Which stroller to buy?

Which stroller to buy?


From urban to all-terrain, lightweight to luxury, compact to jogging, there is a stroller out there for everyone but it can be difficult to narrow down the right choice for you! If you know what you want from a stroller then it’s relatively easy to choose the style you’d prefer, but then there’s the question of which brand to go for? With all the strollers in the world at your fingertips, where do you start?

There are dozens of variables to think about to find your perfect stroller and there is a natural filtering system to get to the right style and type for your lifestyle. We’ve tried to sum all the main categories with a simple couple of questions and a handy results table!


Which stroller to buy?

Which stroller to buy?


Question 1 – How many children do you have?

The combinations may seem endless especially with the number of accessories that you can add but the first simple step to consider when buying a stroller is how many children you are going to need it for – and you might need to plan ahead for the future. The combinations include:

  1. Baby
  2. Toddler
  3. Newborn Twins
  4. Baby and Toddler
  5. Two Toddlers


Question 2 – Is it mainly for Urban, All-Terrain or Travel?

Depending on what you’re going to be using your stroller for on a day to day basis you’ll need tyres to match!

  • Harder rubber tyres are what you’ll need if doing the school run or strolling about town
  • If you’re planning on going jogging you’ll need larger air filled tyres
  • If you’re an all-terrain family there are often different wheels available, so that you can interchange depending on the ground surface.

The size and weight of the stroller also comes into consideration depending on your lifestyle and if you’re going to be travelling a lot with your buggy in tow you’ll need to find something lightweight and compact. Not all strollers are airline approved, or fold down nice and small; so do check out the options and specifications before purchasing…. and read a review or two!


The Results!

We’ve categorised the results depending on the number of children in your family and your lifestyle type, with lightweight buggies being great for those who travel a lot or simply a family who have limited storage space and want something compact.


BABY, Cosatto Ooba (Review/Buy), Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle (Review/Buy), BABYZEN YOYO (Review/Buy)

TODDLER, Quinny Yezz (Review/Buy), Mountain Buggy Swift (Review/Buy), Mountain Buggy Nano (Review/Buy)

TWINS, UPPAbaby Vista (Review/Buy), Mountain Buggy Duet (Review/Buy), Cosatto Supa Dupa (Review/Buy)

BABY + TODDLER, Out n About Little Nipper Double (Review/Buy), Mountain Buggy Duet (Review/Buy), Phil & Teds Dot (Review/Buy)

TWO TODDLERS, Britax B-Agile Double (Review/Buy), Out n About Nipper Double (Review/Buy), Cosatto Supa Dupa (Review/Buy)



Cosatto Ooba – Baby + Urban

“There’s nothing we love more then a well made quality travel system, so when taking a look at the Cosatto Ooba we knew it was going to be fabulous. It comes with everything ranging from a changing bag to car seat adaptors; it’s great if you’re looking to find everything you want in one package.”

Cosatto Ooba (Review/Buy)


Cosatto Ooba - Baby + Urban

Cosatto Ooba – Baby + Urban



Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle – Baby + All Terrain

“This buggy is designed for families with an active urban lifestyle and comes equipped with the flexibility to handle both city and rural adventures. When we tested out the new model it really did live up to the Mountain Buggy promise of “simplicity, durability, manoeuvrability, adaptability” and if you’re looking for a versatile, all-rounder then we don’t think you can go far wrong with the Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle 2015.”

Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle (Review/Buy)


Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle - Baby + All Terrain

Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle – Baby + All Terrain



BABYZEN YOYO – Baby + Lightweight

“This isn’t just a travel stroller – this is a little beast of a buggy and could be used all the time in a city environment with the added bonus of being great for your holidays. Some people would describe it as a ‘game changer’, and we definitely thought so.”



BABYZEN YOYO - Baby + Lightweight

BABYZEN YOYO – Baby + Lightweight



Quinny Yezz – Toddler + Urban

“It’s one of the funkiest strollers on the city scene; with its bright eye-catching colours and quirky design. Perfect for parents wanting a lightweight stroller with great manoeuvrability to take a toddler around town – weighing in at just 5kg and having one finger push technology the Quinny Yezz simply skates around the city and is ideal for busy urban parents.”

Quinny Yezz (Review/Buy)


Quinny Yezz - Toddler + Urban

Quinny Yezz – Toddler + Urban



Mountain Buggy Swift – Toddler + All Terrain

“The Mountain Buggy Swift 2015 is for you if you need a rugged yet compact does-it-all stroller. Mountain Buggy have gone back to their roots of using a canvas like material and this new 3-wheeler from Mountain Buggy is available in great new colours (berry, black, gold, marine) and is folded using just one hand.”

Mountain Buggy Swift (Review/Buy)


Mountain Buggy Swift - Toddler + All Terrain

Mountain Buggy Swift – Toddler + All Terrain



Mountain Buggy Nano – Toddler + Lightweight

“Mountain Buggy Nano is the answer for every parent who wishes to travel with kids. It’s a super lightweight, compact travel stroller and fits into tiny spaces. If you’ve been brave enough in the past to travel with small children, then you’ll know it’s never easy travelling with kids and a cumbersome buggy. Where do you store it on the train or plane? Thank goodness for the Mountain Buggy Nano.”

Mountain Buggy Nano (Review/Buy)


Mountain Buggy Nano - Toddler + Lightweight

Mountain Buggy Nano – Toddler + Lightweight



UPPAbaby Vista- Twins + Urban

“It’s one of the most raved about Pushchairs, with so many awards that we lost count. It includes everything a parent would need for a newborn up until around nursery age, but the great thing about the new model is that it can now do that but times 2! From a new style bassinet to raincovers and mosquito nets, the Vista is a buggy designed to grow with your family and able to take two children from birth.”

UPPAbaby Vista (Review/Buy)


UPPAbaby Vista - Twins + Urban

UPPAbaby Vista – Twins + Urban



Mountain Buggy Duet – Twins + All Terrain

also our pick for Baby & Toddler + All Terrain category!

“Being the slimmest double buggy on the market, the Mountain Buggy Duet is claimed to be “the world’s best side-by-side” pram. It certainly is the narrowest due to it’s superior engineering (at just 72cms) but is it the best? We think so! It’s very, very good and it also doesn’t look out of place on rough terrain whether across the park or on a country lane.”

Mountain Buggy Duet (Review/Buy)


Mountain Buggy Duet - Twins + All Terrain

Mountain Buggy Duet – Twins + All Terrain



Cosatto Supa Dupa – Twins + Lightweight

also our pick for Two Toddlers + Lightweight category!

“This stroller is suitable straight from birth, perfect for twins and we LOVE the on trend styles and patterns available. On top of all the core features the stroller offers, Cosatto products include just about everything extra from a footmuff to a speaker in the hood – meaning no time needed to shop around for added accessories! Like many lightweight city strollers, the Supa Dupa has a super simple umbrella fold.”

Cosatto Supa Dupa (Review/Buy)


Cosatto Supa Dupa - Twins + Lightweight

Cosatto Supa Dupa – Twins + Lightweight



Out n About Little Nipper Double – Baby & Toddler + Urban

Out n About Little Nipper Double (Review/Buy)


Out n About Little Nipper Double - Baby & Toddler + Urban

Out n About Little Nipper Double – Baby & Toddler + Urban



Phil & Teds Dot – Baby & Toddler + Lightweight

“This buggy is all about being compact (as with all the previous Dot models) and is designed to squeeze through tight spaces and allow a parent with two children to nip around town with ease. The Dot is renowned for being *superslim* at only 59cm wide yet with a full size seat!”

Phil & Teds Dot (Review/Buy)


Phil & Teds Dot – Baby & Toddler + Lightweight

Phil & Teds Dot – Baby & Toddler + Lightweight



Britax B-Agile Double – Two Toddlers + Urban

“The Britax B-Agile Double is perfect for urban living. Including a Raincover and Car Seat adaptors, there’s not much this stroller is missing. It can even fit through standard sized doorways. Now that’s not something you hear everyday about a Double stroller! The tyres are also puncture resistant which is great for on the go parents.”

Britax B-Agile Double (Review/Buy)


Britax B-Agile Double - Two Toddlers + Urban

Britax B-Agile Double – Two Toddlers + Urban



Out n About Nipper Double – Two Toddlers + All Terrain

“This All terrain double is fantastic for two toddlers – a light-to-push double stroller that’ll pretty much go anywhere. With the all black lightweight aluminium frame, the handling and manoeuvring  of the Nipper V4 feels like it’s gliding. The independent rear wheel suspension and pneumatic tyres allow for all terrain conditions to be handled with ease and for your little one to stay comfortable no matter where you’re travelling.”

Out n About Nipper Double (Review/Buy)


Out n About Nipper Double - Two Toddlers + All Terrain

Out n About Nipper Double – Two Toddlers + All Terrain



Before you go!

There are a couple of other things we think are worth pointing out and considering before you make a purchase so do look into the stroller you’re thinking about it and take these into account;


Is it Car Seat compatible?

If you’ve chosen your car seat and you want it to be compatible with your stroller then make sure you check this out before making your choice! If you haven’t picked your infant carrier yet but you’re looking for a car seat that will be compatible with lots of the main brands of stroller then we recommend checking out the following;

  1. Maxi-Cosi Pebble (Review/Buy)
  2. Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix (Review/Buy)
  3. Cybex Aton (Review/Buy)


Do you want a Travel System?

If you want to buy everything together in one hit and you don’t want to spend too much time shopping around for accessories, or if you simply aren’t sure what you need as a first time parent, then a Travel System can be a great option. The average travel system will include a stroller chassis, carrycot and/or seat unit that is suitable from birth and (hopefully) a Car Seat and car seat adaptors, depending on the brand. Although a real travel system should include a car seat, not all of them do, so do make sure you know what is included before you hit the buy button!


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