Everything You Need To Know About A Stroller

What makes a “stroller” a stroller?

There are many types of prams and buggies available for you to buy but which one is for you?


You can use them for transporting the kids all over the world but what are the different types you can choose from and what difference does it make? Today I will be telling you about the stroller type.

A stroller is an American phrase; here in Europe we tend to say Pushchair or Buggy. What is distinctive about a stroller is that it holds children for up to the age of 4 years in a forward sitting position. This differs from the original prams and carrycots designed for babies lying flat facing the person who is walking behind.

Some Facts

One of the first developed strollers was all the way back in 1733 made by a man called William Kent. In 1733, the Duke of Devonshire asked Kent to build a means of transport that would carry his children. Kent obliged by constructing a shell shaped basket on wheels that the children could sit in. All the way back in 1965, Owen MaClaren (Sound familiar? It should!), created his first ever pram after complaints from his daughter. She was transporting her children from England to America and said that her pram was too heavy. As a result, he designed a new pram himself using his knowledge of airoplanes because originally he was an aeronautical engineer. He created an aluminum frame and then went on to found MaClaren which manufactured and sold his design.

Modern Strollers

Baby Jogger City Elite

This is the one of the first popular modern day strollers I picked to add to the list. This Baby Jogger City Elite is an amazing all-terrain stroller for the outdoor active parent who also enjoys a good country walk. The Baby Jogger City Elite offers a smooth ride for you and your little one on rough ground.  The Baby Jogger City Elite is roughly 67.5cm wide and weighs 11.9kg. It can cost around roughly £325 or more. Which isn’t terribly expensive in comparison to what you might pay for other strollers.


Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle


The Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle is a versatile buggy for on and off road tracks. The Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle fits perfectly for city life as well as it will for a walk in the forest. The Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle is a versatile, convenient, and stylish pram easy to handle. The Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle weighs 11kg and is 63cm wide. This Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle costs about £415+ which is very expensive, but then again it can do the both city and rural living.


Out n About Nipper V3


The Out n About Nipper V3 has a great selection of fresh colors and an improved braking system. They have always been very well known for fantastic maneuverability because of they have been made to be super light. The single weighs just 9.8kg. The Out n About Nipper V3 is only 61.5cm wide. The Out n About V3 series is brand new and to buy one you could be spending around £220 which is the cheapest of the lot for a multi-terrain stroller. We love ours.


Phil & Ted’s Dot

dot 3.0 3QTR single graphite 2000x2000

The Phil & Teds Dot is a small and flexible stroller that glides. The Phil & Teds Dot stroller is perfect in the country and city terrains. It makes its way around country lanes as well as does around tight doorways. The Phil & Teds Dot is just 59cm in width and weighs in at about 12kg. The Phil & Ted’s Dot could cost you around £310 if you choose this stroller to buy.



From the 4 different strollers that I’ve just tested over the last couple of weeks, my personal favourite is the Out n About Nipper V3 because it suits all my country walks. Plus, I love the choice of vibrant colors. We went for the red! The Baby Jogger would have been my choice in a more suburban environment because they fold slighter better than the Out n About Nipper V3. The Phil & Teds Dot would be my next choice if I lived in a city as it really does that job better than the others. I suppose the question is….. what is your lifestyle? The answer to that dictates which pram you should choose! Best of luck.


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