What makes a good ‘Buggy Board’?

Glider Board Attached To City Elite

What makes a good ‘Buggy Board’?

With summer travelling just around the corner, and 6 weeks of holidays to fill, here is our guide to what makes a top Buggy Board.

  • You need to check it is compatible with your stroller. If you don’t do this, you could end up with a useless stroller accessory. Most boards are universal (depending on the brand) but it is ALWAYS worth checking.
  •  Secondly, you need to check its weight specification. If you’re going to be using it for an older child, their weight might quickly exceed the limit so do make sure that you purchase one that will be long lasting.
  • Thirdly, does it fold. For some parents this is essential when storing, so find out the answers to questions like, does it fold with my stroller or is it easy to remove if not?
  • Finally, can it transform? This includes things like turning into an actual scooter or seat unit.

Our TOP favourites:

1. Bumprider Ride-On

Claimed to have a universal fit, the Bumprider arms which attach to the buggy are adjustable up, down, left or right. It’s super simple to attach and detach, has a smooth suspension system which reduces stress on your child’s knees and has an anti-slip surface.

Bumprider Tattoo Pink


Bumprider Black











2. Mountain Buggy Freerider

This “Buggy Board” is not just a ride-on board, it is also a scooter. For little ones that would prefer to adventure around riding with mum then catch a lift when tired, this is great. We love the fact that it doesn’t just fit on Mountain Buggy strollers and there are three different connectors that spread over a wide variety of strollers. It can also be stowed upwards when not in use.

Mountain Buggy Freerider stowed

Mountain Buggy Freerider attached to stroller

3. Bumprider & Sit

Suitable for children aged between 2-5 years old (approx.), it features a handy detachable seat giving children the option to either to sit or stand. Suitable for children up to 20kg, it even has a unique suspension system.

Bumprider & SitBumprider & SitBumprider & Sit

If you want to be ‘Brand Specific’:

Baby Jogger Glider Board

Attaches to any rear axle of a Baby Jogger stroller, on both a single of double.

Baby Jogger Glider BoardBaby Jogger Glider BoardGlider Board Attached To City Elite

UPPAbaby PiggyBack

It folds with the stroller and has a non-skid surface that prevents slipping. Plus it holds a child up to 22kg.


UPPAbaby PiggyBackUPPAbaby Cruz PiggyBackUPPAbaby Vista PiggyBackUPPAbaby Vista PiggyBack

Quinny Buggy Board

Easily click the buggy board on the integrated connection points on the Quinny stroller frame. For older models, adapters are included.

Quinny Buggy Board

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