Out n About Nipper 360 Double V3 vs Out n About Nipper 360 Double V4 Comparison Review

Out n About Nipper 360 Double V3 vs Out n About Nipper 360 Double V4 Comparison Review

A lot of people keep asking what the difference is between the Out n About Nipper 360 Single V3 and the new 2014 V4 version. So we thought we’d put pen to paper and explain the similarities and differences so you can make an informed choice when purchasing.

The Similarities:


Both models have exactly the same seats, which are roomy and spacious. Each seat unit has a multi-recline with lie-flat option, making them both suitable for the use of a newborn. The harness which both buggy’s accommodate is a 5-point safety harness so is great at protecting itself from any child’s prying fingers. They both come with a hinged yet padded bumper bar which spreads across both seats that is a great little feature as makes sure that your child can’t start leaning over the side of the buggy. Both Seat liner’s are removable and easy to clean which also makes life a lot easier with messy children. The seats are ideal for children up to the age of 3 years.

Out n About Nipper V4 Double with seat liners

Out n About Nipper V4 Double with seat liners


Both buggy’s have exactly the same wheels, easy pushing manoeuvrability and features. The pneumatic tires help give a smoother ride, and with a90 Degree easy fill valve they are easily re-inflated (with the use of a Tyre Pump). Its lightweight aluminium frame allows for easy gliding around tight corners, and longer journey’s will never make your arms start to ache. The single front wheel is a 360 degree lockable swivel wheel, also making longer walks easier and increasing just how easy it is to move! All three wheels are quick release wheels so can easily be taken off and cleaned or for saving storage. The brake pedal is a one touch, one foot brake located on the rear axel which we loved as it was flip-flop friendly. There is independent rear suspension which is great for all-terrain. Also the handlebars are super comfortable and easy to adjust.

Out n About Nipper V4 Double brakes and wheels

Out n About Nipper V4 Double brakes and wheels

It fits well with an active lifestyle, whether that’s the seaside, country walks or rushing around town. It can go off-road and through the town with no problems and all at a very competitive price.

Out n About Nipper V4 Double with 'elephant' folding ears and removable bumpber bar

Out n About Nipper V4 Double with ‘elephant’ folding ears and removable bumpber bar


Again the fold is exactly the same on both the V3 and V4 Double Nipper. The fold is quick and easy! The great thing about the Nipper is that it has been designed to have a lightweight aluminium frame which folds compactly for easy handling and transport. It is one of the most compacted folded designed buggy’s that we’ve ever seen!


Both the V3 and V4 are able to carry either one or two Carrycot’s. However an adaptor will be needed for either model, which allows for either one or two to be put onto the buggy at the same time. This feature is great if you’ve got two newborn’s which you want to have a little bit more privacy as they can then grow into the seat units (which are suitable from birth).


On the either side of the canopy there are pockets which are great for storing anything you may need close to hand, and with zip-up pockets on them pockets it’s a brilliant idea for keeping more valuable things such as a phone safe and secure.

The Differences:


The newer 2014 Nipper Double V4 version has the eye-catching difference of a different coloured frame (except in the Blue Lagoon). The frame is purely black which gives it a slicker and more uniformed look, compared to the V3 which is part silver and part black.


The Out n About Nipper 360 Double V4 has a newly added feature of an auto-lock. Once the buggy is fully folded then the auto-lock clicks into place. Meaning that once folded it will never come apart. The V3 Nipper however does not have this feature so your buggy may not stay as compactly folded.

Out n About Nipper V4 Double with auto-lock

Out n About Nipper V4 Double with auto-lock

Sun Canopy

out n about nipper v4

Out n About Nipper V4

There are individual Sun Canopy’s on the Out n About Nipper 360 Double V4 compared to a shared canopy on the V3. We love this because it stopped any fighting between who had it up or down and let both children in the buggy do their own thing. The V4 version of the Nipper 360 Double also holds home to much less Velcro on the Peek-a-boo style window, meaning that when opening it up to check on baby and they are asleep there is much less noise created. There is still a peek-a-boo window with exactly the same format on the V3 however there is just slightly more Velcro. Other than this, the Sun Canopy on both the V3 and V4 is fully retractable, allowing you to either look in on your child or allow in some light. There is also a mesh on the back which allows sunlight into the back of the seats.


At the time of enquiry Boots.com do not currently stock the V4 Nipper in the Double however stock the V3 for £409.95.

JohnLewis are currently selling the V3 for £300 and the V4 for £429.95

The best prices we found for both were at BuggyBaby.co.uk who were selling the Nipper 360 DoubleV3 from £299.95 and the V4 for £399.

Prices found as of August 2014.

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