October 2013

Top Tips: Flying with under 5s!

Half term has started for some people and quite a few of my friends are jetting off to sunnier climates to get that fix of Vitamin D and prevent SAD from taking hold! If you have little children, the excitement of booking a holiday abroad soon fades when the realization dawns on you…how on earth are you going to survive the airport experience and keep those little monkeys amused on the flight?

Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan 17/10/2013
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Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan Review

Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan Review We were really excited to test the much talked about Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan as we’ve always been impressed with the Mountain Buggy range and their design features. Would the Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan which is their first urban 4 wheel drive, make the grade?   Seat The seat unit has been very cleverly designed. In a matter of clicks it can be changed from a normal shape upright seat into a lie-flat mode for your new born. The Seat can also be made reversible so can face either rear or outward... Read More

Mountain Buggy Terrain 16/10/2013
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Mountain Buggy Terrain Review

Mountain Buggy Terrain Review   For a review of the latest model please see; Mountain Buggy Terrain 2015   We have previously reviewed the Mountain Buggy Duet & Swift. Both Duet & Swift were designed for a specific user and so is the Mountain Buggy Terrain! The Mountain Buggy Terrain is a stroller for parents that want to go all-terrain and jogging. Its competitors are the Baby Jogger Summit X3 and the BOB Revolution Pro. Seat The seat is very comfy and roomy. The seat has a 2-handed recline function with two straps at... Read More

Out n About Nipper Sport V3 08/10/2013
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Out n About Nipper Sport V3 Review

Out n About Nipper Sport V3 Review Last Updated Jan 2018 Out n About Nipper Sport V3 Review – For a review of the latest model please see; Out n about Nipper Sport V4 “…Designed for parents who wish to use their buggy for off roading or whilst jogging”   We’ve been waiting a long time to complete the series from Out n About (see Out n About Nipper 360 Single V3 / Out n About Nipper 360 Double V3). Finally we got our hands on the Nipper Sport V3 (thanks BuggyBaby).... Read More


A Birthday bake off

Today is my youngest daughter’s third birthday.  Happy birthday gorgeous! Then its her dad’s birthday on Saturday and her big sister’s fifth birthday next week. So in our household, we have three birthdays in the space of a week.  Poor you…I hear you cry!