Out n About Nipper 360 Single V3 vs Mountain Buggy Swift

Out n About Nipper 360 Single V3 vs Mountain Buggy Swift  –

Last Updated March 2018

Out n About Nipper 360 Single V3 vs Mountain Buggy Swift  – For reviews of the latest models please see;

Mountain Buggy Swift v Out'n'About Nipper V3 Comparison Review

Mountain Buggy Swift (L) v Out’n’About Nipper V3 (R) Comparison Review


Out n About Nipper 360 Single V3 vs Mountain Buggy Swift

Two very evenly matched prams. However, there are some crucial differences that may help you pick the right one for you. You will either fall in love with Mountain Buggy and their black core with silver foot plate or want to go a bit funky with the Out n About colour palate of Black, Red, Purple, Green or Blue. The folding action of the Swift might be your draw or maybe the oversize Out n About wheels. What suits your needs?


Of the two prams the Mountain Buggy Swift is slimmer than the Out n About Nipper 360 Single V3 (59cm wide vs 61.5cm) with hardly any difference in weight (9.5kgs vs 9.8kgs). Both prams manoeuvre well with the Out n About coming out ahead over rough ground due to its oversize wheels. In each front wheels are lockable so makes longer and rougher terrain journeys easier,and they both come with a bumper bar to prevent your child from being able to peek too far out of the buggy.

Both handles are well padded and height adjustable. The Sun canopy on both the Swift and Nipper V3 has a peek-a-boo style window. Great for allowing you to have a cheeky look in on your child. The canopy on the Swift also has a flick out sun visor to give that little bit more protection during the sunnier months.


The Swift folds in one motion and is super easy, whereas the Nipper takes two fully dedicated hands. The Mountain Buggy Swift also folds a little smaller giving it the edge for being taken on public transport and fitting into smaller cars (94cm x 61.5cm x 42.5cm (Nipper) vs 99cm x 59cm x 39cm (Swift). The Swift also has an auto-lock, compared to the Nipper that doesn’t. Keeping it more compact and easy to travel with.


Mountain Buggy Swift Review

Relaxing in the Swift

Seat sizes are similar but the Swift enables the little ones to sit up a little more to feel part of what’s going on. Both have the strap recline system – the seats can be reclined any where between near flat to up-right. The Nipper comes with a removable seat liner making it a breeze to remove and clean whereas the swift doesn’t have this seat liner – the fabric still has easy-wipe clean technology.


For Newborns, both have carrycots (Nipper Carrycot, Swift Carrycot) available that clip on and are parent facing or adaptors (Nipper Adaptors, Swift Adaptors) that turn either stroller into a travel system with the use of a car seats. The Nipper also offers newborn supports that the swift does not (a cheaper solution to the carrycot).


The Mountain Buggy Swift comes with an under seat basket that can hold up to 5kg of your babies essentials. The Storage on the Nipper is only the pockets on the seat back (draw string close) and the pockets located on either side of the sun canopy. Although these are easy to reach, they do not hold much weight. The Swift comes with an insulated bottle holder which simply attached to the side of the buggy or you can also use it to storage smaller essentials such as a phone.


Out n About Nipper V3 Vs Mountain Buggy Swift – Summary

Buggy Type: Nipper 360 Single V3 Mountain Buggy Swift
Price ~£210 ~£320
Uneven Surfaces Smooth ride Smooth ride
Kerbs Medium to lift and not too bumpy Light to lift and not too bumpy
Smooth Ground Cruises along Floats on by
Folding & Storage Takes a bit of getting used to Easy to fold in one movement
Adaptability & Comfort Good sized seating with flat recline, padded harness and cosy foot muff and other extras Comfy seats and high bumper bar allowing little ones to sit upright. Lots of accessories available.
Best for  Saving money, off road and keeping clean Being nippy, storing and steering with one hand













Out n About Nipper 360 Single V3 vs Mountain Buggy Swift – Best Price

The best prices we found were:

Out’n’About Nipper V4 Single

Mountain Buggy Swift

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