Out n About Nipper Sport V3 Review

Out n About Nipper Sport V3 Review

Last Updated Jan 2018

Out n About Nipper Sport V3 Review – For a review of the latest model please see;

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“…Designed for parents who wish to use their buggy for off roading or whilst jogging”


Nipper Sport V3

Out n About Nipper Sport V3 Review

We’ve been waiting a long time to complete the series from Out n About (see Out n About Nipper 360 Single V3 / Out n About Nipper 360 Double V3). Finally we got our hands on the Nipper Sport V3 (thanks BuggyBaby).


Out n About Nipper Sport V3

Out n About Nipper Sport V3

Out of the box

Upon opening the box you will find:

  • Frame
  • 3 wheels
  • Raincover
  • Footplate
  • Seat liner
  • Bumper bar
  • Instruction booklet

The price includes (which we love) the raincover and bumper bar. Most Nipper Sport competitors do not include a raincover or a bumper bar so this is great value and a nice touch as they are essential if you are to make the most of your stroller.


Nipper Sport V3 - Front wheel

Nipper Sport V3 – Front wheel

The 2 back wheels click in easily, and you can also be remove them easily.  The front wheel slides onto a fork with a nice tightening swivel. The brake then has to be released to work. Once complete, you’re not to be disappointed. The bicycle style wheels are impressive and  look like they can carry speed easily and certainly gave us confidence that this buggy would “work” and does was it says on the tin – “for off roading and jogging.”

The hood is already attached and the bumper bar clicks into the frame leaving the seat liner to slide into place.

You need a screw driver to attach the footplate. However,  this is a very competitively priced sports buggy so we can forgive them for 1 minute with a screw driver and it made the man of the house feel needed!

Nipper Sport V3

Nipper Sport V3 Seat


The seats on all the Out n About strollers are great; nice and deep, with a slight incline, so you know your child is very comfy for that long run you want to go on. The 5-point safety harness has padded straps which ensures that they’ll stay comfy. There is a seat liner included with the Out n About Nipper Sport which gives that little bit more extra padding and comfort when on the go.


There are two brakes on this buggy – the hand brake and the foot brake. The foot brake is located in the central position of the back axel for easy use and it is a simple tap-on, tap-off brake. It’s even flip-flop friendly which is perfect for those summer months. The hand brake is located on the handle bar and will help to slow the buggy when going to fast, it’s easy to use and very handy when out jogging.

Nipper Sport V3 Brake

Nipper Sport V3 Brake

The tyres are pneumatic to help give that smooth ride. Due to the Nipper Sport being a jogging stroller front wheel is fixed. It helps when jogging because it only runs in a straight line and means it won’t get stuck when going over small pebbles etc. This feature is one that all jogging buggy’s should have as provides a smooth and easy ride.

Nipper Sport V3 Front Wheel

Out n About Nipper Sport V3 Review – Front Wheel

The handle bar is also height adjustable which is great. It is fairly narrow but we quite liked this because you can run to one side of the stroller easily.  This means you have one arm back to help with your running style. Out n About use a very comfortable foam protector that is the most comfortable of any we’ve tried.


There is a storage pouch behind the seat that would fit in a snack, small bottle and an item of clothing. In either side of the hood canopy there are pouches which are ideal for storing a phone or something small you may need close to hand. However, if you’d prefer some under seat storage then an Out n About Shopping Basket works perfectly to carry any further baby essntials.


We love the Out n About Foot Muffs. They are effectively cosy fleece lined sacks that make me wish I was a child now the weather has turned!  The shopping baskets are essential and obviously if you have a newborn, Carrycot, Car Seat Adaptors and Newborn Support are a must.

We would recommend the Carry Bag to those that will travel and the Sun Mesh if you’re likely to use in sunny weather for long periods of time, or even just to create a sleeping environment.

If you are going to take into puncture prone areas, we would recommend the slime for that “just in case” moment.


Overall, the Out n About Nipper Sport v3 is definitely a great product at an affordable price.

Out n About Nipper Single v4 Pushchair


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