Out n About Nipper 360 Single V3 Review

Out n About Nipper 360 Single V3 Review –

Last Updated March 2018

Out n About Nipper 360 Single V3 Review – For a review of the latest model please see;


We really wanted to review the Out n About Nipper 360 Single V3, having tested the Out n About Nipper 360 Double V3 and really liking it.

Out n About Nipper Single V4

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Out n About Nipper 360 Single V3 Review – Looking good!

The Out n About Nipper 360 Single V3 is very sturdy buggy and there aren’t any flimsy bits that could snap off or be picked at by children. We thought it was great that it was child-proof!

The new colour selection is awesome and gets away from the regular black / flint offerings of other brands, it’s a real clincher. We have been able to get our hands on the Raven Black, Carnival Red and Mojito Green. All look great and not garish in any way. This pram is an all-rounder and it’s superb at everything you throw at it.

Out'n'About Nipper 360 V3

Out’n’About Nipper 360 V3


Pneumatic tires help give a smoother ride, and with a90 Degree easy fill valve they are easily re-inflated (with the use of a Tyre Pump). Its lightweight aluminium frame allows for easy manoeuvrability around tight corners, and longer journey’s will never make your arms start to ache. The single front wheel is a 360 degree lockable swivel wheel, also making longer walks easier and increasing just how easy it is to move! All three wheels are quick release wheels so can easily be taken off and cleaned or for saving storage. The brake pedal is a one touch, one foot brake located on the rear axel which we loved as it was flip-flop friendly (Yay!) There is independent rear suspension which is great for all-terrain. Also the handlebars are super comfortable and easy to adjust.

It fits well with an active lifestyle, whether that’s the seaside, country walks or rushing around town. It can go off-road and through the town with no problems and all at a very competitive price


The forward facing and lie flat seat (so is suitable for newborns!) looks very roomy and comfortable with the improved padded harness. It was comfy enough for our 9 month old to fall asleep in which is no mean feat! The harness itself is a 5-point safety harness so is great at protecting itself from any child’s prying fingers, and the hinged yet padded bumper bar is a great little feature which makes sure that your child can’t start leaning over the side of the buggy. The Seat liner is removable and easy to clean which also makes life a lot easier with messy children. The seat is ideal for children that are up to the age of 3 years.

However, you can get additional Newborn Support or a Carrycot (available in all the Nipper V3 colours) if you feel that you’re newborn might need that bit of added support during the early days. We loved the Newborn Support as it fitted perfectly into the Nipper V3 and made our child look snug and cosy.

Sun Canopy

Out'n'About Nipper 360 V3 single

Out n About Nipper V3 – So Comfy!

The Sun Canopy is retractable and holds home to a peek-a-boo style window on the top, allowing you to either look in on your child or allow in some light. There is also a mesh on the back to prevent any sunlight from getting into the seats (new V3 addition).


On the either side of the canopy  there are pockets which are great for storing anything you may need close to hand, and with zip-up pockets on them pockets it’s a brilliant idea for keeping more valuable things such as a phone safe and secure.

Out'n'ABout Nipper V3 Single Folded

Out’n’ABout Nipper V3 Single Folded


The folding is quick and carrying is easy. It’s a 2 handed job and once it is fully folded it’s extremely light and easy to move around. There is also the option of always being able to remove the front wheel to make it a little narrower when folded. We loved the fact that there is the option of being able to purchase a Carry Bag which has been specifically designed to fit the Single version Nipper, it’s great for when travelling or even when just popping it into a cupboard.


When buying the Out n About Nipper 360 V3, we’d recommend some accessories to go with it. For cold winters evenings a Footmuff is available in all 4 colours of the Nipper itself, so will not only keep your little one snug and warm but it’ll go with the buggy itself. Or for the warmer summer months, an Out n About Nipper Single Sun Mesh is a great add-on which keeps both the sun and bugs out of the buggy.

Or if you’re looking for more storage space as you love to shop, a matching Changing Bag which includes a free changing mat (great!) looks great in it’s matching colours when hooked on the back of the stroller or even the under seat Shopping Basket will add tons of space for both parent and babies things.

If you’re planning on using it as a travel system, then look no further as there are both BeSafe and Maxi-Cosi Car Seat adaptors which easily fit onto the Nipper chassis, however do make sure you have the right adaptors for your car seat before purchase.

Out n About Nipper 360 Single V3 Review

Out n About Nipper Single V4

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