Out n About Nipper 360 Double V3 Review

Out n About Nipper 360 Double V3 Review –

Last Update April 2018

Out n About Nipper 360 Double V3 Review – For a review of the latest model please see;


An affordable double buggy that can take you anywhere. We really liked the comfort and colours of the Out n About Nipper 360 Double V3; another excellent release from that great brand Out n About.

The Out n About Nipper 360 Double V3 is an all-terrain pushchair. We must admit, it made bumpy ground seem like a good ride. Which is great news seeing as that’s the whole idea of having an all-terrain pushchair.

Out n About Nipper Double V3

Out n About Nipper Double V3

The Nipper 360 Double V3 has been designed to offer an amazing ride across every type of surface. It also offers agility around daily obstacles. The steering is effortless and feels light to push. It is definitely sturdy and durable. Unlike a lot of its competitors there are no ‘wobbly’ bits or rattles on high speed walks. It just glides.

Nipper v3

Out n About Nipper 360 Double V4

What Is the Difference Between the V2 and the V3?

A variety of new exciting colours versus the previous standard black and navy. The zip pockets on the hood are also a solid fabric. The harness now has a padded crotch strap and shoulder pads that were not padded previously. To confirm they will be compatible with the V2 nipper as well as the V3. The folding process is much easier with the metal D-rings and plastic clips having been removed.

The Seat

It is an easy strap recline to set the seats into a reclined position (individual recline). The seats are both forward facing, however  they are suitable for use from birth with a “lie flat” position. With padded seats that you can adjust to flat or upright, your children can lie in a comfortable position. This Out n About Nipper 360 Double V3 has proven to be comfortable and relaxing for our two energetic children. In fully recline position, the material at the back is still a mesh (like the V2). However, it now has a zip over solid fabric which you can roll up (helping a sleeping or just nosey child). The seats are removable and it’s easy to wipe clean any food mess that’s been left behind. We have been impressed with how wide the seats are. Our 2 year old really stretches out in her own space.

Peeking through the mesh at the back.

The Ride

The Out n About Nipper 360 Double V3 is fantastic to push because of how light it feels. It is one of the lightest doubles weighing in at just 12.8kg. The pneumatic wheels make the pushchair incredibly agile for a double buggy. This is handy in tighter spaces and with great suspension you barely feel any bumps through the handlebars. The Out n About Nipper 360 Double V3 is best for the people who live an active life, typically doing lots of walks with open space and going both on and off road.

If you do intend to take it around town, you must take note that it’s fantastic with kerbs. It has a simple brake design that is effective and easy to turn on and off located on the axel of the rear tyres. Its handlebars are super comfortable and easy to adjust offering many different heights so that not just your kids are comfortable! We loved the fact that the Nipper V3 just cruised over fields and felt natural gliding over all-terrain.

The Fold

Folding the Out n About Nipper 360 V3 Double is easy and extremely compact (folded size 90cm x 72cm x 42cm) for a Double. The detachable belly almost acts like a carry handle which can be placed over your shoulder when left on during folding. You can always remove the front wheel to make it a little narrower when folded.

We loved the fact that there is the option of being able to purchase a Carry Bag which has been specifically designed to fit the Double version Nipper, it’s great for when travelling or even when just popping it into a cupboard.

The Sun Canopy

There is a peek-a-boo style window located in the hood and mesh at the back (that you can zip up to close) so you can always keep an eye on the little ones inside. The larger style sun canopy is more than large enough to fully shade both children inside the buggy, and covers the width of both seats. It is also fully retractable and on the either side there are pockets which are great for storing anything you may need close to hand, and with zip-up pockets on them pockets it’s a brilliant idea for keeping more valuable things such as a phone safe and secure.


You can get additional Newborn Support if you have a new baby and feel that it might just need that little bit of extra support when in the younger months. The greatest feature of the Nipper Double is the fact that it can hold up to two Carrycots with the use of  a Double Carrycot Adaptor or if you’ve only got one newborn a Single Carrcot Adaptor.

When buying the Out n About Nipper 360 Double V3, we’d recommend some accessories to go with it. For cold winters evenings a Footmuff is available in all colours of the Nipper itself, so will not only keep your little one snug and warm but it’ll go with the buggy itself. Or for the warmer summer months, an Out n About Nipper Double Sun Mesh is a great add-on which keeps both the sun and bugs out of the buggy.

Or if you’re looking for more storage space as you love to shop, a matching Changing Bag which includes a free changing mat (great!) looks great in it’s matching colours when hooked on the back of the stroller or even the under seat Shopping Basket will add tons of space for both parent and babies things.

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