November 2013


Pennsylvania makes it illegal to touch a pregnant belly. Is that a step too far?

It is now illegal in Pennsylvania to touch the belly of a pregnant woman without her consent. Sorry but has the world gone just a little bit crazy? Yes having your pregnant belly rubbed by a stranger is extremely annoying but isn’t banning it just a step too far?   It’s a bit drastic if the culprits are well-wishing little old ladies or perhaps the law was introduced to deal with some mad “belly” rubbing folk reaching havoc in Pennsylvania.  

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Phil & Teds Dot Review

Phil & Teds Dot Review   For a review of the latest model please see; Phil & Teds Dot v2 Phil & Teds Dot 2015 (v3)   The first thing that strikes me about the Dot from Phil & Teds is how small and narrow it is. It has a full size seat but looks so diddy and compact. It’s one of their fully functioning ” inline” systems which grows with your family. Super Slim Features The Phil & Teds Dot is super slimline and is in fact 15% smaller than the... Read More

Mountain Buggy Terrain 25/11/2013
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Mountain Buggy Swift – Urban Jungle – Terrain Comparison Review

Mountain Buggy Swift – Urban Jungle – Terrain Comparison Review   For reviews of the latest models please see; Mountain Buggy Swift 2015 Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle 2015 Mountain Buggy Terrain 2015   Wondering what the differences are? Cant really make out the differences? You know you want a Mountain Buggy, but which one? Let us help you!   The Similarities All are 3 wheeled strollers All have a lightweight aluminium frame All have pneumatic (air filled tyres) for a smoother ride over harder and rougher terrain All 3 have a front... Read More

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Phil & Teds Promenade Review

Phil & Teds Promenade Review   The Phil & Teds Promenade (from £425) is a “stylish urban inline stroller travel system”. Quite a mouthful! Broken down that means it’s designed for use in towns and is adaptable; growing with your family from newborn to a 4 year old toddlers. It can cater for a second child with the Phil & Teds Promenade Double Kit (from £124). When 2 seats are in use, they are positioned one in front of the other rather than side by side which means you can still navigate down the... Read More

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Phil & Teds Navigator V2 Review

Phil & Teds Navigator V2 Review Summary The Phil & Teds Navigator V2 takes the original Navigator and makes it better. Phil & Teds have really pushed the boat out on this one, and the new features truly have improved on what was already a superb buggy. Be sure to read our Phil & Teds Navigator Review as this one will extend on what was already a great stroller and still applies. Since the time of writing, the Navigator V2 has been supersede by the Phil & Teds Sport V5... Read More

6 reasons to spend time outside 04/11/2013

6 reasons to spend time outside

 6 reasons to spend time outside When the weather gets colder, wetter and drearier, it’s all too tempting to take the easy option and stay cooped up indoors, heating on or huddled by the fire, eating crumpets and watching daytime TV or repeats of Peppa Pig! Add sleep deprivation and stress to the bad weather and the temptation to find excuses to stay indoors is even greater. We are told over and over again that fresh air is vital for our health and well being. How many times have you been... Read More