact that the indicators turn green to leave anyone fitting the seat with confidence in themselves and the seat.

Push the seat right back into the seat, so it as close and flush as possible, leaning into the seat often works here.

When a child is using it they will also need to use the 3-point car seat belt in order to be secured. The seat belt must be put through the same red seat belt guide as the XP-PAD and placed inside the pad. The XP-PAD un-clips so you can easily place the normal seat belt inside and re-clip together. Once a child is in the seat, click the seat belt into the buckle as if you were to a normal adult and make sure that belt flows through the red guides located on either side of the seat. Make sure there are no twists in the belt and pull tight.

The XP-PAD must be adjusted and sit central on the child’s chest. Now you are ready to go.

Because the seat is secured with ISOfix, even when not in use there is no need to remove or install the seat with belt when not in use with your child. This means you can leave the car seat secured is your car even without a child inside, and it will not budge. Ideal for busy parents.

Where To Buy

Britax KidFix XP Car Seat: RRP £140


BuggyBaby £134.99 greenticksmall

Mothercare £140

John Lewis [not available]


Prices found as of June 2015



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