January 2014

What Have You Called Her?

What Have You Called Her? – How to Decide on Your Baby’s Name If you are pregnant. Congratulations! Chances are you and your partner are now probably starting to think about what name to call your baby. For some it’s very easy and for others it takes months to find a name that both parents agree on! Back in 2008, before the launch of the iPad and smartphone, my husband and I spent an entire car journey from London to Bristol trawling through the “1000 Baby Names” book that we’d... Read More

Best places to holiday with the children

Top Child friendly Hotels in Europe I recently found website i-escape which happens to be a great travel site for boutique accommodation. They have a kids collection which features over 700 child-friendly hotels and self-catering properties around the world. Hotels which warmly welcome children and yet still offer the wow factor for parents. I also found Smith and Family, the Family version of Mr & Mrs Smith, with handpicked family hotels you can’t go wrong with.