April 2014

Everyone Loves a Good Challenge

Anyone who watched the London Marathon a few weeks ago must have been in awe of the runners. Not just the elite runners who can run 5 minute miles but the fun runners who all had individual stories to tell.  Those fundraising for a loved one, those who were overcoming a disability or adversity to complete the gruelling course. You can’t help but be moved.  If you are like me, it might have inspired you to get fitter and find a challenge. You will either be upset or relieved to know... Read More


Shout Out: Phil & Teds Nest

Since my first 2 shout outs revolve around products aimed at the travel market, I thought I’d stay on the same theme.   Well it is the Easter hols and some of you lucky people will be going away!  So my third shout out is for the gorgeous and really useful Phil & Teds Nest.

Pregnant and Stylish! Is It Possible?

Gone are the days when pregnancy was an excuse to hibernate under billowing unflattering smocks! Nowadays you can’t just cover up in a dress that resembles a small marquee as our mothers did in the 70s. Maternity clothes nowadays can be uber stylish.  In fact,glossy magazines constantly bombard us with pictures of pregnant celebrities looking glam, wearing killer heels even when their tummies are the sizes of a beach ball.  They all seem to glow and look ready for a red carpet affair and there is not a cankle in... Read More