4moms mamaRoo 2015 Review

4moms mamaRoo Baby Bouncer 2015 Review


The 4moms mamaRoo Baby Bouncer is a top of the range, modern day baby bouncer, perfect for parents who need something to sooth their baby. Controlled by app or console, you can change between 5 different motions, 5 different speeds and 5 different sounds (or connect to your own music centre) all at the touch of a button. So, if you are busy cooking dinner and your little one is getting restless, you can swap the settings without letting the pasta overcook. It’s the baby bouncer that every modern parent needs.

4moms mamaRoo Baby Bouncer

4moms mamaRoo Baby Bouncer

4moms mamaRoo Baby Bouncer



The seat material is plush and comfortable and due to the ‘hammock like’ way the material attaches to the frame, it’s almost as if they swing/hang in the air. We love this feature as it means your little one can find the perfect position without getting lost in the middle which is thanks to the way the material is tightly attached to the edge of the frame.


4moms mamaRoo recline positions

Possible recline positions for the 4moms mamaRoo


4moms mamaRoo Baby Bouncer

The 4moms mamaRoo reclined

There is a 3-point safety harness that includes a crotch pad for the comfort of your child. It fastens up around the waist to keep your little one secure and give you a little peace of mind. As they are not yet sitting upright, the harness doesn’t need to restrict their arms, which means a more active and happy baby.


4moms mamaRoo Baby Bouncer

Open harness

To recline the seat, you simply adjust the button at the rear of the base until you reach your desired angle. There is a wide range of positions, so if your little one suffers from reflux this is a an ideal option for a bouncer.


4moms mamaRoo recline button

4moms mamaRoo recline button

The 3 toys that hang above your child will keep them entertained whilst being left in the mamaRoo. They are not only removable, but washable too. One side is black & white whilst the other is coloured giving you plenty of choice. It is recommended that the more vibrant coloured sides are used as their brain develops, whereas younger newborn babies should have the black & white sides  as they are just trying to distinguish between shapes.


4moms mamaRoo Baby Bouncer soft play toys

Soft play toys


4moms mamaRoo soft play toys

The 4moms mamaRoo soft play toys above your child inside


Suitable from birth, it can hold up to 25lbs (approximately 11kg) making it perfect up until your child starts to sit up. This is a modern day baby bouncer, for parents wanting the latest in new technology for their newborn.

The mamaRoo runs off of the mains so there’s no worry of batteries running out when you need it most.


4moms mamaRoo export cable

4moms mamaRoo export cable


The mammaRoo is meant to move like you would with a baby in your arms. It bounces like a parent does when trying to soothe a baby, which is the perfect solution when your arms are full and you can’t pick up your baby.

There is a total of 5 different motions, 5 different inbuilt sounds, and 5 variable speeds. As there are so many different variables, you’re bound to find more than one perfect speed to suit your little’un. We started on a faster speed and then turned it down to a much slower, soothing speed when they were more settled. We didn’t find any one particular motion better than another so just varied them. The heart beat sound was definitely a winner though. It was even soothing for us parents!


4moms mamaRoo Baby Bouncer display screen

The display screen

To change between the different modes, the new style interface just takes a quick click of a button (on console or on app). It’s so simple to use, that anyone of any age would easily pick it up straight away. Friends found it amazing that we could do it from the comfort of the sofa or kitchen table.

The motions include:

  1. Car Ride
  2. Kanagroo
  3. Tree Swing
  4. Rockabye
  5. Ocean


4moms mamaRoo motion change display

4moms mamaRoo motion change display

The sounds include:

  1. Car Ride
  2. Rain
  3. Jungle
  4. Stream
  5. Waves


4moms mamaRoo sound change display

4moms mamaRoo sound change display

We also loved being able to plug in our phone and play classic music through the mamaRoo. This is meant to be great for brain development, and is enjoyable for all the family.



The 2015 model brought with it the technology to use Bluetooth to control the mamaRoo’s movement and sound. 4moms have created an app which allows you to adjust the sound, movement and speed of the mamaRoo from other rooms and spaces.


4moms mamaRoo Baby Bouncer

4moms Global App

This brand new idea is one that makes the mamaRoo really stand out. It’s currently the only baby bouncer that can be controlled via an app, and we think this sets a new bar for everyone else to step up to.


4moms mamaRoo Baby Bouncer App

App front screen


4moms mamaRoo App

The 4moms mamaRoo App


For a new baby, the newborn insert is a super soft extra layer of comfort. It helps support your baby’s head and neck whilst reducing the size of the seat, making it more snug. It’s definitely worth getting if your baby is under 8lbs.


Where to buy

BuggyBaby from £239.00

4moms mamaRoo Baby Bouncer

4moms mamaRoo crisbie winner

4moms mamaRoo crisbie awards winner







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